Find Friends A-B-C

Tim Aaroen - MOS 98J

Location Beloit, WI

Years of Service

Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood Mo. Ft. Devens Ma. Tuslog Det 4 Sinop Turkey Ft. Hood Tx.


Ed Abbott - MOS 058

Duty Stations 320th USASA Bad Aibling, Germany
Current Location Mercer Island, Washington
Comments Stationed at Bad Aibling from 1963 thru 1965


Carl Abel - MOS = 05H
Stationed = 330th RRC 67-68
Location = Treasure Island FL


Tom Abrials - MOS = 285A
Duty stations = Germany, RVN, Korea, PI


John Adams - MOS 058

Location Sussex, WI

Years of Service 1957-1960

Duty Stations Taipei, Taiwan


Tom Adams - MOS 056.20 Sr. Direction Finding Operator

Location Rochester, MN

Years of Service 1956-1962

Duty Stations Fort Devens Aug '56 to Mar '57 Det. 4, 301st ASA BN, Camp Red Cloud, South Korea, Mar '57 to Jul '58 Fort Bragg, NC (finished 1st enlistment there) Jul '58 to May '59 Reenlisted for Germany (Jul '59) Herzo Base Germany, Before assignment to Detachment (Jul '59) Giebelstadt AFB, ASA Detachment (can't remember #) Jul '59 to Sep '61 Ottobeuren, Germany ASA Detachment living in hotel Sep '61 to Jun' 62



John Adase - MOS 63B20, 620.281

Duty Stations Roth western Germany Gartow Germany 1965-1967
Current Location Hillsboro NJ
Comments Early release knee injury


Thomas Adkins - MOS 72B40

Location Hillsboro, NJ

Years of Service 2

Duty Stations Long Thanh North, Vietnam


Arthur H. Adolphsen -  MOS 058.2

Years of Service 3 Army, 39 Coast Guard
Duty Stations Fort Devens, Kagnew Station
Comments Wonderful time in East Africa
MOS Morse Intercept 058.2
Retired from CG as Warrant Officer 4 communications


Ronald Adrian -  MOS 05H
Duty Stations Ft. Devens: School - 70-71 Shemya: 71-72 NSA: 72-73
Current Location St. Gabriel, La.


Robert Akers - MOS 32G20

Location Sebring, FL

Years of Service 2.5

Duty Stations Sinop Turkey Frankfort Germany Fort Devens Massachusetts


Nina (Jester) Akin - MOS = O5K20
Duty stations = Augsburg,Germany
Thank you for all your hard work in creating these web sites. I so enjoying touches base with my ol buddies. We share a ton of great memories.


Anthony (Tony) Albanese - MOS 05H40

Location Northville, MI

Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Stations Basic Training at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo Ft. Devens, MA 8th RRU Phu Bai Vietnam 373 ASA Ft. Hood, Texas


Hugh Albright - MOS 058

Location Brownsville, Texas

Years of Service 

Duty Stations 3rd RRU, Vietnam Tuslog Det 4


Robert Albritton - MOS 723

Location Jacksonville, FL

Years of Service 1960-1963

Duty Stations USASACUJ Camp Drake, Japan

Comments 28 great months at Camp Drake just outside of Tokyo. Made many life long friends that I'm still in contact with.


Eddie Alderson - MOS = 98Z5M Duty stations = 1970 Ft Devens


Joseph "Jay" Aldridge - MOS 04B, 982 (98C) 998 (98G) German, Spanish

Location Brownwood, TX

Years of Service 1960-1980


Duty Stations 1961-1963 14th A/C AVN Co, Fixed-wing Acft Mech/crew ch, Fulda, GE E3-SP4-E3 1963-1967 Field Station Homestead, FL (04B, 98C, 98G (Spanish) E3-SP6 1967-1969 Field Station Berlin, GE (04B, 98C, 98G (German) SP6 1969-1971 Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA ( AA, College Computer Systems Analysis) SP6 (Civilian Status) 1971-1973 J2, IDHS US EUCOM, Stuttgart, GE (Joint Command) SP6-SP7 1973-1974 USA War College, IDHS Programming NCOIC SP7 Carlisle Barracks, PA 1974-1975 Military Transportation Management Command Data Processing (Joint Command) NCOIC SP7 Wash. DC 1975-1980 Pentagon, Command and Control Spt Agcy (Army Agcy) Army Opns Ctr, Wash DC Retired 1980 1981-1992 Computer Systems Analyst, Field Systems Directorate, MILPERCEN, Ch of Quality Assurance, DAS3, TAACS, VIABLE, SIDPERS R

Comments Retired 1980 1981-1992 Computer Systems Analyst, Field Systems Directorate, MILPERCEN, Ch of Quality Assurance, DAS3, TAACS, VIABLE, SIDPERS Redesign


Malcolm "Max" Aldridge - MOS 98G & 04B2L94

Location Gonzales, LA

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations 8th RRFS Phu Bai May 69 - June 70 1st RR Co (AVN) Cam Ranh Bay June 70 - July 71

Comments In case anyone is wondering why the hell I would volunteer for two 6 month extensions at Cam Ranh with the 1st, after a year in Phu Bai with the 8th, well my next oldest brother who had just graduated from LSU with his degree in Petroleum Engineering, and was married, got drafted when he lost his 2-S student deferment upon graduating. For some inexplicable reason, when he refused to enlist for a 3rd year to be guaranteed an MOS of his choosing, the best the good ole US Army could do with a petroleum engineer was to send him to basic training and Tigerland AIT at Fort Polk to train him as an 11Bang Bang, before shipping him out to Inchon, Korea so they would only have to fly him a short way south when I went back stateside. By extending for my two 6 month tours in the 1st, Uncle Sam's plan to ship him south from Korea to The Nam sorta backfired on them as he ETS'ed before they could spring their trap. Welcome home brothers.


James F. Alexander - MOS 05G30

Location West Chester, PA

Years of Service 1968-1971

Duty Stations Korea Fort Carson Fort Devens


Steve Alexander - MOS 058.3

Location Dallas, Texas

Years of Service 1957-1960

Duty Stations Fort Chaffee, Arkansas - Basic Training Fort Devens, Mass - 058 School 177th USASA Company - Korea Camp Wolters, Texas


Tracy Algrim - MOS 058

Location Wichita, KS


Tim Alleman - MOS = 058
Stationed = 4th Asmara 67-69 7th Udorn 69-70
Location = Naples, FL


Dennis Allen - MOS 05H

Location La Vista, Nebraska

Years of Service 1974-1984

Duty Stations Ft Devens, Vint Hill Farms Station, FS Korea, FS Kunia

Comments EOD - 10/22/1974 ETS - 9/1/1984


Dick Allen - 1980-1987, 2007-2013
Current location Laredo, TX.
05D20 from 1980-1987. Border Patrol from 1988 to 2013. (2007-2013 Laredo Sector Special Intelligence Unit Supervisor.)


Gene Allen - MOS 1709

Location Bellaire, MI

Years of Service 1952-1955

Duty Stations After training at Ft. Devens was with 327th CRC at Momoyama, Japan and Taiwan

Comments A very good unit with good officers and enlisted men. I have mostly good memories of serving and would like to hear from others from the 327th.


James Allen - MOS 05H

Location Beaver Falls, PA

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Ft Devens, Asmara, Linkou Taiwan

Comments ah the good old days


Michael Allen - MOS = S2 Duty stations = Udorn Thailand
Need help from someone that was station with me 1967-1968 Have skin cancer and COPD


Tim Alleman - MOS = 058
Stationed = 4th Asmara 67-69 7th Udorn 69-70
Location = Naples, FL


Isaac Terry Allen -  MOS O5D/05H/7140/98Z50

Duty Stations
Years of Service 23 YEARS 2 MONTHS
Location Colebrook, NH


James Allman - Years of Service 1970-1973
MOS 98G Duty Stations Ft. Hood, TX
Current Location Rowlett, TX


Quin Allred - MOS = 05D3L92
Duty stations = Ft Ord, Monterey,Devens, 330th RRC Pleiku, Vint Hill Farms


Bill Almeraz -  MOS 05H2f3

​ Duty Stations served in Viet Nam from Oct. 70 to Oct. 71 then Aug. 72 to Dec. 72. I served at the 175th RRFS, 146th Avn Co. (RR), and the 8th RRFS.


Raymond Almstead - MOS = 058
Duty stations = 12th ops Kuma Station, Chitose Japan
Served from Sept 62 to June 65


Brian Alpert - MOS = 05D
Duty stations = TUSLOG Det 4 Sinop Turkey and 600th USASA Co. Det A and Det B Italy
I served in the ASA from April 1963 until April 1966


Kenneth Altizer - MOS 31S30

Location Oklahoma City, OK

Years of Service 3



John Ambrose - MOS P-72F20D1, S-72B20D1

Location Wichita Falls TX

Years of Service 1971-1974

Duty Stations Ft Leonard Wood, MO - Basic - 1971 Ft Gordon, GA - AIT - 1971 FS Sobe, Okinawa (Torii Station) - 1971-73 303d ASA BN, 373d ASA CO, SC&J Platoon III, Ft Hood, TX - 1973-74


James Ammons - MOS 33C2F

Location Franklin, NC

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Ft. Devins, Helemano ASAPAC, Atsugi NAS(Sad-1)


Dan Anderson - MOS 98G2LVN

Location Pensacola, FL

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations 407th RRD, 352nd ASA Company Ft. Carson


Dana Anderson - MOS 72B20D1

Location Cheyenne

Years of 1965-1969

Duty Stations  Saigon Nha Trang Long Binh Okinawa Vint Hill Farms

Denny (Andy) Anderson - MOS 05K20/04

Duty Stations Basic @ Leonard Wood 1965 Ft. Devens 1966 Torii Station Okinawa 1966-1967 8TH RRFS RVN Nov. 1967 to May 1969
Location Sequim, Washington
Comments Great site, thanks for all the work to organize and maintain the site. Glad to hear from any of my "old comrades in arms? (Just an expression.)


Grant Anderson - MOS 98G/04B

Location Goodyear, Arizona

Years of Service 1968-1972

Duty Stations DLISW, Goodfellow AFB, Phu Bai, Goodfellow.

Comments Linguist, enjoyed my time


Jack Anderson - MOS 05H20

Location Norman, OK

Years of Service 1972-1975

Duty Stations Augsburg, Germany


Mark Anderson - MOS = 05k20
Duty stations = Herzo Germany
Were we ever in Pakistan_?


 Mike Anderson - MOS = 05H20K3
Duty stations = Bien Hoa
Message = In ASA Jan. 1971 - Jan 1978.  In Bien Hoa, Viet Nam from Oct. 1971 - Oct. 1972.


Rick Anderson - MOS 33C2 Intcp. Rec. Syst. Rpmn.

Location New Providence, NJ

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Training - Ft. Devens, MA Kuma Station, Chitose, Japan Instructor - Ft. Devens, MA

Comments I just discovered this site and look forward to revisiting it again.


Robert (Andy) Anderson - MOS 72B

Duty Stations USASA CUP. Clark AB Philippines 509 RRCUV. RVN
Current Location Killeen, Tx


Alan Andrews - MOS 05H

Location Houston, Texas

Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Stations Rothwesten, Germany, Phan Rang, RVN, Phan THiet, RVN, Ft Hood, Texas


Frank R. Andrews -  MOS 95B

Duty Stations Sinop, Vint Hill, Bad Aibling, Harrogate
Current Location Jacksonville, Alabama
Comments Enlisted in 1959 and retired in 1985


Keith Andrews - MOS 32D20

Location Geneva, Nebraska

Years of Service 1970-1973

Duty Stations FT. Monmouth, New Jersey school
Torii station, Okinawa co. B
Ft Riley, Kansas 337th ASA Co.

Comments I am proud to be an ASA Veteran.


Ira E. Andrews Jr - MOS
Duty Stations Hue, Phu Bai, Frankfort

Comments - SFC (Ret)


Karl Andrews - US ARMY SECURITY AGENCY (ASA), 62-/65;
Fort Jackson (Basic), 2/62-5/62 Fort Devens, 5/62-10/62
Frankfurt Germany, Gutleut Kaserne, 251st ASA PROCESSING COMPANY IG Farben Bldg 7th Floor, Elint, 982.10 Traffic Analyst, Specialist 5, 10/62-2/65


John Angstadt - MOS 33C/G

Location Downingtown, PA'

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Ft Devens Cam Ranh Bay Nha Trang Vint Hill Farms Bad Aibling


Jim Annabel - MOS = 31J20
Stationed = Phu Loi Ft, Clayton Vint Hill
Location = North Carolina


Roy Annis - MOS 05K

Location Warner, NH

Years of Service 1969-1972

Duty Stations Fort Devens Karamursel, Turkey Lovely Shemya, Alaska


Juana Torres (Aponte) - MOS 98G Korean Language Voice intercept Operator
Duty Stations Ft McClellan Alabama Goodfellow Air Force Base Texas Defense Language Institute California 332nd ASA Camp Humphreys Korea Ft Lewis Washington
Current Location Caguas, Puerto Rico
Comments/Questions: This is a very interesting and informative site. I would love to find anyone who was stationed with me at 332nd ASA Camp Humphreys 76-77. Thank you


Anthony Arcaro - MOS Primary 05K Secondary 05G

Location Pasadena Calif 

Years of Service 20.6

Duty Stations Devens, Herzo Base, Bad Tolz, Ft Meade, 374th RR Co, VHFS, Ethiopia, Augsburg.


Martin Arceneaux - 

Duty stations = Viet Nam
Hi Guys, hope all is well. Sobe Field Station, VN II Corp, Darrs Team 22


Bill Archibald - MOS 1401

Duty Stations Naval Security Station, Nebraska Avenue, D.C
Current Location Tucson, AZ
Comments REFRAD


Paul Ard - MOS 05H, 98Z

Location Bonifay, FL

Years of Service 21

Duty Stations Fort Devens (3 times) 12th USASA FL STA Japan Vint Hill Farms C Co 313th ASA Bn Ft Benning 10th RRU Viet Nam 352 ASA FT Carson, 83th SOU Two Rock Unit 10 Fld STA Korea FLD STA San Antonio ft Benning

Comments Drafted in 1962, Retired 1983, The entire Time I in ASA or INSCOM


Howard Benjamin Arkwright - MOS 983.10
Duty Stations Fort Devens-59-61, 177th Korea 508th Korea-61-62
Current Location Columbiana Ohio
Comments/Questions: SP5, Would like to hear from others.,.,


Jon Armao - MOS 983.10

Location Reston, VA

Years of Service 1962-1965

Duty Stations Ft. Dix; Ft Devens; Frankfurt, Germany


Clinton Armstrong - MOS 98J3R

Location Elsmere, KY

Years of Service 1945-1969

Duty Stations Enlisted and sent to Boot Camp Ft. Jackson 07/06/1965-10/1965 Attended Ft Devens 10/1965-04/1966-98J20 on graduation directly to Chitose, Japan, Hokkaido - Kuma Station 04/1966 98J3R DOR SP-5 07/28/1967 12/30/1968 my MOS was changed to 81B20 & I was reassigned to a Port Construction unit 77th Engr Co, 1st US Army in charge of surveyors freshly in from Vietnam at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia to discharge on 07/03/1969.

Comments Am I the only one who remembers a visit from Colonel Millett at our graduation from a training prisoner camp at Ft. Devens in the dead of winter? The only way out of this camp was by crawling at dark through tunnels which led us to a supposed area to where we could return to base only to be captured by aggressors waiting for us and then returned to a painful adventure in non marking torture. The cycle would be done over if not smart on your second escape. A partner Baker and I caught aggressors, tied them to a tree and created our own band helping others who were noisy when coming out.


George Armstrong -  MOS 84G20, 84B20
Duty Stations Kagnew Station, Ethiopia 1971-72
Current Location Indiana


Jim Armstrong - Years of Service 1964-1968
MOS 05H20 Duty Stations
Devins. Kagnew Station, Two Rock Ranch Station
Current location Santa Rosa CA
Please enter your comments? retired


Ross Army - MOS = 36K
Stationed = 68-71 HHC 303 RR BN Long Binh


James T. Arnold Jr -  MOS 058; 059; 982
Duty Stations 1959 Ft. Devens (School) 1959 - 1962 Rothwesten Germany
Current Location Overland Park, KS 66223
Comments/Questions: I have just been made aware of this site and happy to review it.


Michael Arnold - MOS MOS 058

Location Camillus, NY

Years of Service 1964-1968

Duty Stations Ft. Dix, Ft. Devens, Homestead AFB, Ft. Clayton CZ, Two Rock Ranch


Roger Arnold -  MOS 282 & 283

Stationed Mt. Meisner


Stephen W. Arnold -  MOS 04B2LTH
Duty Stations Defense Language Institute, WC 374th ASA, Fort Carson NSA, Fort Meade
Current Location Mexico, NY


​Randal Arredondo - MOS 72B40 05C40 05B40
Years of Service 1968-1975
Duty Stations Ben Het Vietnam,Yongdong-po Korea,Ft Hood Texas and Ft Meade Md
Current Location Quitman Texas
Comments  Worked with many good military men from all branches.


Fred Arrington -  MOS 31J20
Duty Stations Fort Gordon Fort Bragg Torii Station, Okinawa 72-73
Current Location Ridgeville, S. C.


Tom (409) Arrington - MOS = 32G20
Stationed = Frankfurt and Sinop
Location = Tulsa, OK
Message = Anybody out there who stayed at Kennedy Kaserne in Frankfurt?
Or, did MOS training at Ft. Monmouth during winter of 1970?


Stephen R. Arrowood - MOS 72b20
Duty Stations 508th Korea, 319th Kassel, Gartow, 8th RRFS Phu Bai Vietnam
Current Location Rome, Ga.


David Ashbrook - MOS 72B20D1

City And State Thornton, Texas
Years of Service 69-72
Duty Stations Co B USASAGP Korea, Camp Alamo


Robert Ashmore - MOS 05H20

LOcation Oceanside, CA

Years of Service 1968-1971

Duty Stations 1) Sobe Okinawa 2) Ft. Bragg NC 3) Cantho Viet Nam (335th RR Co.)

Comments Thanks for posting this site I have some pictures of Cantho that are old but are reminders, if you would like them. Thanks again Bob Ashmore


Patricia Ashton - MOS 98C4H

Location Grandbury, TX

Years of Service 20

Duty Stations 328th ASA Co. Augsburg GE
B Co.1st Bn. CONUS MI Group Fort Meade, MD
704th Military Intelligence Brigade Fort Meade, MD
ASAS Team, Fort Huachuca, AZ

Comments Married to Triss Ashton (SFC, 98C4T9)


DB Atkins - MOS 05H, 05C, 05F

Location Hephzibah, GA

Years of Service 1973-1976

Duty Stations Ft Devens, MASS, 326th ASA, Augsburg, Germany - Schneeberg Germany, Eschwege, Germany


Jim Atkins -  What was your MOS 73C20
Duty Stations 8th RRFS 3/69-3/70 AHS, Arlington, VA 4/70 - 9/70
Current Location Houston, TX
Comments Anyone know the whereabouts of Edward (Van) Knotts, Muscle Shoals, John Dunphy, FL, Gary Tippons, Tennessee or Paul Clipson, Tx?? All at the 8th same time as myself, would be nice to touch base after all these years... any info would be nice.


James Atkinson - MOS 05H20

Location Pensacola, FL

Years of Service 1969-1972


Larry Atwell - MOS = 72B20/ MP
Duty stations = Ft.Devens, Ft Gordon, Ga. Hakata Jp, Torii Station, Okinawa, Japan
One of three or four that closed the Hakata field station.


Mike Atwell - MOS 984/98D 055/05G 98G

Location Herndon, Virginia

Years of Service 6 years, 9 months, 3 days

Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo Basic Training 01/64-03/64 Ft. Devens ComSec Analysis 03/64-10/64 Co. A, 508th ASA Group Korea ComSec Monitor and Analyst 10/64-10/65 Det 1 RRU/404th RRD, Bien Hoa, South Viet Nam ComSec Monitor and Analyst 12/65-12/66 Ft. Devens (ComSec Monitoring and Analysis Instructor) 01/67-06/67 Defense Language Institute, Presidio of Monterey, CA. Conversational German 07/67-03/68 Goodfellow AFB, San Angelo TX. Voice Intercept Operator 04/68-05/68 Co. B, Field Station Berlin Voice Intercept, Trick Chief, Platoon Sergeant, Barracks Sergeant 08/68-10/70


Daniel Augustine - MOS 993.1, 058

Location Fredericksburg, VA

Years of Service 1962-1965

Duty Stations Basic at Ft. Dix O58 at Ft. Devens 993 at Vint Hill Farms duty as 993 was 78th USASA SOU in Berlin

Comments Successfully completed 058 at Devens, but Army decided there were too many of us. Sent about a dozen of us to Vint Hill. We learned 993 in a tin shack in the middle of the antenna field during the summer of 1963. BTW: No air conditioning (of course)


Melvin P. Augustine - MOS 35G

Duty Stations Ft Devens Augsburg Germany Ansbach Germany Sinop Turkey

Current Location Ellis Ks


Gary Aumiller - MOS = 32G
Duty stations = 14th HAKATA


John Aust - MOS = 76U20
Duty stations = Fort Dix, Fort Gordon, Tuslog Det 27, Fort Devens, Tuslog Det 4


Lawrence Michael Austin - MOS 98C04B2L73

Location Littleton, Colorado

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations Basic - Fort Jackson Fort Devens - waiting DLIWC - Thai language school Fort Devens - 98C traffic analyst school Fort Devens - Tactical Training Course 🙂 Thailand - 83rd RRSOU Vint Hill Farms Station - Warrenton, VA

Comments I am thankful for my Army experience


Michael Austing - MOS = 64B3LGM

Location Dennison, Ohio

Years of Service 1967-1981
Duty stations = 4th USASAFS
Started out at AHS; DLI for Basic German, on to Devens then Kagnew Station, thence to Vietnam non-ASA. US Army MP Corps 1973-1981

Comments Departed Kagnew Station, Asmara, Ethiopia (at the time-now Eritrea) due to huge problems with my then wife. I had been friends with 2 MPs at Kagnew, Mike Heintz, who lived in Gresham, OR but have been searching for another, Al Lary, who I see is a member here; trying to contact him in San Antonio now.


Lee Autry - MOS = 52B30
Duty stations = Field Station Korea and 329th  <a  Hi to all guys that froze with me in the 329th (1976)


Phil Avila - MOS 05C

Location Goleta, CA

Years of Service 2

Duty Stations Bac Lieu Vietnam 21st DARRS 509th

Comments Fellow Servicemen, I wish to share my pictures and experiences with this site. My year in Bac Lieu 1971-1972 was the experience of my life and I hope that some of my brothers will reach out to me as a result.


Robert Awtrey - MOS 98J

Location Ellicott City, MD

Years of Service 1969-72 active duty ASA, 1977-1983 99th ASA Co. (C&P) Ft. Meade USAR

Comments USASAGP-K, Kagnew Station Asmara Ethiopia, Fort Meade, also worked at Ft. Meade Agency 1979-2015.


Larry Axelsen - MOS = 31E20
Stationed = HHC 313th RRU Nha Trang
Location = Sparta, WI


John Ayotte - MOS 98C20U1

Location New Albany, Ohio

Years of Service 1969-1972

Duty Stations Ft Dix, Ft Devens, Herzo Base, Augsburg


John Babers - MOS 056 &053A

Location Temple Terrace, FL

Years of Service 61-62 and 65-67

Duty Stations Vint Hill Farms - Two Rock Ranch - Arlington Hall Station - Fort Devens, MA - 126th Signal Service Co - 60th Signal Service Company - 1st Radio Squadron, Mobile - 330th Communications Reconnaissance Company - USASAPAC Theater Technical Support Team - 3rd RRU - 8th RRU - 9th USASA Field Station - 10th USASA Field Station - 14th USASA Field Station

Comments I was a career ASA'er - 20 years in service and 16-1/2 years in the Far East. I was one of the first ASA people in Vietnam - just a couple of days ahead of the arrival of the WHITE BIRCH/SABER TOOTH contingent


Theodore Bach - MOS 982

Location Freeport, IL

Years of Service 1963-1969

Duty Stations Ft Devens AIT Det j 3rds RRSOU (8th RRU ) Phu Bai 83rd RRSOU Bangkok TDY at Ubon for a couple wks) 7th RRS Udorn (TDY after TET)


Gary Bacon - MOS 05H20

Duty Stations ASAFS Rothwesten, Germany Augsburg, Germany
Current Location Springfield, Illinois


Morris Bacon - MOS = 98GCM
Stationed = Torii Station, Okinawa
Ft Lewis, WA Location = Seattle, WA


Linda Badger - MOS 72B

Location Joliet, IL

Years of Service 1972-1974

Duty Stations Fort McClellan, Alabama Fort Devens, MA Augsburg, Germany


Conrad Baetz - MOS 71D

Location Manitowoc, WI

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Ft Devens. Phu Bai 8th RRFS. Arlington Hall Station


Richard Baggs - MOS = 72B20
Duty stations = Davis Station
Served two tours separated by a 6 month stint at Vint Hill. Extended both tours the first so I could be sent to VHFS and the second to get a  month early out


Steve Bailey - MOS = 33B
Duty stations = 7th RRFS/138th Avn Co/


Arthur Baker - MOS 722.10 Cryptographer

Location Pearland, Texas

Years of Service 1957-1960

Duty Stations Basic training Ft Carson Colorado Ft Devens MA Crypto School Ft Gordon Ga Hq USASAPAC Camp Oji, Tokyo, Japan 1957-1958 USASAPAC (Japan) Camp Zama, Japan 1958-1959 Early out Dec 1959


Clarence Baker - MOS = O5H

Location Hamilton, Ohio

Years of Service 1970-1972

Duty stations Fort Devens, Massachusetts; 7th RRFS, Udon Thani, Thailand; Vint Hill Farms Virginia


Jim Baker - MOS 05D20

Location Battle Creek, MI

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Fort Devens, Viet Nam,Hakata. Served  with the 371 RR  in Dau Tieng during TET 69 and 372 RR Left Bank


Jimmie Baker - MOS 05H40K3

Location Madison, Tennessee

Years of Service 4 yrs ASA, 4 years additional

Duty Stations Ft. Jackson (basic) , Ft. Devens, 12 USASA Chitose, 375 @ Ft. Hood, Herzo Base

Comments What a great time to have been in the service. I enjoy talking to people about being in the most prestigious and important units the military has to offer.


Lawton Baker - MOS 98J30

Location West End, NC

Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Stations Choose Japan Ft. Huachuca, Az

Comments Would like to locate ASA group in NC area.


Neil Baker - MOS = 98C
Stationed = 7th RRFS 509th Davis Station
Location = Ponte Vedra, Fl
Message = Never will forget!


William H. (Bill) Baker - MOS 05D20

Location Daniels, West Virginia

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Fort Gordon, Georgia six months in 1955
Field Station 8610 Kyoto Japan 

Comments Served 25 months there 8/55 9/57. 


William Baker -  MOS O5D20
Duty Stations
175th RRFS Bien Hoa, Viet Nam
Current Location Cloverdale, Oregon
Comments Enjoy others comments and different web sites about our efforts.


Douglas R. Bakke - MOS 058

City And State eden prairie, mn
Years of Service 1951 - 1954
Duty Stations baumholder. germany (FS 8611)
Comments looking for pictures big FS8611 sign at entrance to base


Bob Baldwin - 05D30, 1968-1972. Fort Dix-68, Fort Devens-68-69, Two Rock Ranch-69, Camp Humphreys-69-70, Bad Aibling-70-72
Location - Houston, TX


Charles Baldwin - MOS = 05D40
Stationed = P-Y-Do Korea 65-66   8th RRFS Phu Bai RVN 66-68
Location = Huntsville,Al.


Kenneth Baldwin -  MOS 98J20

​Duty Stations USASAPAC - Co B, Helemano, HI; TUSLOG DET 4, Sinop, Turkey; USASAFS Chitose, Chitose, Japan
Current Location St. Louis, MO


Ed Bales - Years of Service 1973-1976
Duty Stations Fort Meade, Maryland (NSA)
Current location Charlotte, North Carolina
Wish I had stayed in


Dave Balfour - MOS = 33D20
Duty stations = Devens 70-71, Camp Humphreys Korea 71-73, Camp Red Cloud Korea 72


Mathew Ball - MOS 05D

Location Tierra Verde, FL

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, 409th ASA Company, Flak Kaserne


William Ball - MOS = 05K20
Duty stations = ASA Field Station Berlin 1970 - 1972


Arthur Ballard - MOS 965, 982, 988
Duty Stations 1963-1967 DLIWC Polish, Dominican Republic, Homestead AFB
Current Location Montgomery, Texas
Comments/Questions: Would love to hear from anyone I served with.


Lee Ballard - MOS 33C

Location Grovetown, GA

Years of Service 1968-1970

Duty Stations Dong Tam, July 68 to July 69. Pcs to Ving Hill Farms Station, Va. From Aug. 69 to Dec 1970.

Comments I really enjoyed my time at Vint Hill. Met a lot of great people there and still keep in touch with a. Couple of them to this day


Norman Ballard - MOS 055, 058

Location Milford, CT

Years of Service 55 to 58 called back 61

Duty Stations Fort Deven 55 to 56 Japan 56 to 58

Comments We monitored telephone and radio and teletype messages at the Camp Zama and the 126 ASA Det in Okinawa


Mathew Ballentine - MOS 72E

Location Tionesta PA

Years of Service 19741977

Duty Stations Kitzingen


Dave Ballman - MOS 05H20F3

Location St Augustine, FL

Years of Service 1971-1974

Duty Stations 138th Avn Co RR - Phu Bai, Da Nang, Vietnam 175th RRFS - Saigon, Vietnam 7th RRFS - Udorn, Thailand Torii Station - Sobe, Okinawa

Comments It was one crazy ride...……………….


Bob Balogh -  MOS 058

Duty Stations Bad Aibling, Germany
Current Location Florida
Comments 1962-1964


William Baltas - MOS 98J30

Location Elgin, IL

Years of Service 1965-1970

Duty Stations Ft Leonard Wood Missouri Ft Devens Mass training center and school Tuslog Det #4, Sinop, "The Hill" 67-68 ( have certificate ) Ft Hood Tx Shemya, Alaska " The Rock " 69-70 ( have certificate )

Comments Electronic Technician ( 40 years ) Northern Illinois currently on Soc Security and build custom computers William Baltas


Karen Collison Bauer Bambauer - MOS 05D
Duty Stations School at Ft Devens 1975-76, Ft Meade NSA 1976-1978
Current Location Irvine, CA


Stan Banker - MOS 05H20

Location Coldwater, Michigan

Years of Service 1968-1971

Duty Stations Devens Two Rock Ranch 8th RRFS Phu Bai Torii Station, Okinawa

Comments Proud to have been an ASA'er


Warren Banks - MOS 98C

Location Washington, DC

Years of Service 1970-1981

Duty Stations Fort Devens, MA Asmara, Ethiopia Ft Clayton , CZ Ft.Meade, MD Augsburg, Germany

Walter J. Bannerman - MOS = 058

Stationed = Fort Devens/Vint Hill Farm, Va/Chitose Japan/Phu Bai, Vietnam/Bangkok Thailand - Udorn thailand/ Clark, Philippines/Okinawa Japan/ Seoul korea/ Location = Greensboro, NC. I spent 4 years active and 17 1/2 in reserves.  I was one of the four people to monitor the capture of the pueblo, in 1968.


Tino "Chui" Banuelos - Vietnam - 7th RRU/101st RR Co. (31 months), 301st at Ft. Bragg (45 days)
My 1st tour began at Camp Alpha at TSN in Feb 66 and from there to the 7th RRU at Davis Station. I arrived about two weeks after my classmates Len Manelski, Brad Williams and James Kubala. I was sick and could not depart Ft. Devens as scheduled, Jim Kubala ended up going to the Big Red One in my place. His name was second on the orders. (I bet he still hasn't forgiven me) We were all 05G30 COMSEC analysts. By late 1966 I was assigned to the 2nd, Platoon, Pleiku, "Lenny" Manelski was with the 3rd Platoon, Bien Hoa AB and Brad "Willie Oi" Williams was with the 4th Platoon, Can Tho. (Previously, we had been sent TDY from Davis Station to various locations in-country).After being assigned to Engineer Hill, Pleiku, chopping down the grass, putting up the tents, building the shower, going TDY in II Corps supporting MACV, and raising chickens to feed to the Snake; my time was up and I left for the land of the big PX in Feb. of 67.After 30 days leave; I spent about 45 days with the 301st Battalion at Ft. Bragg but didn't want to go to Airborne school or pick up cigarette butts and paint trucks, so I transferred back to VN. My Second tour began back at Davis Station but I was soon assigned to the 1st Platoon, 101st RRCo,, Danang going TDY to I Corps MACV team locations. My 2nd tour ended and after 30 days leave Stateside, I returned to Vietnam for 7 months and an early out in January 1969.During my 31 months in-country, I was present for the festivities at Tet'68, an NVA artillery bombardment at Dong Ha and other lively events. Total time in the Army, 3 years, seven months and 18 days. Visit my website for more information on COMSEC in Vietnam also I am a member of the National Army Security Agency Association.


Chuck Barber - MOS 98B

Location Cincinnati, Ohio

Years of Service 1970-1977

Duty Stations Ft. Jackson, SC.
Ft. Devens, MA.
Augsburg, Germany
Phu Bai, Vietnam
Ft. Meade, MD.


Douglas Barchus - MOS = 05G
Duty stations = Devens, Alaska, Vietnam, Ft Campbell, Ky,
Anyone in the detachment in Darmstadt,Germany


Robert Barclay - MOS 283,26k 98g

Location Neidenstein, Hessen, Germany

Years of Service 10

Duty Stations fort devens, co a 321st ASA Bn, Co B, 321 ASA Bn Korea, Hq co 318th ASA Bn Det J-1 318 ASA Bn Germany. 52nd ASA SOU Ft Huachuca AZ. Co B DLIWC Monterey CA. Co C 319th ASA Bn. Det M 319th ASA Bn Germany


William Barefoot - MOS 72BD30

Location Sylva, NC

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations 509th RRCUV 1/68-1/69 Vint Hill 3/69-5/69 Fort Bragg 5/69-12/69 USASACUP 12/69-March 71(deros)


Terry Barger - MOS 72B40D1

Location Southside, AL

Years of Service 1967-1970

Duty Stations 17 May 1967 Ft. Jackson, S.C.Basic training , 20 July 1967 Ft. Gordon Ga., Mos training 72B40D1,, 28 Nov 1967 North Camp Drake Tokyo, Japan. Aug 1969-Sep 1969 Okinawa, On to 509 MACV Saigon on to 313 BN. 330 CO.R.R. Pleiku, Vietnam.. Sep 1969- 30 Nov.1970.. Home to Alabama...

Comments Always looking for Guys I served with.. Sometimes was hard, but We always tried to make the hard time into a good time...


Nicholas Barkas - MOS = 98 something (linguist)
Duty stations = Korea, Seoul, Kang Wha Do, Camp Houze, and a few small coastal towns.
ASA Facebook pages hosted by John Savage have be a great way to remember the times I enjoyed in Korea.


William (Bill) Barker - MOS 72B40

Location Havre De Grace, MD

Years of Service 1968-1970

Duty Stations Camp Drake, Japan

Comments Charlie trick Co Col Monreaux XO Mj Lee


Danny Barksdale - MOS 72B20, 72B40

Duty Stations Basic/Ft Jackson, AIT/Ft Gordon, Tuslog Det 27, Manzarali Station, Turkey, USASA Support Group, Ft Meade, MD, National Security Agency Alaska, Elmendorf Air Force Base.
Current Location Athens, Alabama


Thomas R. Barlow -  MOS 05K20 Non-Morse Intercept Operator
Duty Stations Herzo-Base, Herzogenaurach, West Germany (1967-70)
Current Location Calhoun, GA


Stewart Barnes - MOS = 056 and 058
Stationed = Saigon Feb '63 to Sept then Phu bai till Feb '64 Location = Vero beach Florida Message = Reading over letters I sent home and not remembering much of the goings on. Names popping up


Hollis Barnett - MOS 981

Location Puyallup, WA

Years of Service 1962-1964

Duty Stations Army language School, Ft. Ord, Ft. Bragg, Ft. Benning , 402nd USASA SOD (Abn) Lenggries, Germany

Comments I have attended one reunion, thought It would be interesting to join and see some of the photos


Kenneth Barnett - MOS = 05D; 98G
Stationed = Udorn, 7th RRFS; Ubon Det B; Chiang Mai Det-C; FGGM; USASAFS Korea Pyeongtaek, Korea.
Location = Northern Virginia, USA.
Message = I served with Louis Fix in Ubon in mid-to late 1969.  I was a nug 05D and he was a Sr. Op with Futchko; Frenchie and Ray Guerrera.  He can contact me at the above listed email address.


Loren Barnett -  MOS 98C20

Location Carthage, Missouri

Robert Barnett - MOS = 72B20/72B40
City And State Kingman AZ
Years of Service 1963 1970
Duty Stations Sinop Dec 63/Jan 65 Two Rock Ranch 65/67 Viet Nam Chu Lai 408th RR 67/68 Camp Davis 68 Ft Bragg 68


Thomas Barothy - MOS 05D2LFR

Location Ocala Florida

Years of Service 1965-1975


Robert Barregarye - MOS 74D

Location Hilliard, Ohio

Years of Service 1973-1976

Duty Stations Field Station Augsburg


Martin Barreiro - MOS 05H20

Location Mission, TX

Years of Service 4




Michael (Mike) Barrett - MOS 98C20
Duty Stations Devens 330 RVN 371 RVN NSA
Location  Frederick, MD


Tony R. Barrett -s MOS 058

Location Frackville, PA

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations 318th Herzo Base 63-64 320th Bad Aibling 64-65

Comments Hard to remember 50 year ago. I am sure everything has changed. Just have a few memories of that small snap shot of my life, but still copying the code. 40 years a ham radio operator. There are still a few ASA guys around on the air.


James Barry -  MOS 05D/98Z
Duty Stations 177th USASA Opns Co, USASAFS Homestead, 509th RR Gp, USASAFS Chitose, USASAFS Augsburg, USASATC&S, USASAFS Korea, CONUS MI GP, 508th MI Bde, 504th MI Bde
Current Location Indian Mound, TN


Carl Bart - MOS 98C20

Location Pasadena, MD

Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Stations Ft. Devens Ft Dix Phu Bai Vint Hill NSA


Stephen Barter - MOS 72F

Location Bakersfield, CA

Years of Service 1971-1974

Duty Stations Udorn Thailand, Vint Hill Farms VA


Curt "Bart" Bartholomew - MOS 04B, 05H, 98G, 98B, 98C,72E, 37A

Location Stafford, VA

Years of Service 1972-1993

Duty Stations  04B & 05H, 8th Radio Research Field Station, Phu Bai & Da Nang, RVN 1972-73  04B, 05H, 98C, 98B, 98G, 72E, 7th Radio Research Field Station, Udorn, Thailand 1973-75  CM Tm Chief & Tng NCO, 329th Army Security Agency Co., 2nd ID, Korea 1976-77  Cdr, 852nd Army Security Agency Tactical Support Element, 3rd ACR, Ft Bliss, TX 1978-79  Cdr, 407th Army Security Agency Company, 3rd ACR, Ft Bliss, TX 1979-80

Comments Long Live the ASA! In God we trust; all others we monitor. Vigilant Always


Nick Barzelay - MOS 98G2LKP

Location Pittsford, NY

Years of Service 1969-1973

Duty Stations DLI - Presidio of Monterey ASA GRP Korea - Camp Casey and remote site overlooking the DMZ Ft.Bragg, NC: 358 ASA Company, 313th ASA Bn, 82nd Airborne Div

Comments It was a long time ago and a lot of water under the bridge. Korea is again in the news, and has stimulated a lot of thoughts and memories, having spent 13 months there.


Lloyd Batchelor - MOS 71B/71D/76Y/71P/15Z

Location Loganville, GA

Years of Service 1972-2005

Duty Stations Fort Jackson, SC, Fort Devens,MA, Fort Huachuca, AZ, Fort Clayton, CZ, Fort Kobbe, CZ, Vint hill Farms, VA and DARB, Marietta, GA


Bobby Bates - MOS = 33B20
Duty stations = 8th RRFS, Viet Nam
am seeking Richard Bent, another 33B. He was from the San Francisco area.


James Batton - MOS 33C

Location Aiken, SC

Years of Service 1973-1977

Duty Stations 7th RRFS Thailand


Larry Baumbach - MOS 33G20

Location Middletown, PA

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations FT Devens '67-69-71 Vietnam- Bien Hoa '68--------------Nha Trang '69

Tim Bazzett - MOS = 05H and 98GRU

Stationed = Sinop, Turkey 1963-64; Rothwesten, Germany 1964-65; Augsburg, Germany 1978-81 Location = Reed City, MI. Good to see another ASA site online.


Howard Beattie - MOS = 41J20
Stationed = Korea
Location = Arizona


Harry C. Beatty - MOS =
Duty stations = Frankfurt

Location Tucson, Arizona


Dennis Beauvais - MOS 05H20

Location Denver, CO

Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood, MO Ft. Devens, MA Chitose, 12th USASAFS, Japan Phu Bai, 8th USASAFS, RVN 313th, Long Bien, RVN 144th Avn Co (RR), Nha Trang, RVN


Fred Beaver - MOS Primary 058 secondary 056

Location Beaver Dams, NY

Years of Service 1962-1965

Duty Stations Basic at Ft. Ord, Ft. Devens, Sinop, Turkey and Vintage Hill Farms, Va.


Mary Diane Beaver (Green) = MOS 72B

Location Hudson, FL

Years of Service 1963-1967

Duty Stations Ft. McClellan, Al. Basic 1963-64 Fort Knox, Ky., 1964-65 Ft George G. Meade, Md. 1965-Dec. 1967.

Comments I was with Special Troops, Provost Marshall, Detention Detachment. My CO was Charles Kelly Colonel Would love to hear from Diane DeCroix for Flint, Mi., and (?) Susan Beachum from Summerville, Ga. My name before marriage MARY DIANE GREEN. Sp/4


Dick Bechtel - MOS 05H

Location Mandan, ND

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations FS Taiwan Okinawa (X2 TDY) 7th RRFS


Jim Beck -  MOS 05G
Duty Stations Fort Richardson, AK
Current Location St. Helena, SC
Comments/Questions: Would love to contact: Bill Byers, Chuck Salazar, Jim Seagraves, Bill Clark and any serving circa 1970-1973. I would love to have contact with anyone serving at Fort Richardson circa 1972.


John Beckman - MOS 05H, 05D

Duty Stations: Ft. Devens; Kuma Station Chitose, Japan; Hakata, Japan (TDY); Ft. Bragg (attached to 82 Airborne); Vint Hill Farms, VA
Location  Senoia GA
Comments DOS – 1967 - 1971


Roger Beeltje - MOS 33B

Location Townsend, MA

Years of Service 1966-1970



Donald Beets - MOS 09J30

Location Cleves, Ohio

Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, Ft Meade, Tuslog 4 Sinop Turkey, Kagnew Station Asmara Ethiopia


Michael Bednarck -  MOS 33S20
Duty Stations Sinop, Turkey 332 ASA, Camp Humphrey, Korea
Current Location Springfield, VA


Jon Beeker - Duty stations = St. Lawrence AK
Don't see anything about ASA in AK in 1950s


Greg Begey - MOS 72B

Location Joplin, MO

Years of Service 1967-1971 ASA

Comments 1971-1995 Engineers


Joseph (Joe) Begue - MOS 983A, 98J

Location Navarre, Florida

Years of service 24

Duty Stations Ft. Jackson (Basic Tng.) 1964, Ft. Devens (98J school) 1965, Det. 4 Sinop Turkey 1965-1966, Ft Devens (98J Instructor) 1966-1968, Brake in service for college 1969-1970, Ft. Bragg 1970-1972, Bootstrap Program for BS 1972-1973, Field Station Berlin 1973-1976, Ft. Campbell as a WO1 1976-1977, Hawaii 1977-1980, Ft. Stewart 1980-1983 (CW3), Field Station Berlin 1983-1986, Central Command (CENTCOM) MacDill AFB 1986-1988. Retired August 1988.



Edmund Beham - MOS 059.1

Location Raleigh, NC

Year of Service 1972-1975

Duty Stations Ft. Devens to Kuma Station


Larry Behrens - MOS 98C20

Location Geneva, IL

Years of Service 1965-1971

Duty Stations 314th Army Security Agency Battalion 6540 N. Mannheim Road Chicago, IL


Alex Belisle - MOS 98C & 74E

Location Charleston, SC

Years of Service 1968-1972

Duty Stations C-Div, HHC, USASATC&S, Ft. Devens.


L. Lynn Belitz - MOS 058 & 723

Location Dallas, Texas

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Baumholder & Berlin

Comments Spent a few months with the 507th ASA in Baumholder then stationed in Berlin with 78th USA ASA SOU all between 1963-1966


Bruce Beliveau - MOS 31S20, 32D20

Location Keene, NH

Years of Service 1968-1971

Duty Stations Fort Monmouth, NJ,- Camp Humphreys, Korea - Fort Bliss, TX, - USASSG, Viet Nam


Andy Bell - MOS 33G20

Location Fort Wayne, Indiana

Years of Service 1974-1978

Duty Stations Fort Devens, MA

Comments I still work with electronics, got my BS and MS in Electrical Engineering, worked in industry for 30 years and now teach Engineering and Electronics at Ivy Tech Community College but it all started with my training in the US Army.


James Bell - MOS = 31J20
Stationed = Panama Canal Zone Korea
Location = South Carolina


John Bell - MOS = 98G
Stationed = 326th ASA Co. Augsburg, Germany. Location = Columbia, MD. Message = Served with CIA in a civilian capacity 1978-2003.


Ernest Bellman - MOS 72B20

Duty Stations 1968 1969 vietnam nam 335 rrc dong Tam. Fort Carson Colorado Springs Colorado 5th signal company
Current Location Mesa Az.
Comments ASA,the best men and woman anyone could serve with.


Alva Belongia - MOS crypto maintenance
Duty Stations 307th asa co 281 asa co vint hill va 5th rru det 4 tdy on the us oxford
Current Location West Point VA


Michael Belshaw - MOS = O5D40
Duty stations = Ft Monmouth,Vint Hill, Ft.Bragg, Bad Tolz, Germany,Homestead, Adak,Phu Bai, 14th Field Station, Song Mao, RVN


Bill Bender - O5K
Duty Stations Ft. Devens, Det 4-4 Karamursel Turkey, NSA Ft. Meade 21 years in the Reserves ASA Camden NJ Enjoyed most of the time I spent in the ASA


Richard Bender -  MOS 05H20
Duty Stations 330th RRC May 68-June69 Two Rock Ranch June 69-June 70 Herzo Base, Germany-July 70-Aug 71
Current Location Ripon, WI


Donald H. Bennett Jr -  MOS
Duty Stations Arlington Hall Station, Virginia
Current Location Woodbridge, Virginia
Comments/Questions: Retired


Doug Bennett - MOS 05G

Duty Stations Fort Devens, MA Chu Chi, Vietnam Bien Hoa, Vietnam Fort Sam Houston, TX
Location  Leeds,


Steve Bennett - MOS = 33G20
Stationed = DET 3, 330th RRC, Phu Cat, Vietnam
Location = Huntsville, AL


Robert Benoit - MOS 058

Location Westminster, SC

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Phu Bai Viet-nam , Germany, Kassel, Berlin, and Schoenigan.


William Benson - MOS 1717

Location Tamaqua, PA

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Torii station,Okinawa


Eugene "Radar" L. Benskin (MSG) -  MOS 76U10, 76U20. 76U40, 76P40, 76D20, 63A40, 76Y20, 45K20, 45K30, 45Z40, 63Z50
Duty Stations 7/68-2/70 MSC, VHFS; 3/70-4/71 USASASC (Panama); 4/71-9/72 MSC, VHFS; 9/72-9/73; USASAFS SHEMYA, 9/73-10/74 HHC 303rd ASA BN(3d Corps-Ft Hood) 10/74-3/76 373 ASA Co (2AD) 303d ASA BN(Ft Hood) 3/76-12/77 S4 HQ 303 ASA BN-S4 HQ & Opns Co 522 CEWI BN (2AD) Reclassified to 45K20 due 76 over strength​
​Non ASA assignments 1/78-5/78 A Co School Bde USAOCS APG, MD; 5/77-5/80 FSC 498 BN and HHC 2AD(FWD) Grafenwoehr and Kaiserslautern W Germany, 5/80-9/84 DTD USAOCS APG, MD: 9/84-9/95 MATO HHD 520 MAINT BN, Pyeongtaek S Korea, 9/85-9/88 DTD USAOCS, 9/88 retired

Location Pine Village, IN


Robert Benson - MOS = 98C
Stationed = 1/68-1/71 Shu Lin Kou 17th ASA Taiwan Location = retired in sugar land, tx Message = Thanks for putting up this site for all us ASA'ers.  Bob


Richard H. Bent - MOS 33F2H
Duty Stations Ft. Devens Mass, 8RRFS Phu Bai ,Hue, Ft Devens Mass, Bad Aibling Germany 1966 -1970.
Current Location  Reno Nevada
Comments I'd like to join


Donald Berezin - MOS 993.1

Location Irvine, CA

Years of Service 1963-1966

Duty Stations School: Fort Monmouth, New Jersey !st Duty Station: TUSLOG DET 4 Sinop, Turkey June 1963 to September 1964 Final Duty Station: NQ Company 52nd USASA Fort Huachuca, Arizona

Comments Look for the TUSLOG DET 4 Facebook page


Richard Berg - MOS = 72b10
Duty stations = 409th RR, 175th Co, Vint Hill
nickname was "birdman"looking for roger cook, still have that bottle of crown that we initialed.


Warren Berger - MOS 05D

Location New Orleans, LA

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Ft Devens, Pleiku, Dong Ba Thin, Ft Bragg, Herzogenaurach


Warren Berger - MOS 05D

Location Dover, NH

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Ft Devens, Pleiku, Dong Bah Thin, Ft Bragg, Herzogenaurach Ger.


Marcia Bergeron - MOS 98GRU

Location Simi Valley, CA

Years of Service 1974-1978

Duty Stations USASAFS Augsburg


George J. Bergalis - MOS = 059.1 and 059.2 Duty stations = Kuma station Chitose Japan


Dave Bergman -  MOS 054
Duty Stations Torii Station, Ft Devens
Current Location Mason City IL


Scott Berndt - MOS 05H

Location Findlay, Ohio

Years of Service 1982-1986

Duty Stations Ft. Dix, Basic Ft. Deven, AIT O5H Torii Station, Okinawa

Comments Best years of my life. Was one of the last ones to sterilize and lock the door to the Torii Station in Nov. 85..


James Berreth -  MOS 98J20
Duty Stations Ft.Devens, Sinop, Ft Carson
Current Location Des Moines, IA


Robert Berry - MOS 286.2 Intercept Equipment Repair

Location Knoxville, TN

Years of Service 1958-1961

Duty Stations 3/1958 to 7/1958: "A" Company Tng. Bn., Fort Knox, Ky.-Basic Training 7/1958 to 3/1959: Fort Devens, Mass.-USASA Training 3/1959 to 11/1960: Malmsheim, Germany- Det.C, 186th USASA Co. 11/1960 to 5/1961: Bad Aibling, Germany- 186th USASA Co.

Comments It was a BLAST!


Walter Berryhill - MOS = 722
Stationed = Chitose, Japan
Location = Brandon, MS
Message = Would love to hear from anyone serving in Chitose between 12/1959 - 5-1962


Joseph Bessler - MOS 98C2L69

Location San Diego, CA

Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, Vint Hill, CoA 508th USASGK


Dale Best - MOS = 74E20
Stationed = Ft. Meade/NSA 1970-73
Location = Ossian, Indiana


Terry Best - MOS 98G2LLA

Location Warrenton, OR

Years of Service 1977-1979

Duty Stations Fort Clayton CZ


Jack Bettencourt - MOS 63T

Location Vine Grove, KY

Years of Service 1974-1994

Comments I'm trying to locate if anyone knows a MSG Robert Bettencourt.


Bob Bevard - MOS 98C

Location San Antonio, TX

Years of Service 2

Duty Stations Devens. Hood.


Ron Beverly - MOS 982

Location Cookeville, TN

Years of Service 1960-1963

Duty Stations Basic-Ft. Jackson School-Ft. Devens Assignment- Herzo Base. Deutschland


James Bezy

Location Southfield, Michigan


Steve Bier - MOS 67G20

Location Seattle, WA

Years of Service 3


Gene Billingsley MOS 058.2C

Location San Jose, CA

Years of Service Three

Duty Stations Korea an Kyoto, Japan


Bob Biester - MOS 059
Duty Stations Fort Devens, Sinop Turkey, Back to Devens
Current Location Brogue, PA
Comments/Questions: Glad I Found the site!


Blaine Billings - MOS 84G20, 84B20, 71L

Location Brigham City, Utah

Years of Service 7

Duty Stations USASAE Headquarters Frankfurt Germany, Field Station Augsburg, USASA Headquarters Alington Hall

Comments I'm rarely considered "ASA" because I was a photographer, photo lab tech and worked out of my MOS as a 71L in Augsburg do to a SNAFU for a couple years


Terry Bingham - MOS 72B40

Location Knoxville TN

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations Basic Training Fort Jackson SC - 1966 Comm Training Fort Gordon GA - 1966 TUSLOG DET 27 - 1966 Fort Bragg NC - 1968 TUSLOG DET 4 - 1969 Fort Hamilton NY - Discharged Feb 1970

Comments Took Oath May 2, 1966


Clint Bishop - MOS 98J20

Location Austin, Texas

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations Sinop, Turkey Chitose, Japan Ft Devens Ft Meade Ft Ord

Comments The world is such a different place now!


Ronald Biskoning - MOS 31J20

Location Glenbeulah, WI

Years of Service 1966-1970


Normand Bisson - MOS = 270
Stationed = Signal Corps to ASA veteran from 1962 to 1965  -  Served on Shemya Island from March 1963 to February 1964 Location = Dayton, Ohio Message = Looking back.. I enjoyed my stay on Shemya.  Quite an experience...Met a lot of good friends.


Paul Bittner -  Years of Service 1965-1969
MOS 32G20

Duty Stations 177th, KOREA, HAKATA JAPAN

Current location CALIFORNIA
Please enter your comments? HOTEL CHAR



Robert Bivens -  MOS 33D20
Duty Stations
Fort Devens 72-74 Sad3 Camp Humprey Korea 74-75 Fort Hood 303 asa bn 373rd co 75-76 Tdy Vint Hill 75
Current Location Arlington Texas
Comments Asa korea on facebook. Started Sad3 reunions. Best unit in Army with lifelong friends. Sig up


Jack Bjerk - MOS 72B20

Location Ottertail, MN

Years of Service 1967-1969

Duty Stations 265th RR. Co. Camp Eagle Kahne Station Asmara Ethiopia


Dave Black - MOS 056.L29 (05D)

Location Laguna Niguel, CA

Years of Service 1957-1965

Duty Stations USASATC&S - Ft. Devens, 184th USASA Co. Rothwesten Germany (Mostly at Outstations Lübeck & Handorf)

Comments Interesting site - thanks for keeping ASA alive


Dean Black - MOS 05H20

Location Pinnacle, NC

Years of Service 1970-1972

Duty Stations Jackson,SC Basic Devens AIT Ditty Bop School 330Th RRC Nha Trang,RVN Homestead AFB, Seminole Station, Homestead, FL


Gart Black - MOS 05K. 31V

Location Corbin, KY

Years of Service 8

Duty Stations Shemya, Korea, Germany


Jim Black -  MOS 98J2F

City And State New Port Richey, Fl
Years of Service 64 - 68
Duty Stations 318th Herzogenaurach, 507th detach Furth Army air Fld, 507 Hq, Baumholder, Ger
Comments Ellint Search, OV1-C Mohawk position at Furth air field, looking for friends from back in the day. Proud of my ASA affiliation and service. Enjoyed the service and actually worked my MOS. Spent 38 months in Germany and would like to connect with some old friends


Tom Black - MOS 723
Duty Stations 1961-1962 9th USASA Philippines 1962-1963 326th USASA Co. Homestead FL
Current Location Lady Lake, Florida
Comments If We Served in Silence together, drop me a line.


Roosevelt Blackshear - MOS 31Y

Location Huachuca, AZ

Years of Service 1971-1991

Duty Stations Fort Jackson, fort Gordon, Butzbauch Germany, Darmstadt Germany, fort Jackson, Darmstadt Germany, 24th infantry Division fort Steward Hunter army airfield, Mannheim Germany, Fort Huachuca, Frankfurt Germany and back to Fort Huachuca.

Comments There are many aspects of my past military life I do miss, the comrades, how we took care of ours own, clear direction to just name a few.


Marcia Blain - MOS 05K

Location Columbus, Ohio

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations USASAFS Augsburg Germany.

Comments I was in Germany from 1973-1975. I took basic training at Ft. McClellan Alabama. My AIT was at Ft Devens Massachusetts.


Charles Blair - Years of Service 1975-1983
MOS 05H 76D Duty Stations Gordon(BCT) Devins San Antonio Okinawa Lee Panama Bragg
Current location Dayton, Ohio
A Hog at Alamo and Torii, then regular Army. Earned a BSEET at Univ. of Dayton and Ham license N8UW still chase dits, sometimes with my R390A


Harry A. Blair - MOS 058

Duty Stations Bad Aibling Station Project Southgate
Location Bellbrook, Ohio



Dave Blake - MOS 04B2LRU 

Location La Palma, Ca

Years of Service 1970-1973

Duty Stations DLIWC, Monterey, Ca
San Angelo AFB, Tx Augsburg, Ger Kassel, Ger
Det L Gross Gusborn, Germany


Ronald Blake - MOS 72B

Location Atlanta, GA

Years of Service 1963-1967

Duty Stations 18th USAFS, Bad Aibling BASIC, Fort Jackson School, Fort Gordon ETS, Fort Huachuca


Ronald H. Blake - MOS = 72B40
Duty stations = Bad Aibling and Ft. Huachuca
ASA was the best thing to happen to this young man fresh out of high School. Bad Aibling was a wonderful place to grow up. Loved ASA but never could cotton to the Army.


Hugh Blanchard - 98G3LRU
Duty stations = Mount Meissner
Message = Surprised to see some other ASA veteran sites that don't even know that Mount Meissner was an ASA site. I arrived at Mount Meissner in early 1974 and ETS'd in 1976 just as the live mission was replaced by the remote LaFaire Vite system. They didn't know what to do with the experienced Mt Meissner operators at FS Augsburg, so they tried putting newbies from FS Augsburg onto our former mission targets. I know the production on those targets went WAY down with that bad move. But I was leaving to go back to college and didn't follow the results.


Andria Fazio Blanton -  MOS 75H(me) 32D Tech controller (husband)
Duty Stations Field Station Augsburg, Germany 73-75 Torii Station, Okinawa 75-77
Current Location Colorado
Comments/Questions: Very informative web site. Thank you for all the work it takes to maintain this.


Victor Blecharczyk -  MOS 36k40
Duty Stations 371st radio research company/1st cav an khe and camp evens
Current Location Marysville KS
Comments/Questions: would like to get in touch with anyone who served in the 371st rrc during 1967/68


Donald Blenker - MOS 33S30, 33R4FH, 72G4H, 35H4HLocation

Location Coeur d Alene, ID

Years of Service 19.6

Duty Stations Field Station Augsburg, HHC, Sheridan Kaserne, Gablingen Germany Fort Devens USAISD Support Bn C Co, 501st MI Bn, Katterbach Germany F Co, 501st ABC (SOTAS), Katterbach Germany B Co, 224th MI Bn (AE), Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah Georgia C Co, 224th MI Bn (AE) Forward Pomarola AB, Honduras Fort Devens USAISD, BNOC B Co 1st MI Bn (AE), Wiesbaden AFB HHC 1st MI Bn (AE) 205th MI Bde Wiesbaden AFB USA Paser, Fort Meade, MD

Comments Never was ASA Just missed it, began INSCOM and Finished INSCOM. Great Veterans Page!


Gerald Blevins - MOS = 98GRU
Duty stations = Berlin
Trying to find those on Teufelsberg 01.1972-06.1973. Especially George Moist and Andy Fink as well as those who worked with them. Also looking for Ron Sennett and his girlfriend Winnie


Monty Blizard - MOS = 74f
Duty stations = USASA HQ
Stationed at Arlington Hall 72 to 75


Dennis Bloching - MOS 058

Location Point Venture, TExas

Years of Service 40 months

Duty Stations Ft Ord basic, Ft Devens, 3rd RRU Det J, 5th RRY 83rd SOU.


Edward Block - MOS 056

Location Oro Valley, AZ

Years of Service 1961-1964

Duty Stations Fort Devens, MA 1961-1962. 058 & 056 Training School Korea. 1962-1963. 177th ASA Operations Company. Det. B Fort Devens, MA 1963-1964. 056 Instructor


Bill Bloom - MOS = 31S30
Stationed = Fort Jackson, Fort Monmouth, 83rd RRSOU Bangkok, Thailand and ASA Taiwan DET C Taichung Location = Louisville, KY


Edward Bloom - MOS 058

Location Green Valley, AZ

Years of Service 3.6

Duty Stations Arlington Hall, 226th Kang Wa Dough, 3rd RRU Saigon

Comments Thanks for putting this together, just reminiscing old times


Shane Bloom - MOS 11H

Location Spotsylvania, VA

Years of Service 3.5

Duty Stations Fort Riley, Kansas

Comments Yeah but they're looking for somebody in those Wayne Bloom so five times and Vietnam Military Intelligence from 63 until 70


Tim Bloomer - MOS 33S
Years of Service 8
Duty Stations Devens, El Paso air port, Sinop Turkey, Augsburg, Germany, Okinawa, Japan
Current Location Atlanta, GA
Comments I was an instructor at Ft Devens both in army and DOD GS11.


Kenneth Blum - MOS = 03c
Stationed = FT. Devens and Arlington Hall Location = Brenham, Texas Message = Would like to hear from anyone who served at AHS 1970-1972


Howard Blume - MOS 33E & 33Z

Location New Ulm, MN

Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood, MO; Ft. Devens, MA; USASA SRU #8, Clark Air Base, PI; USASA SRU #7, Thule Air Base, Greenland; Vint Hill Farms Station, Warrenton, VA.


Bob Blunt - MOS 058/059

Location Denver, CO.

Years of Service 1963-1965

Duty Stations 14th Field Station Hakata, Japan Near Fukuoka, Japan Former Japanese submarine base on Southernmost island of Japan

Comments Can't remember any names except the Last Chance bar in Saitozaki (sp)


James Bockeloh MOS 33S2H

Location Racine, Wisconsin

Years of Service 1971-1979

Duty Stations Fort Devens, MA
Fort Hood TX
Fort Devens, MA


Terry Bogan - MOS 05H

Location Troy, Ohio

Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Stations 7th RRFS Two Rock Ranch 76th ASA SOU


Rex Bohner - 98C & 98Z
329th, 146th, B Co 3rd MI (98C1, 2, 3, H digit)'75-'82 off and on…Land of the Morning Calm, that is…



Richard Bolling -  MOS 37G20

Duty Stations Sp/4th class Richard A Bolling ... Vietnam Phu-Bai / MOS- 67G20... 138th Avn. RR Feb 72-Oct 72, Danang 9 Oct 72 - Jan 73, Took Shrapnel between shoulders, night the ammo dump blew-up 12 Oct.1972. I was a crew Chief on the U-21D #122 my Debbie, Arrived in Phu-Bai with Mike Laporta, he's listed which I\'m glad to see.
Current Location Westland, Michigan


Jeff Bonar - MOS 98C

Location Largo, FL

Comments Really Outstanding. Thank you for your time & efforts.


Edward Bond - MOS 053

Location Springfield, IL

Years of Service 1961-1964


Comments Ft Bragg was the 313th ASA Bn we supported the 82nd Airborne Division. Right across our motor pool parking lot was the Ft. Bragg stockade. During the Cuban missile crisis we were sent to Homestead AFB Fla. That would have been in November of 1962. When we got to Homestead we became the 326th ASA Co. Then the first part of 1964 we became the Seminole Station. I am not sure all of this is correct. My memory is a little foggy on some things. If anyone else has followed this path in their service I would like to hear from them. In December of 1963 I was assigned to the USNS Lt. James E Robinson. Sorry I cannot remember the names of anyone I served with on that ship. Anyone that served on that ship I would like to hear from.


James Bonner - My service in the ASA was from 1961, Ft Devens, Vint Hill Farms, 3rd. RRU MAAG Vietnam, Arlington Hall Station, MAG Rangoon Burma, Ft. Devens - Discharged in 1963.  I knew Tom Davis and as NCOIC of the intercept unit I was instrumental in notifying the OPS center that his team was in trouble and to scramble the ARVN troops to rescue.  Unfortunately, he was killed by the time they arrived (no more than 20 minutes after the firefight began.


Gene (Tony Wop) Bonta - MOS 058

Location Valparaiso, IN

Years of Service 1964-1968

Duty Stations 1965 to 1968 12th Field Sta Chitose Japan Then went home.

Comments Enjoyed the work and friends and but was not a lifer. If you remember me send me a note.


Larry (Bookie) Bookhamer - MOS = 98C
Duty stations = GFAB, Ft. Devens, Ft. Huachuca, 415th ASA, FS Kunia, Turkey, Ft. Ord, Det. Wobeck, 533d 98C GM linguist and crypto retired in '98.


Ed Boone - MOS 98B

Location Granite City, IL

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Leonard Wood 1967 Devins 67-68 14th USASAFS Hakata 68-69 330th RRC Pleiku/Nha Trang 69-70 Ft.Hood 70-71


Edwin Booth -  MOS 722
Duty Stations Sinop Tuslog Det 4. NSA Ft. Meade, MD
Current Location Tazewell, TN


Dave Borchers - MOS 72B40D1

Duty Stations Ft Leonard Wood & Ft Gordon 1970 - Torii Station, Okinawa 71-72 - 7th RRFS UdornThani 72-73
Current Location Retired to Livingston, TX and later moved to Thailand in 2007
Comments Great times and great people with no regrets. It was all a positive experience for me with ASA during my time of service in support of the Vietnam War. U.S. Army Retired 1997, Retired English 2nd Language Teacher 2010, and happily enjoying my life in Thailand.


​Brian T. Borders - MOS 33S10 Electronic Warfare/Intercept Systems Repairman

33Y3H Electronic Warfare/Intercept Strategic Systems Repairer (Master Instructor)
City And State East Amherst, NY
Years of Service 1980 - 1998 (Retired)
Duty Stations Fort Dix, NJ (Basic Training); Fort Devens, MA; Tuslog Det 4, Sinop, Turkey; USAFS Augsburg, Germany; USAFS Kunia, HI; Fort Huachuca, AZ


Thomas Bores - MOS = 05H20
Duty stations = Berlin, Germany


Charlie Borges - MOS = 05g
Stationed = 102nd ASA company Okinawa 67 -69. Ft. Riley Kansas, 69-70 1st Plt 101st RR 70-71 Det I 201 ASA Co. Wurzburg, Germany. 71-75, Location = Prunedale, Ca.


Dan Borman - MOS 71H20

Location Redmond, WA

Years of Service 1963-1967

Duty Stations 51st USASA, Okinawa; 3rd RRU, Saigon; HQ Co USASA TC& S, Ft Devens, 1st ASA Avn Company, Ft Benning, GA and Mara Airpark, AZ

Comments Thanks for all your hard work on this database.


John Bosak - MOS 33C40

Location Cornelius, NC

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations Fort Dix- Basic Training Fort Devens- Advanced Training Camp Alamo- Korea Torii Station - Okinawa


William Bostic - MOS 05C

Location Cheraw, SC

Years of Service 69-98

Duty Stations

Comments I am the brother of Haywood Bostic he was stationed in Ethiopia and Two Rock Ranch feel free to contact me anytime at 843 622 4539


Gene Bostwick - MOS 33B20/31E20

Location Houston, TX

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations Ft Dix (66-67) BCT Ft Gordon (67) 31E20 School 177 USASA Opn Co (67-68) Ft Devens (68-69) 33B20 School HQ Co USASA FS Herzo (69-70)

Comments Love dem R390's !! I fixed 'em faster than the ditty boppers could break 'em.


Laurence (Larry) Bostwick - MOS 05D20

Duty Stations Ft Devens (66-67) Herzo Base (16th Field Station) '66-70
Current Location Colorado Springs, CO


Gary Botkins - MOS 05G30

Location Cincinnati, Ohio

Years of Service 1968-1972

Duty Stations AIT, Ft Devens, Frankfurt, Germany Det S, 201 ASA Company, and 66 MI Group, Munich, Germany

Comments I served with a great bunch of men in the US Army. All of them were heroes for serving their country. God Bless all of them.


Bruce Bottomley - 7601, 9640
Devens, Vint Hill, HQ Frankfurt, Security Company Aschaffenburg, AHS, NSA, FS Berlin, Tarex Munich, FS San Antonio
New London, NH


Ron Boudreaux - MOS 04B

Location Denver, CO

Years of Service 1968-1972

Duty Stations Goodfellow AFB
Mt.Meissner (Rothwesten)

Comments Would like to contact any of the men I served with. The Vietnam program on PBS has awakened memories.


Robert Bourgeois - MOS = 95B40
Stationed = Arlington Hall Station, Tuslog set 4 Location = Harvey, LA.  Trying to contact other MP Sgts. Years 1957-1970. Stationed = AHS...TUSLOG DET 4...Clark Air Base, 9th RRFS...110 Days  TDY..Phu Bai RVN....144th AVN Co..RVN...TET. 67/68...PhuBai 1970 Discharged. Oakland. 1970.........
Location = Harvey LA...70058
Message = I.  was a member of th  ASA. For. 12yrs..starting with basic at Ft. Bliss I. attended MP school at Ft. Gordon ad later attended advanced MP school at Ft.. Gordon I also spent 1yr. As an ASA. Recruiter in Houston TX


Jim Boushley - MOS = 059
Stationed = 9th USASAFS Philippines 1962-64, NSA 1966-1996

Location = Tennessee


Bruce Bowe -  MOS 058

City and State  Santa Rosa, CA
Years of Service 1957 - 1960
Duty Stations Devens, Two Rock, Sinop, ASA HQ Frankfurt
Comments Often think of those days.
MOS 058 just plain 058


Walter L. Bowen - MOS 002.60

Duty Stations Kuma Station
Location Frankfort, Kentucky


Bruce Bower - MOS 32F20

Location Williamsport, PA

Years of Service 1970-1973

Duty Stations Fort Dix,Fort Monmouth,(NJ USA) RRFS Augsburg, Det L Gross Gusborn (West Germany)

Comments .....It's been along time....still have some papers somewhere and one picture of Det L antenna tower seen thru north german jackpines.


Darrell Bowlin - MOS 05G30
Duty Stations Detachment A, 318th USASA HERZO
Location Knoxville, Tn
Comments 1965-1968


Daniel Bowman - MOS 31L

Location Streetman, Texas

Years of Service 1969-1973

Duty Stations ASA Camp Humphrey, Korea Ft. Devens, Mass. Ft. Gordon, GA. Ft. Jackson, SC.

Comments I was Daniel Lively. I was adopted on leave so my name would be the same as my brothers and sister.


Jerry Bowman - 056, 058 & 059
177th, Kang-Wha-Do, & 508th
Spent most of my time in Korea at the 177th, 3 months TDY @ Kang-Wha-Do.
My time @ the 508th was limited to arriving & departing Korea.


Marvin (Keith) Bowman - MOS = 98C
Duty stations = Field Station Augsburg
After Devens in Late 74 I went to DLI in Monterey (Czech) and served in Field Station Augsburg all of 76 and until April of 77. I was assigned to the 326th ASA Company at Flak Kaserne. I now work Point of Sale phone  support for a large retailer.  I thoroughly enjoyed this website today.


William Bowman - MOS 98C

Location Muskegon Michigan

Years of Service 1967-1970

Duty Stations 12th USASAFS Chitose 7th RRFS Udorn


Jerry Box - MOS = 05K
Duty stations = Sinop, Bad Aibling, Hakata, Ft Carson and Ft Devens
Looking for old friends.


Fred Boxberger - MOS = 26K40
Stationed = '66 Ft. Devens     Ft. Meade
'67 TUSLOG Det 4 Sinop '68 '69 12th USASAFS
Chitose Location = Orlando, Florida
Message = Thanks to all you guys who put in the effort to keep The ASA alive


James Boyce - MOS 05K

Location Sierra Vista, AZ

Years of Service 20+

Duty Stations 4th USASA FS (Kagnew Station) (EM) 2nd USASA FS (Two Rock Ranch) (EM) 175th RRC (Bien Hoa SVN) (EM) 326th ASA Co (Fwd) (Augsburg, FRG) (Officer) NSA Ft. Mead, Md. (Officer) USFK (Zeckler Station) (Officer) DIA Arlington Hall Station & Bolling AFB (Officer)


Shirl C. Boyce - MOS 056

Location Boise, Idaho

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, MA; Bad Aibling, Germany; and Bremerhaven, Germany

Comments I was one of several who received orders for the 173rd Airborne Brigade martialing on Okinawa, then to Vietnam in December 1962. Just prior to leaving for two week leave, five of us were told our orders, that we were going to Europe instead. From Frankfurt I was assigned to the 320th ASA Bn about 4 1/2 months later I was assigned to Detachment A, in Bremerhaven, Germany, where I remained for the duration of my tour. On paper we were assigned to the 319th ASA Bn. Semper Vigilis I went on join the U.S. Army Reserve. Thank you.


Wayne Boyce - MOS 05D30

Location York, PA

Duty Stations 371st Radio Research Co. 1st Air Cav.  Phuc Vinh Phuc Vinh Pa.

Comments Flew with Project Left Bank.


Steve Boyd - MOS 058

Location Onancock, VA

Years of Service 1959-1962

Duty Stations Ft. Dix Ft. Devens Herzo Base

Comments The guys I remember best were Gary Duckett, Dave Patterson, Levy, Newman, Ransdell, memories fading now. Had lots of cars and motorcycles when there and lots nights in the Nuremberg bars


Thomas Boyd - MOS 98C

Location Yountville, CA

Years of Service 3.5

Duty Stations Fort Devens Mass.. 8th Radio Research Station at Phu Bai 7th Radio Research Station at Udorn


Gary Boyer - MOS 98G2LRU. Voice intercept and electronic countermeasures

Location Auburn Hills, MI.

Years of Service 1975-1979

Duty Stations Fort. ORD BCT 1975 Goodfellow AFB 1976 Fort Devens 1976 851 ASA Co. Kitzingen/Würzburg Germany, with TDY to Det. M 1976-79


Max Boyer - MOS 058/059

Location Prescott, AZ

Years of Service 1963-1966

Duty Stations Clark Air Base, Vint Hill Farms


Russell Boyer - MOS 056.20

Location Honolulu, Hawaii

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Trained at Ft. Devens Stationed at 14th Field Station (Hakata Station) 1959 to 1962

Comments I've been a member of the two Facebook pages for some years; I had this confused with them and just realized I was not a member.


David Boyette - MOS 05D

Duty Stations Ft Ord 1964, Ft Devens 1964/65, Chitose 1965/67, Ft Huachuca 1967/68
Current Location Russellville, AR


Tommy Boyette - MOS = 05D20
Stationed = Schleswig, West Germany

Location = Raleigh, NC


Max Boyer - MOS 058/059

Location Prescott, Arizona

Years of Service 1963-1966

Duty Stations Clark Air Base, Vint Hill Farms


Roger Boykin - MOS 05C40
Duty Stations Rothwesten Germany Anh Khe Vietnam Ft Campbell Rothwestern Germany
Current Location Richmond VA.
Comments anybody from the 371st ?


Leslie Boyle - MOS 98G Virt linguist and instructor

Duty Stations Service from '62 to '68. DLI at Presidio of Monterey '63; 9th USASAFS Clark '64-'65; GFAFB '65-'68 as instructor. Short TDY to Saigon and Phu Bai in '65 . Rank of Spec. 6
Current Location Burkburnett, TX
Comments Looking for George Worthington, 98G, or Patrick Hall, or CO at Clark and Goodfellow. or any of my students at Goodfellow. Have CLL


Gary Boyer - MOS 98G2LRU. Voice intercept and electronic countermeasures

Location Auburn Hills, MI. 

Years of Service 1975-1979

Duty Stations Fort. ORD BCT 1975 Goodfellow AFB 1976 Fort Devens 1976 851 ASA Co. Kitzingen/Würzburg Germany, with TDY to Det. M 1976-79


Cesar Bradham - MOS 81B20

Duty Stations Ft Benning, Ft Sill, Ft Bliss, Ft Dix, ASA Bad Aibling Germany
Current Location Orlando, Florida
Comments Army regulars 1/66-12/68


Eldon Brady -  MOS 054D

Duty Stations Phu Bai, Homestead Air Force Base, Homestead, FL
Current Location Thomasville, GA


James (Jim) Brady - MOS 98C

Location Altoona, PA

Years of Service 1973-1976

Duty Stations Biggs Army Airfield, 156th USASA AVN, FS Sobe (Torii Station) Okinawa

Comments If you knew me, feel free to send me an email...I sort of lost contact with everyone but Mike Metherd in Red Bluff, CA. Also would like to see if anyone knows the whereabouts of Donny Weaver. He was from the Dallas/Ft Worth area.


Noah Bragg - MOS
Duty Stations ARLINGTON HALL, VA 8TH RRFS VN 1970-71
Current Location TEXAS


Robert Braho - MOS 59.10

Location Struthers, OH

Years 0f Service 3

Duty Stations Served at Opns Co Tuslog Det 27 apo 254


Tom Branan - MOS = 04B/98G
Duty stations = Phu Bai


Robert Curtis Brand - MOS 96BL94-32

Location Storrs, CT

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Fort Amador, Panama Davis Station, Saigon Nha Trang


Art Brandon - MOS 98C20

Location Herrin, Illinois

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations Fort Devens Bad Aibling, Germany


Donald Brannam - MOS 05K20H2

Location Mt. Zion, IL

Years of Service 7

Duty Stations Bad Aibling Germany Augsburg, Germany Okinawa, Japan Vint Hill Farms Virginia

Comments Would like see if I could find any old friends


Richard Brannan - MOS 05G
Duty Stations Det. R Camp Red Cloud, Korea 101st Radio Research - Bien Hoa
Current Location Branson, MO
Comments/Questions: Nick Name: Crash


Lee Branum -  MOS 286.1

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, Korea, Ft. Benning, TDY Germany 4 mo.s
Current Location Gardner, Kansas
Comments Spent 4 mo. living in tents on the East German border. Real experience


Terry Brassfield -  MOS 72E
Duty Stations Camp Humphreys Korea Field Station Augsburg from 82 to 84
Current Location Las Animas Colorado
Comments/Questions: Served with some great Soldiers. Looking for anyone that served in Camp Humphreys in 79 and in Augsburg from 82 to 84


Ronald Braswell - MOS 31J20

Location Hueytown, AL

Years of Service 1970-1972

Duty Stations USASA HQ. Frankfurt


Dennis Bratz - MOS = 98C
Duty stations = Phu Bai  (8th RRFS)
looking for stories or pictures to share from June '71-June of '72


Timothy Braun - MOS 98C

Location Cripple Creek, CO

Years of Service 8

Duty Stations Ft, Devens (instructor) Hakata AFB Misawa AFB Camp Humphreys (2x)


John R. Braunreiter - MOS = 059
Dutystations = Fort Devens, Vint Hill Farms, Chitose, Japan


Mailon S. Bray - My dad, SFC (r) Mailon S. Bray served with ASA. The only units I have are COMPANY 'C', 313th ARMY SECURITY AGENCY BATTALION FORT BENNING and COMPANY B USASA SPT GP FGGM MD USASA. he passed away in 2013. He never really talked much about his service. Just wondering if anyone remembers him. He served for 21 years and there has to be someone who knew him. I followed in his foot steps and was US Army MI. Thanks


Norman Breen -   MOS 05D20
Duty Stations Ft. Devens, 313 RRBn, 330th RRC, 8th RRFS, Ft. Meade, MD
Current Location Fairport, NY


Raymond Brennan -  MOS 76d / 76y
Duty Stations Sinop Det 4 1974 -- 1975, and 1978- 79 Korea K6 1975 -- 1976 Berlin 1976 -- 1978
Current Location San Jose California


Dennis Breton - MOS = 981
Duty stations = Heilbronn, Germany
Looking for old Army buddies from the 502/507 from the mid 1950's


Ralph Bridegan - MOS 05D20

Location North Aurora, IL

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations The Bad Aibling Station, Germany Ravenna, Italy


Steve Bridner -  MOS 33F
Duty Stations
Current Location Salt Lake City, UT


Darrell Brigance - MOS 33G20

Location Stockton, ?

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations 17th USASAFS Rothwesten Det L Gartow


Lou Bright - MOS = 98C4P

Location Austin, TX

Years of Service 1974-1977
Duty stations = Devens, Sinop, Ft Bragg, San Antonio


Johnny Brincefield - MOS 05D20

Location Fort Wayne, Indiana

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations 330th RR Co. Det 2&3 Vintage Hill Farms

Comments Still Proud to have been a Ditty Bopper for the good old USA!


James J. Brinkman - Jan 1962 to Dec 1962 Sinop Turkey Dec 1962 to April 1962 Herzo Base Germany


David Brisiel - MOS 058

Location East Earl, PA

Years of Service 1962-1964

Duty Stations Sinop Turkey, Adana Turkey


Bill Brogan - MOS 951B

Location Swarthmore, PA

Years of Service Oct 63 to Oct 65

Duty Stations Torii Station, 51st Special Operations Command, Sobe Okinawa
Helemano Station, Hawaii, Special Operations Pacific Headquarters


Ira Brogan -  MOS 98C20

Location Penn Valley, PA

Duty Stations Sobe Okinawa 66-67, Vint Hill FArms 67, Pleiku, Dak To, Kontum, Ban Me Thout 68-69

​ Comments - I was nominated for the Distinguished Service Cross but it was downgraded to and  awarded the Bronze Star and Army Commendation medals.


Bill Brooks - MOS 04B, 98G
Duty Stations USASA HQ Europe, 313th ASA Bn, Ft Bragg
Current Location Coeur d'Alene Idaho
Comments Also DLIWC 1969 and 1972


Dave Brooks - MOS 341

Location Rockmart, GA

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Ft Gordon for training and then to Rothwesten in Kassel Germany


Gilbert Brooks - MOS 05K20

Location Chicago. IL


Larry Brooks -


Robert Brooks - MOS 04B2LGM

Location Coeur d'Alene, ID

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations 358th ASA Co, 313 ASA BN


William Brookshire - MOS = 05H
Duty stations = Kagnew Station
I was happy to find this site.



Leo Brosche - MOS = 04BL15 Duty stations = Ft Meade Md


Robert Bross - MOS 05H4H

Location Lebanon, PA

Years of Service Aug 56 to Jul 86 (2 breaks n service)

Duty Stations t Devens Nov 56 to May 57 DOD Spec Rep MACV Oct 72 to Jan 73 Torii Station Jun57 to May 58 7th RRFS Jan 73 to Oct 73 Vint Hill JUN 58 TO AUG 59 ETS Torii Station Nov 73 to Nov 76 Bad Aibling Sep 64 to May 64 ETS Vint Hill Dec 76 to Dec 81 ASA PP&P Det, Ft Dix Apr 66 to Oct 66 J1,8TH ARMY,Jan 82 to Jan 83 Out of ASA Homestead Nov 66 to Feb 67 Ft Myer,VA Feb 84 to July 86-and retired. Torii Station Mar 67 to May 69 265th RRC Jun 69 to Jun 70 Ft Devens Jul 70 to Oct 72

Comments Had many different assignments in ASA,and am very proud to have served with all units. Many pleasant memories,and many,many interesting people. Would do it all again in a heart beat!!!


Larry Brought - MOS = 72b20
Duty stations = Fort Dix, Fort Gordon, Frankfurt Germany. Nha Trang Vietnam
I would like to talk to anyone that took basic in Fort Dix NJ under a Sgt Gutman. Went to school in Fort Gordon in 1968 as 72b20, served in Frankfurt Ger. 68 and 69 and finally served in Nha Trang Vietnam in 69 and 70. Thanks


Donald Broussard - MOS 059

Location Shreveport, LA

Years of Service 2 years 9 months and 4 days

Duty Stations 14th field station Hakata Japan. 1963-1965


Billy Brown - MOS = 058
Stationed = Two Rock Ranch Station
Petaluma, CA 94952
Location = Atoka, TN 38004
Message = Any ASA personnel stationed @ Two Rock 1963-65.


David Brown - MOS 64C40

Location Festus, MO

Years of Service 1969-1984

Duty Stations Nha Trang, RVN, U.S. Army Field Station Bad Aibling, Bad Aibling, Germany, U.S Army Field Station Augsburg, Augsburg, Germany Arlington Hall Station, Arlington, Va. U.S Army Intelligence Command Field Station Augsburg, Augsburg, Germany U.S. Recruiting Command Provo, Utah, $th Infantry Division, Ft Carson, Colo. Shape Hqs. Mons Belgium, U.S. Army Training Command, Ft Leonard Wood, Mo.


James D. Brown - MOS = O5C
Duty stations = 508th ASA  HQ  Yong Dong Po
Jan 1965 to Dec 1965 Group Radio Chief


James H. Brown -  058, 9666, 9640
Ft Devens; 508th Comm Recon/508/501 USASA Gp, Korea; Hqs, 301 Comm Recon/USASA Bn, Camp Red Cloud; COMSEC Det, Co B, 301 Bn (Camp Casey) - 1955 - 1957; Ft Devens - 1964-65; VHFS - USASA Mat Spt Cmd - 1965-67; Hqs, USASA Gp, Korea (S-2) - 1968; AHS (EWSG) - 1969; USASATC&S, Ft Monmouth, NJ (EW Stf Off) - 1971-74.
Location Chandler, AZ


James Brown - MOS 058/9640/9666

Location Tilton, NH

Years of Service 1955-58, 1960-74

Duty Stations ASA - Ft Devens (55, 57, 64-65); Korea (55-57, 68), Vint Hill (65-67), AHS (69), Ft Monmouth,NJ (71-74). Non-AS - Ft Monmouth (60), Ft Six, NJ (55, 60-61), FRG (61-64), RVN (1970).


Jamie Brown - MOS 05H20

Location Yellville, Arkansas

Years of Service 1969-1973

Duty Stations out of o5h20 school at Devens to 83rd RRSOU Bangkok Thailand(1st class not to go to RVN in years) couldn't have been any better for a 19 yr old kid. Was TDY for 3 months to det J in Ubon during the Cambodian incursion. Went to the 7th RRFS when the 83rd was shut down in late 1970. Stayed there for a month and ended up in Viet Nam at the 313TH at Nha Trang. Was there 5 months and went back to the 7TH. Finally ended up at Vint Hill where I ETS'd with a 10 month early out. Was a really wild ride which I wouldn't trade for anything.....

Comments Hello to all my old ASA friends...great site...THANKS


Jim Brown - MOS 05H40Y4

Location Cleveland, Ohio

Years of Service 1964-1970, 1972-1976

Duty Stations Devens (training) Taiwan (Shu Lin Kou) 76th USASA SOU Udorn Thailand Ubon Thailand Two Rock Ranch Station (Petaluma, CA) USASAFS Augsburg, Germany

John E. Brown - MOS 059

Duty Stations Kagnew Station Asmara Ethiopia
Current Location Concord, NC
Comments 1963


Ken Brown - MOS 32C

Location Marana, AZ

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Chitose, Phu Bai


Ronald Brown - MOS 95B

Location Ogden, Utah

Years of Service 24

Duty Stations Kagnew Station, Asmara; 1970-71, Vint Hill Farms Station; 71-73, Sunny Sinop, Turkey; 1973-74, Transferred to Regular Army, stationed at Fort Lewis, WA; 74-76, University of S.C. 1977', Presidio, S.F. 1978, Ansbach Germany; 1978-81, Fort McClellan, AL; 1981-84, Seoul Korea, MP Command; 1984-85, Reserve Adviser 800th MP Brigade, Hempstead, NY; 1985-1988, 188th MP Co, Taegu, Korea; 1988-90; Sergeants Major Academy, Fort Bliss, 1990 (6 months); MP Command, Ft Shafter, HI.; 1990-91; MP Command, Ft. Stewart, GA; 1991-92, Retired SGM/E-9 1992, worked for Credit Unions in Utah until 2010, then fully retired.

Comments Great Career, didn't know how good I had it in ASA, like being a civilian in uniform. Made a lot of friends during my career, would love to hear from any and all of them. Thanks


Stephen Brown - MOS = 33C
Stationed = 7th RRFS, Thailand  Vint Hill Farms, Va
Location = Wittmann, Az


Thomas A. Brown - MOS 74E20. 74F20

Location Cinnaminson NJ

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations USASATC&S Ft Clayton, Canal Zone USASAFS KAGNEW STATION, Asmara Ethiopia, Stone House. Computer Op.


Tom Brown - MOS 72B

Location Titusville, FL

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations 330th RRC. Ft Hood Tx. Camp Drake Japan


Christine Morley-Browning - MOS 98C20U1

Location Hamilton, NY

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Goodfellow AFB, Texas, FT Lewis, WA , TDY FT Meade, MD and 2nd OPS BN USA Field Station Augsburg, FRG


John Browning - MOS = 05H

Stationed = Torii Station 1971-1972, Vint Hill Farms 1972-1973. Message = Looking for Shari Vickers. She was one of the first 05H females to come to Vint Hill in 1972. Worked in the Exploitation Division.


George Brox - MOS 05D

Duty Stations Ft. Devens 02/66 - 12/66; Torii Station 01/67 - 06/68, Vint Hill Farms Station 07/68 - 12/68, 330th RRC Pleiku 01/69 -02/70
Current Location Fremont, NH


Kevin Brubaker - MOS 33S20N6

Location  Huntington, Indiana

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Ft. Devens and USAFS Augsburg

Comments Proud to be ASA


Ronald Bruce - MOS 322

Location Princeton, KY
Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Camp Zama Japan

Comments Served in Vietnam in the early years of 1962/63


Dave Bruggeman - MOS 33E Microbarograph Repair
Duty Stations Ft. Monmouth Lahore Pakistan Vint Hill Farms Station
Current Location Plano, TX


Wayne Brule - MOS 31L20

Location Richland, WA

Years of Service 1971-1973

Duty Stations Field Station Korea- Camp Humphreys


Wayne Brunette - MOS 05K20

Location Mead, OK

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Ft Jackson Ft Devens Sinop Turkey Det 4 68-69 Okinawa Torii Station 69-71 TDY to Nam without paper work for 30 days and people still can’t believe the Gov’t can do whatever they want.


Roger Burnham - MOS 52B

Location Tucson, AZ

Years of Service 1975-1991

Duty Stations Ft Belvoir VA. A school Gen Mech Flak Kaserne, GER. HHC 307 ASA BN ludwigsburg Stewart Army Sub Post WEST point NY> 535th Engineer NATO HQ SHAPE Belgium.


John Bruno - MOS 05H20

Location Jupiter, FL

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Ft Dix, Ft. Devens, 335th RRC Vietnam, Herzo Base, Germany


Gary Brunson - MOS 72B, 72E, 72G

Location Columbia, SC

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations 1971 - 1973 USASAFS Bad Aibling USAFS Augsburg - Gablingen Kasern USAFS Augsburg - Flak Kasern


Ted F. Brunt - MOS 33C20
Duty Stations 408th ASA Detachment Ft. Clayton, Panama Canal Zone
Current location Texas City, Texas


Jimmie Bryant - MOS 059

Duty Stations Fort Devens, Herzo Base, Vint Hill Farm Station
Current Location Plattsmouth, Nebraska
Comments 1963-1967


Aubrey Bryce - MOS 05H20Y4

Duty Stations Torii Station Okinawa, 1973-74 7th RRFS, Ramasun, Thailand 1974-75
Current Location Shawnee, Oklahoma
Comments Best time of my life. I would really like to thank all those served for their many sacrifices. As well as those who have worked so hard to provide these sites to our history.


Allen Bryson - MOS 981

Location Hockessin, DE 

Years of Service 1960-1963

Duty Stations Ft. Devens & Herzo Base

Comments I was at Herzo from August 61 to August 63.


Richard Buchanan - MOS 98C3L05, 04B2L29

Duty Stations DLI Fort Meade Fort Devins 17th USASAFS Rothwesten
Location Kalispell, MT


John Buck - MOS 058

Location Cambridge, MD

Years of Service 1962-1965

Duty Stations Kagnew Station Asmara Ethiopia


Ken Buck - MOS 75E

Location Trujillo Alto, PR

Years of Service 1969-1971

Duty Stations ASA Headquarters Frankfurt Germany

Comments If the Bogarts or Wally are still out there, I’d love to hear from you.


Ron Buckhalt - MOS 71R & 71Q

Duty Stations AFRTS
Current Location Rockville, MD
Comments Was on air news caster in 1971 after taking forever to get my clearance while stationed in 1970 at Arlington Hall Station. Over the years have stayed in contact with many of the fellow AFRTS alumni.


Ronald Buckley -  MOS 05H and 05H
Duty Stations 3rd RRU Davis Station June 1965 till Dec. 1966 83rd RRSOU Bangkok Thailand March 1967 to August 1968
Current Location Louisville, Kentucky


Louis (Butch) Buckosh - MOS 98B

Location Elyria, OH

Years of Service 1972-1975

Duty Stations 7th RRFS Ramasun

Comments Was in Thailand from August of 73 through June of 74.

David Buff - MOS 05

Location Mountain Home, Arkansas

Years of Service 1962-1966

Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood, Ft. Devins,Taiwan, Vietnam, 3rd and 8th RRU.,Taiwan.


Ernest "Sam" Bull - MOS = 059
Duty stations = Kagnew.
Would love to hear from anyone who served at Kagnew from 58-60.


Charles Bullard - MOS 056/058

Location Morton, PA

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Fort Devens. Bad Aibling, Det "DE'' Memmingen.


David Bullard - MOS 98C/352C

Location Grovetown, GA

Years of Service 1976-1998

Duty Stations USAFS Okinawa (ASA) FGGM x 2 102 MI Bn (Camp Hovey/Casey, ROK) 109th MI Bn (FT Lewis) 103d MI Bn (Leighton Barracks, Wuerzburg, FRG) 125th MI Bn (Schofield Barracks) 201st MI Bn (Vint Hill Farm Station and FT Gordon) 721st MI Bn (GRSOC, FT Gordon)


Patricia Bullock (Carter) - Serving in Thailand was one of the greatest times of my life and one of the worst.  I have finally come to terms with the reasons that it was my worst and now dwell only on the good times that made it the greatest period of my life.  I hope some day to visit again.  I was not there long enough the first time.  Would love to hear from the other women who were there in 75-76 who were also sent TDY to Clark Air Base.  Reconnection would be completion and closure to a lot in my life.


John Bulson -  MOS 98G/04B

Duty Stations VA, TX, Rothwesten
Current Location NY
Comments Anybody know Pat Harlan, Tony Littrell?


Cynthia Ritenour Bunch - MOS = 98G
Duty stations = Augsburg Germany


Bernie Bunce - MOS 32D,72B

Location Winter GArden, Florida

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations Basic Ft Jackson, School Ft. Gordon, USASA Comm Unit Frankfurt, Germany

Comments Enjoyed every minute. A phenomenal experience. Have lost track of many great friends.


Kenneth Bupp - MOS

​City And State Ann Arbor
Years of Service 1963 - 1967
Duty Stations 4th ASAFS and 12th ASAFS
Comments Thanks for being here.


Fred Buran - MOS = 72B40
Duty stations = Phu Bai, USASA CUP, Ft Huachuca
ETS'd '72 Sgt E-5.  Retired USAF Lt Col.


Archie Burds - MOS

Location North Hills, CA

Years of Service 18 Months

Duty Stations 372nd Radio Research Company, Base Cu Chi


Bob Burgan - MOS = 72b20
Duty stations = Asmara/Davis  Station
I would like to hear from any tape apes from the 67-70 era!


James (Jim) Burke - MOS 05K20

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, Augsburg, Germany
Current Location Melbourne, FL


David Burley - MOS = 98B
Duty stations = Ft Richardson, Alaska
Served with the 333rd CRC and HQ8614 '53 to end of '55. Glad to have served with a of great folks. Wound up continuing the work in civilian life in support of the AFSCN.


Donald Burnett - MOS 67G20

Location  Phoenix, AZ

Years of service 1968-1972

Duty Stations 138th Avn Co (RR) Da Nang - Phu Bai 69 - 70, 7th RRFS 70 - 71, Ft Huachuca AZ 71 - 72

Comments Have Photos on 138th Avn Co (RR) site - Facebook Now I believe


Roger Burnham - MOS 52B

Location Tucson, AZ

Years of Service 1975-1991

Duty Stations Ft Belvoir VA. A school Gen Mech Flak Kaserne, GER. HHC 307 ASA BN ludwigsburg Stewart Army Sub Post WEST point NY> 535th Engineer NATO HQ SHAPE Belgium.


Albert Burton - MOS 05H

Location Portland, OR

Years of Service 24

Duty Stations 265th RRU 70-71


Robert Busby - MOS = 95B20

Location Waco, Texas
Duty stations = Places I was stationed while in the U.S. Army and the Department of Defense - 1970-2010 Ft Lewis, Washington (Seattle-Tacoma) - Basic Infantry Training - 1970 Ft Gordon, Georgia (GA) - Advanced Military Police (MP) Individual Training Saigon, Vietnam - 509th Radio Research (RR) - MP ... Nah Trang, Vietnam - 144th AVN Co. RR - MP Can Tho, Vietnam - 156th AVN Co. RR - MP Ft Hood, Texas (Killeen, TX) - 258th MP Co. - MP & Corrections Waco, TX (Police Officer) - Texas Army National Guard - MP Ft Gordon, GA (Augusta, GA) - 140th MP Co. Stuttgart, Germany (GE) (Hill Top Barracks) - HHD 42nd MP Gp Customs Stuttgart, GE (Hill Top Barracks) - HQs 2d Rgn Criminal Investigation Division Command (USACIDC) Ft McClellan, Alabama (AL) - Co D Sch Bn - Basic USACIDC School. Stuttgart, GE(Hill Top Barracks)Stuttgart District CID Office - Apprentice CID SA - ASA Ft Lee, Virginia (VA) - Logistics Intro and Commissary Manager training - ASA Ft Ord, CA (Monterey, CA) - Ft Ord, District CID Office - Assistant SA Hanau, GE - Hanau Resident Agency (RA) - Special Agent Ft Hood, TX (Killeen, TX) Ft Hood District CID - SA Wurzburg, GE - Wurzburg Field Office - SA Team Chief (TC) Wertheim, GE - Wertheim Branch Office - SA in Charge (SAC) Ft McClellan, AL (Anniston & Jacksonville, AL) - SA TC Ft McClellan, AL (Anniston & Jacksonville, AL) - SA Instructor CID School United States Army Retirement Ft McClellan, AL Places I lived while a House Hubby* and Civilian working for the Department Of Defense. Bergstrom Air Force Base - Austin, TX * Holloman Air Force Base - Alamogordo, New Mexico (NM) * Bowling Air Force Base - Washington D.C. - Investigative Review Specialist - US Army CID Ft Myer, VA - Arlington, VA - Investigative Review Specialist - US Army CID Ft Belvoir, VA - Falls Church, VA - Investigator DLA Hotline - SA DCMA Pentagon, VA - Falls Church, VA - Criminal Intelligence Analyst - SA DoD IG Department of Defense Retirement, DoD IG - Pentagon - 2010 Retired Retired at The Villages, Florida - 2010

Served with the RR Mps at Nha Trang and Can Tho 1970-1972

Comments How many 509th Radio Research Group Military Police are out there? Would be nice to get some of us together and talk about being Military Police with the ASA and the RR.


Stationed = FT DEVENS
Location = S.C.


Don Bushong - MOS = 05G20

Location Francesville, Indiana
Stationed = 371st RRC RVN 101 ASA Scty Co Torii
Years of Service 1966-1970
Message = Glad to still be here! Devens 371st RRC Torii Station Security Co


Frank Buss - MOS 059

Location New Philadelphia, Ohio

Years of Service 1960-1964

Duty Stations Dix, Devans, Mead, Sinop, Wolters, Florida, TRR Station


Jack Butler - MOS 05H

Location Bennington, OK

Years of Service 1972-1975

Duty Stations Vint Hills Farm Station Torii Station


Mike Butler - MOS 058

Location Arlington, TX


Neil Buzynski - MOS 058

Location Zeven, Germany

Years of Service 21

Duty Stations Bad Aibling, Augsburg, Berlin, Okinawa, Ft. Meade, Kuma Station

Comments SFC Ret.


Donald Byers - Years of Service 1969-1990
MOS O5D30/98C40
Duty Stations 8th RRFS Viet Nam
Korea (twice) Camp Humphreys Okinawa
Germany (Berlin & Frankfurt) Fort Meade (twice)
Current Location Lubbock, Texas


Mike Byrne - MOS = 982
Duty stations = 3rd RRu
One of the original group. Majestic Hotel Saigon
Ton Son Nhut 33 Ha Bai Troug


​Arthur Benjamin Cabell - MOS 722
City And State Wellsboro PA
Years of Service 1962 - 1967
Duty Stations Herzo Base Germany


Joseph Cagnina - MOS 31J20

Duty Stations Torii Station CMMI Inspection team to Korea and Japan,Highspeed Data 1966-1970
Current Location Spotsylvania Virginia
Comments Ft. Gordon, and Ft. Meade for training. Main base was Torii but moved around a lot. Started as a mid night marvel on PM detail. for Model 28s.

Comments I am proud to have served 1966-1970. I recall that I was part of the movement from slow speed 100 WPM to 1200 WPM tape and communication print equipment. One of the older printers I had just serviced carried important messages on the night of the Pueblo seizure (1968). While at Torri Station set up the first "high speed" and AMAS system service unit as a new part of 31J20 duties.

Richard Cahoon (Pilgrim) - Years of service 1965-1969 MOS 05H20 or 058
Duty Stations 8th RRU (Phu Bai, Viet Nam) 8 RRFS(Phu Bai)
Current location Fayetteville, NC
Hoping to catch us with some old friends from the old 8th in Phu Bai or hoping for a reunion of those guys. I like most smart agency guys got out after 4 I was a commercial fisherman after that and now retired. If anyone out there remembers me, please respond.


Jim Caiines - Enlisted July 1966, sent to Ft Dix for Basic Training. Arrived Ft Devens in Sep 1966. Could not pass 15 wpm so they sent me to Hawaii in Apr 1967 and made me a clerk. Worked in Signal Office at USASAPAC on Oahu till April 1968 went I went to 509th Grp in Vietnam. Again worked in Signal Office till Oct 68 and transferred to Personnel Office of 224th Avn Bn (RR). Moved unit to Long Thanh North at end of Dec 1969. My three truck convoy got tear gassed at one bridge on way there. Left in Feb 1970 for Ft Devens, again, worked in Student Personnel till Feb 1972 and left for regular army because of drawdown, bad move on my part.  Stayed in Army till 1978. Worked for the Post Office for 22 yrs before retiring as the Postmaster of Marietta OH in 2000. Also worked with Civil Air Patrol as a Squadron and Group Communications officer (Ham KB8KME). Was also a Squadron and Group Commander and Wing Logistics Officer and Wing


Cecil Caldwell - MOS 05G20

Location Carrollton, Georgia

Years of Service 1964-1968

Duty Stations Fort Devens, Mass Vietnam Kassel Germany. Pleiku, Vietnam.


Sam Caldwell - MOS = 058.1
Duty stations = Ft  Devens 60-61.   Sinop Turkey 61-62 Vint Hill Farms 62-63
Ft. Dix NJ  Oct 60-Nov 60 "C" Company Then off to Ft Devens Dec 61-June 61  "B" Bravo Company. Next went to Sinop Turkey 61 to June 62. Last assignment Vint Hill Farms Virginia 62 til 63.   Location Media, PA Looking for any one in those areas during those times.


Fred Caleffie - MOS 05H/98Z

Location Copperas Cove, TX

Years of Service 70-87

Duty Stations Ft Devens, Misawa, FS San Antonio, Okinawa, Ft Hood

Comments I did my first 3 yrs as a USMC grunt, next 17 in the Army then another 20yrs as a DAC doing SIGINT.


James Callery - MOS 1717

Location Jupiter, FL

Years of Service 1952-1955

Duty Stations Ft.Devens Mass. - 8603 Okinawa


David Calloway - Years of Service 62-65
MOS 054 Duffy Duty Stations Taichung Taiwan
Current location Seaford De
Stationed = 76th asasou Taichung Taiwan 63-65 Location = Seaford Delaware Message = Will always remember the great times spent in Taichung. Lots of good times at the club 66. Lived in the house with about 14 guys.  Will always remember houseboy Chin and friendships made during those time. Don Klinger, Tom Bolt. Bob Steck, and John Allen. Love to here from anyone that was there.


Mel Calvert - MOS 05H

Duty Stations VHFS, San Antonio, FSK, Devens, FS Augsburg, 165th MI Bn Wiesbaden
Current Location Yukon, OK


George "Wabbit" Cameron - MOS 723.20 or 72B20

Location Manchester, New Jersey

Years of Service 6

Duty Stations th USASAFS Kagnew Station 63-65 Fort Wolters, Texas fall 65-66


Rocky Campagna - 1968 Fort Dix 1968-1969 Fort Devens 1969 Two Rock Ranch 1969-1970 Camp Humphreys While there assigned to Det A  on P-Y-Do 1970-1972 Hakata Japan
Further military duty was as a reservist
I served with the 345th USASAR CO, in New Jersey Made Staff Sergeant  from 76 to 80.
I moved on to the Air Force and was assigned as a Individual Mobilization Augmentee to an active Air Force unit at Fort Meade. The 6994th Electronic Security Squadron. Promoted to MSGT E-7. Got to perform airborne morse duties onboard a EC-130. Performed temporary duty in Korea Team Spirit 85 and 86. Also duty in Misawa Japan. 88.  NATO support  through out Europe 1995 . NSA support Hawaii 1999 . NATO support Europe 2000. My last assignment was at the NSA desk at the Joint Military Intelligence Center Pentagon also in 2000.


John Campbell - 1960-1980 MOS 98G, 988A,982A Duty Stations 280th ASA Co, Berlin,318th ASA Bn and FS Herzo , Herzo Base, FS Augsburg, Det L, Gross Gusborn,Dat K (X) Rimbach,Vint Hill Farms We also used to have a Det in Schleswig-Holstein and a summer Det (Det X), Mauth (near Passau)served by the 318th Herzo. This looks like a site I will have spend more time on.


Jeffrey Campbell - MOS 05G2H, 71L

Location Collinsville, OK

Years of Service 7 active 7 reserve

Duty Stations Leonard Wood, Ft Devens, Augsburg


Richard Campbell

Location Mesa Arizona


Roy Campbell - MOS 72B20

Location Belmont, NC

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Camp Drake from 1969-1971

Comments Was at Drake and played fast pitch for ASA team made all Japan team and went and played in Thailand worked during Pueblo


Tom Campbell - MOS 98G

Location Naples, FL

Years of Service 3.5

Duty Stations Fort L Wood Fort Devens Monterey ALS Frankfurt/Herzogenaurach, Germany Nottau, Germany


Willard Campbell -  MOS 3717,1717,058,056
Years of Service 6
Duty Stations Ft devens, Scheyern, wels,bad aibling, ft huachuca.
Current Location Friendswood,tx
Comments There can\'t be many of us left from the \'52-58 period but I would enjoy touching base with any whose memories go back that far.


Donald Canaday -  MOS 11b, 36k, 36c, 54c, 72b
Duty Stations USASA Comm Center Frankfurt 1968 and 1970-1971 509 RR Grp - 303 RR Bn - 405 RR Det 3 Bde 82 Abn Div 1969-1970 US Army Reserve Europe 1978 - 1996 tour Desert Storm Kuwait Dec 1990 - 1991 166 Avn Regt
Current Location Nierstein, Germany. Retired worked for IBM and Granada Computer Companies
Comments Nice to know that there are still some ASA troopers in Europe


Joe Canfield - MOS = 72B Duty stations = Bad Aibling, Augsburg, Ft Devens


Joseph Canfield -  MOS 98C/05K
Current Location HENDERSON, NC
Comments/Questions: SERVED 1965-1986


Daniel Cannatella - MOS 52B20

Location Huntsville, AL

Years of Service 2

Duty Stations 505 Radio Research

Comments Been to several units of the Radio Research in Vietnam.


John Canning - MOS 1805

Location San Diego, CA

Years of Service 1951-1953

Duty Stations FS8606AAU (Herzobase, Germany) 1951 1953

David Capito - MOS

Location San Antonio

Years of Service 1953-1956

Duty Stations Hq ASA Europe

Comments Some great years of fun and travel in my "54 VW Beetle.


Warren Bill Caplain -  MOS

Location San Mateo, CA

Harold Capps - MOS = General cryptograft repair Duty stations = Philippines I was stationed  at Clark Field January  1962 thru July 1963. Responses from  other veterans serving during that time appreciated.


Richard Cappotto - MOS 723

Location Parker, Bullhead City, and Kingman AZ

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations 14th USASAFS Hakata, Japan


Joseph A Capra - MOS = 989
Stationed = Kassel, Heilbronn
Location = NY and TN


​Mark Caputo - MOS 05H20
City And State Ballston Spa, NY - Bradenton, FL
Years of Service 1966-1970
Duty Stations Ft. Devens, TUSLOG Det 4-2, USAREUR Bad Aibling, 8th RRFS Phu Bai
Comments Best Times and Friends of my life, special thanks to Ike and Dora


Alan Caraway - MOS Special Weapons

Location Athens, TN

Years of Service 1968-1974

Duty Stations 2nd Log Command 137th Ord. Special Weapons 287 Cem. CO. Guam Special Weapons 2Bn. 41st arty CBatt. Bad Kissengen Germany Special Weapons

Comments Wish i could do it all over again.


Denny Cardona - Years of Service 1976-1996
MOS Hog (05H) Duty Stations Ft. Devens, USASA FS Korea, USA FS San Antonio, 533rd CEWI Bn (3AD), DLI, 332nd MI Co, USA FS Korea, 107th MI Bn (7ID(L)), 102nd MI Bn (2ID), 305th MI Bn, 7th SFG(A)
Current location Arizona
Enjoyed the last year and a half of the Army Security Agency. After the creation of INSCOM in 1977, I aimed for the line units - most times successfully, some times not. I have very fond memories of ASA in Ko-dam-rea.


John Carey - MOS

Location San Francisco, CA

Years of Service 3


Michael Carl - MOS 98J30/11F20

Location Kettering, Ohio

Years of Service 1968-1975

Duty Stations FS Shemya 1969 FS Chitose 1970(March-Oct) FS Kang-wha-Do 1970-71


Duane Carling - MOS 05G29

Location Farmington, Utah

Years of Service 1966-1972



Richard Carlson - MOS 98G2LLA, 04B2LLA

Location Cheyenne, WY

Years of Service 1970-1973

Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. DLIWC, Monterrey, CA. Goodfellow AFB, San Angelo, TX. Ft. Bragg, NC. USASAFS Homestead, Homestead AFB, FL.


Donald D. Carnes - MOS = 26Y20

Stationed = Kuma Station, Hokkaido, Japan
Location = Overland Park, Kansas
Looking for one Joseph Tecca. I was married at the Chitose Chapel on April 10, 1965. Joe was my best man.


Charles Caro - 74Z50
Kuma Station 58-70, Vint Hill Farm 70-71
Tampa, FL


Jeff Carpenter - MOS = 98C Duty stations = Ft Devens, 328th ASA, 330th ASA, 415th ASA, Ft Meade MD


Daniel Carr -  MOS 058
Duty Stations Fort Devens Ma. Torii Station Okinawa Camp Wolters Tx
Current Location East Pembroke NY
Comments/Questions: Looking for people that served on Okinawa to join the ASA Okinawa reunion group


Jim Carr -  MOS 98C20
Duty Stations Vietnam 175 Radio Research 67-69 Taiwan 69-70 Vietnam 175 Radio Research 70-72 Okinawa Torii Station 72-73
Current Location San Jose California


Jim Carroll - MOS 98C2L

Duty Stations DLIWC ('66-'67) Ft. Devens ('67) Torii Station ('67-'69) Two Rock Ranch ('69) 175th RR Co ('69-'70)
Location Murrells Inlet, SC


John Carroll - MOS 98G2LKP

Location Dayton, OH

Years of Service 1973-1976

Duty Stations Ft. Dix, NJ DLI Monterey, CA Goodfellow AFB, TX Camp Humphreys, Korea Kang Wha Do, Korea

Comments I accidentally came across this site. Would be glad to hear from any old "lingy" buddies! Guys I remember well are Joe Morrison, Mark Hruz, Jim Morrisey, Alan Stage, Bill Tuthill


Michael Carroll

Location Front Royal, VA


Thomas F. Carroll -  MOS 98J40

Duty Stations Shemya - 1967 Chitose, Japan - 1968-1970
Current Location Columbus, Ohio


Gregory Carson - MOS 97B

Location Londonderry, NH

Years of Service 1977-1988

Duty Stations Fort Devens CBTI, 10th SFG(A) FDRO, 902D MI Grp (CI)(CE)

Comments Non-MI Assignments 9th Infantry Div, Ft Lewis 54th Med Det (Dustoff) 62 Med Grp, Ft Lewis HHC, 10th SFG(A), Ft Devens USAMEDDAC, Cutler Army Hosp, Ft Devens UN-Joint Security CMD, JSA, Korea 2D Aviation Bn, Camp Casey, Korea


Jack Carson - MOS 94B20

Location Dubis, Wyoming

Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Stations HHQ Ft. Devens Mass and 303rd RRB Vietnam


Thomas Carson - MOS 05H30

Location Sparks, NV

Years of Service 5

Duty Stations Kagnew, 8th RRFS, Vint Hill Farms


Charles Carter -  MOS 95B

Duty Stations Devens, Arlington Hall Station
Current Location Old Fort, Tn.
Comments Was in Palace Guards MP, served 1974 - 1976. Looking for any old friends. Was E-5, Rode a Harley to work every day.


James Carter -  MOS 98J30

City And State Plantation, FL
Years of Service 1972-1975
Duty Stations Ft. Devens, MA; Sinop, Turkey; Ft. Bragg, NC


Chet Carter - MOS = 055

Duty stations = Korea, Fort Bragg  1961- 1964


Lawrence Carter - MOS 05HF

Location Sierra Vista, AZ

Years of Service TUSLOG Det 27, 67 - 68 TUSLOG Det 4-4. 68 - 70 Shemya, AK, 70 - 71 FS Bad Aibling, 71 -72 FS Augsburg, 72 - 73 156th ASA Avn Co (FW), Ft Bliss, TX 73 - 76 FS Okinawa 76 - 83 USAIC&S, Ft Huachuca, AZ. 83 - 86


Paul Caruso - MOS 72B20

Location Lansing, MI

Years of Service 7

Duty Stations Kagnew Ft Devens HQUSASAPAC Helemano, Hawaii Lai Khe, RVN Ft Hood MedDep at Einsiedlerhof, Germany


Vincent P. Caruso -  MOS
Sept 57 thru Sept 60 Duty Stations B Company - 321st - Korea 58-59 Ft Huachuca - 59 Det 4, Sinop, Turkey - 59 - 60
Current Location New Orleans, La.

Comments  Have contacted several friends from Sinop - but so far, none from Korea - would like to do so



Joe Carvalho -  MOS 058

​ Duty Stations 63-64 Ft Devens 64-65 Det 27,Turkey 65-66 78th SOU Berlin, Site 4 66-67 8th RRFS Phu Bai, 330th RRC Pleiku, VHFS-VA, Ft Meade StuCo 68-69 1st RRC, Cam Ranh Bay, TRRS, Petaluma, CA 70 ETS
Current Location Halaula, Hawaii (Big Island)
Comments Great site!!! Thanks for organizing it.


Gene Carver - MOS = 056
Duty stations = Lecce, Italy I was one of the initial 12 who opened the site at San Pancrazio, Italy.  We went down to Lecce in 1961 and opened the site in San Pancrazio.  The site was located on an old airstrip used by the Germans during WWII.  The location was perfect in that the terrain was flat and extended out toward the Adriatic Sea.  I was there until November 1963 at which time I transferred back to headquarters in Vicenza, Italy.  The duty was fantastic!


Vincent Casados - MOS 059.286

City And State Frisco, Colorado
Years of Service 1962 - 1964
Duty Stations Bad Aibling Kaserne, Germany


David Casavis -  MOS

Duty Stations

Location  New York, NY

Comments  I teach as an adjunct at SUNY and CUNY in New York


Paul Casbarian - MOS 058 059

Location Schaumburg, IL

Years of Service 1961-1967

Duty Stations 9th RRU, Clark AFB; 5th RRU, Bangkok; 3rd RRU Det 1, Phu Bai; Co. B 313th ASA BN, Ft Campbell, K


Dan Cashman - Years of Service 1968 - 1971 I got a 3 month early out MOS 05G30 Duty Stations RVN: Pleiku, Kon Tum, Phouc Vinh, Tay Ninh, Frankfurt, Germany Current location Clifton, NJ Please enter your comments? Proud to hear from anyone who served with me. Web Site:


Nicholas Cassevoy - MOS 100

Location Daytona Beach, FL

Years of Service 1956-195+59

Duty Stations Ft. Devens MA Arlington Hall Station VA Heilbronn Germany


Willie Caughman - MOs 05H

City And State ELGIN, SC
Years of Service 1964-1970


John Causey - MOS = 05H-20
Stationed = Kagnew Station 66-67 Two Rock Ranch -late 67 - early 68 RVN 175 RRC 68-69
Location = High Point, NC Hello to all of my "old spook buddies" e-mail if you can.


Thomas Cavallo - MOS 058 morse intercept

Location Marrero, Louisiana

Years of Service 1962-1965

Duty Stations Fort Jackson,SC, Fort Devens Mass, Det 27 Turkey 320th BN Bad Aibling Germany


Ruben Cavazos - MOS 05K

Location San Antonio

Years of Service TOO many

Duty Stations Field Station Berlin, Ft Meade


John G. Cedillo Sr.-Years of Service 1964-1968 MOS O5D20 ARDF Duty Stations 177th-156th & 371st RRC Current location Houston, Texas  One of the original PROJECT LEFT BANK members


Tony Celona -  MOS 982
Duty Stations Ft. Devens Mass. Korea 1960 to 1961
Current Location St. Petersburg, FL


Carlos Chacon - MOS 05H20

Location Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Years of Service 67-71

Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood
Ft. Devens Chitose Vint Hill Farm Station

Comments Hope to hear from, Wilfred James, Dan Walker, Bud Sucow, V Rodela, Mike Young and any other 05H's on my trick.


Richard Chaikin -  MOS 1267

Duty Stations Ft Devens \'54, ALS Monterey, CA \'54-55, Arlington Hall, VA \'55-57, Ft Meade, MD \'57-\'58
Current Location Palm Beach Gardens FL


Gary Chamberlain - MOS 05D30 05H20

Location WAdsworth, OH

Years of Service 1964-1968

Duty Stations 177th Opns Co A, Camp Humphrey, Korea 76th ASA SOU, Shu Linkou Air Station, Taipei, Taiwan Det A 76th ASA SOU, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Robert (Bob) Chambers -  MOS 84B

Duty Stations AHS 69-72
Current Location Fayetteville, PA
Comments Retired FedEx engineer


Glen Chandler - MOS 723.10

Location La Mirada, CA

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations 3RD RRU, Davis Station ASA Detachment at Ft. Campbell, Ky. for a very brief period 321ST ASA Bn., Camp Red Cloud, Uijeongbu, South Korea

Comments Proud to have served in Vietnam the whole year of 1962 as the Top Secret Control Clerk at Davis Station. At present, I communicate with only one veteran buddy, Mike Henry, in Houston, Tx.


John Chaney - Retired 05G5M/98Z5MLGM


Edward Chapman - MOS = 058.3

Location Overland, MO
Duty stations = Kagnew
Really like to here from Anyone who was at Kagnew with me.


Randy Chapman -  MOS 98C20
Duty Stations Augsburg. 74-75. 374th ASA co Frankfurt. 75-76. 856th ASA co
Current Location Cherryville, NC


Randall (Randy) Chapman -  MOS 98C
Duty Stations FT. Devens 64, 9th FS 64, 8RRU 65, USA SouthCom 66, 409th RRD 67 Jan-Aug 67 175th RRC Sept- Dec 67, Vint Hill FS, Jan-Mar 68
Current Location Las Vegas NV.


Ron Chapman - MOS 71H, 93G and 98C

Location Houston, Texas

Years of Service 1964-1968

Duty Stations SRU2, Zweibrucken, Germany 8th RRFS, Phu Bai



Ralph J. Charette - MOS 93D20 Flight Simulator Instructor/Operator
Duty Stations Hunter AAF-Savannah,Ga.1968 Camp Humphreys ROK-1969 (March) 1970 (January)
assigned to the 19th Avn. Co @ Camp Humphreys
Current Location Germantown, Wisconsin
Comments Was Agent Orange used in or around Camp Humphreys while I was stationed there?


Jack Charron - MOS 98C30

Location Plainfield, Illinois

Years of Service 1968-1971

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, MA Tuslog Det 4 Sinop, Turkey 177th ASA, Camp Humphreys, Korea NSA Hq, Ft. Meade, Maryland


Joseph Chavez - MOS 993.10 C & MS SEARCH SP

Location Seal Beach, CA

Years of Service 1960-1963

Duty Stations FORT DIX (6/30/60 - (6/30/60 - 10/30/60) FORT MONMOUTH SIGNAL CORP (11/1/60 - 2/16/61) KOREA 226TH ASA CO 508TH ASA GROUP (2/20/61 - 3/30/62) TURKEY OPS CO (AS-7005-IF) TUSLOG DET 4 USASA (3/24/62 - 7/9/63)


Robert C. Cheesman (from his brother, Benbow Cheesman)

Location West Allis, WI

Comments I am the elder brother of Robert C. Cheesman, who served in the A.S.A. at Ft. Devens and in Kassell, Germany. Bob died on February 15, 2018. I would like to hear from any of his buddies. Thank you. Ben Cheesman


Christian Chenard - MOS 98G5HRU, 35Z50

Location Virginia Beach, VA

Years of Service 1972-2009

Duty Stations Diogenes Station, Ft. Carson, USMLM, FSB, USASATSC- Ft. Devens, 1AITASC - Ft.Devens. etc.. Goodfellow AFB, HQDA-G2, the Pentagon. DIA, USJFCOM...etc


Jerry Chenevey - MOS 31J20

Location New Philadelphia, Ohio

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Basic Training, Fort Dix NJ, 6/67 - 8/67
SE Signal Corps School, Fort Gordon, GA, 8/67 - 4/68
NSA, Fort Meade, MD, 4/68 - 6/68
313th ASA BN, IFFV, Nha Trang, RVN, 6/68 - 8/68
374th ASA Co, 4th ID, Camp Enari, Pleiku RVN, 8/68 - 6/69
USASA MSC, Vint Hill Farms Station, Warrenton, VA, 6/69-6/71


Jack Chesher - Years of Service 1958 - 1975
MOS 058,  982
Duty Stations Ft Devens, Mass Chitose, Japan
Ft Devens, Mass Camp Walters, Texas
Current Location Mineral Wells, Texas
Comments   Just checking to see if anyone that was at Chitose or Camp Walters is still around.  Send an email and we will see if our paths have crossed


Richard (Larry) Chestnut - 059.10
3 Years 12th USASA Fld. Station 1962-1965

Palestine, Texas - 6/71


​Marvin Lloyd Chewning - MOS 95B40
Duty Stations Ft.Jackson,Ft Gordon,Sinop Turkey Tuslog.Det.4,Kagnew Station,Asmara Ethiopia,8th RR Unit 265th RR 101St.Airborne Camp Eagle,Ft.Devens.
Location  Hopkinsville,Ky.
Comments ASA all the way : National Defense Service Medal. Vietnam Campaign Medal W/V Device 1Overseas Bar Bronze Star Medal Sharpshooter Badge M-14 Sharpshooter 45 cal Pistol.


David Childress - MOS = 05H, 05D
Stationed = 330th RRC in Pleiku 9/66 - 1/68
144th AVN Co. in Nha Trang 1/68 - 7/69
Location = near Sacramento, CA
I'm scanning all my photos from both stations and will put them on my Facebook account this summer, in 2015. If you're from that era, check them out.
I will also post them incrementally in the two Facebook groups of 330th RRC members.


John Childs - MOS 982 ( Also OJT IA)

Location Lexington, NC

Years of Service 1955-1957

Duty Stations Ft Shafter, TH (then) Worked in old coastal battery from WWII. Battery Closson. Understand that area is now a golf course for Hickam 

Comments Do not hear much about ASA'ers from the 40's and 50's. Guess there were not too many of us old geezers!


William Christen - MOS 993.10 PMOS 059.14 SMOS
Duty Stations Fort Devens MA, Fort Meade MD, Offenbach BRD
Current Location Buffalo, New York


Roger Christian - MOS = O5H
Duty stations = Torii Station


James Christman - MOS = 098C
Stationed = Ft. Riley 6/66 - 1/67
Bear cat Vietnam 9th Div 67-68
Hakata Field Station Japan 2/68 - 7/69
Location = Ballwin Mo.
I was an original member of the 335th ASA Company


Chris Christopher -  98C ( Traffic analyst)
Ft Meade Maryland 1960-1963. Shemya AK 1963-1964, Vint Hill Farms Station 1964-1966
Wesley Chapel Florida
Great to find ASA web sites and folks that have served in ASA.


James Chrz - MOS 98J

Location Florence, NC

Years of Service 1964-1968

Duty Stations Herzo Base, Germany, Ft Devens, MA, Ft Monmouth, NJ

Comments  Looking for buds from Herzo Base in the ELINT Group 1964 to 1967


Richard A. Ciarrocca - MOS 76Y40

Location Elkton, MD

Years of Service 1962-1968

Duty Stations A Co, 313 ASA Battalion, Ft. Bragg, NC 226th USASA Company, Korea Hq & Hq Co, Ft. Devens, MA Tactical Training Course, Ft. Devens, MA 7th RRFS, Udorn, Thailand Arlington Hall Station


Richard Cisar - MOS = 33S
Stationed = Ft Devens Ft Huachuca Ft Lewis 335 ASA Korea 332 ASA Germany 2 MI BN AEB
Location = Sierra Vista, AZ


Kenneth Clapp -  MOS 33C20

Stationed in AAFJOG in Shemya 72-73, Quality Control at the ASA Repair Depot at Vint Hill Farms 73-75.

Location Beulaville, NC

Comments Honorably discharged from Army at Walter Reed Army Hospital in 75 for back problems. But I recovered and worked in electronics for numerous companies around Jacksonville NC including Vision Cable, Sears, Curtis Mathes, US Naval Hospital Security Dept on Camp Lejeune, NC Dept of Transportation and Guilford Textiles by Lear until I retired this year.


Tim Clair - MOS 31J20B3

Duty Stations Torii Station Okinawa 74-75, 7th RRFS Thailand 75-76, TDY to Clark AFB '76 from the 7th RRFS, '76 265th ASA w/101st Airborne @ Ft. Campbell, KY
Current Location Rio Rancho, NM
Comments ad 4 yrs is ASA and 8yrs later in Field Artillery but always loved the ASA the most.


Floyd (Pete) Clairmont - MOS 95B

Location Lewisburg, TN

Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Stations Arlington Hall 7th RRFS 1st RRFS 7th RRFS

Charles F. Clark - MOS = 058.1
Stationed = Ft Leonard Wood and Ft. Devens and Ft. Bragg.

Location = Anderson Indiana


Charlie Clark - MOS 63B20

Location Nashville, MI

Years of Service 1975-1977

Duty Stations 415th ASA Augsburg, 326th ASA Augsburg

Darell Clark - MOS 92G

City And State Saint Johns, AZ
Years of Service July 1961 -June 1963
Duty Stations Fort Ord, CA; 9th Field Station, PI


Donald Clark - MOS 05H

Location Ocala, FL

Years of Service 1963-1967

Duty Stations Ist Field station Vint Hill VA, Fort Devens Mass, 51st USASASOC Torii Station,Det 4 Sinop Turkey


James Clark - MOS = 91D
Stationed = Ft Dix,NJ Ft Bragg,NC Camp Zama,Japan
Ft  Sam  Houston, TX Walter Reed General hospital, Wash.,DC 3rd Field Hospital, Viet Nam
Location = Connecticut
Message = Looking for Michael J Sullivan satiation end at Ft Dix in the 60's Looking for Lynn Bailey stationed at 3rd field, Viet Nam in 1967


John Clark - MOS = Voice-Intercept
Stationed = West Berlin 1962-64
Location = OH
Message = Hi-Life Service Club


Robert Clark - MOS = 36D20 Antenna NCO
Stationed = Ft Devens Site 23 Turkey, 51 USASA SOC Sobe Okinawa, Location = Steger, Illinois. In 1965 Out 1969


Robert Clark - MOS 98C

Location Laurel, Maryland

Years of Service 1978-1983

Duty Stations McCord , Berlin, Yokosuka, Seoul, Augsburg, Fulda


Steve Clark - MOS 72B

Location Fort Mill, SC

Years of Service 1969-1972

Duty Stations Fort Jackson, South Carolina Fort Gordon, Georgia 14th USASAFS Hakata Japan


Glenn Clary -  MOS 98B
Duty Stations Ft.Clayton, Panama CZ; Homestead AFB, FL; Ft. Clayton ; Vint Hill Farms, VA
Current Location Port Arthur, TX
Comments: I didn't know how much I would miss the job and the friends.


Paul Clay - MOS 72F

Location Mt Airy, MD

Years of Service 1974-1976

Duty Stations 74-75 - Sinop, Turkey,, Det 4 75-76 - Ft Meade, MD,, NSA

Comments 73-76 enlisted 82 enlisted 83-00 commissioned Retired, US Army, Major/O-4, Oct 2000A


Walter Cleereman - MOS 058.2

Location Green Bay, WI

Years of Service 2

Duty Stations Clark Air Base

Comments Seek contact


Richard Clements -  MOS 341.10
Duty Stations 318 USASA 182 Co A trick Herzo base Germany
Current Location Indianapolis IN
Comments/Questions: Herzo survivor. Still enjoying work and occasional fishing time. Now I wish there would have been more care taken with my issue uniforms and insignia.


Paul Clemons -  MOS 98G
Duty Stations 408th ASA Co, Ft. Clayton, CZ -- '74 -'77
Current Location Panama CIty, FL


Mark Clesh - MOS 98J20

Location Annapolis, Maryland

Years of service 1972-1975

Duty Stations Shemya, Fort Meade


Don Clickner - MOS 058

Location Clover, SC

Years of Service 1962-1965

Duty Stations Devens Torii Two Rock

Comments I was at Torii from about May 63 to about December of 64 and then to TRRS.


Chuck Cline - MOS = 058, 05D, 98Z

Stationed = Harrogate, England, Rothwesten, Germany, Seoul, Korea, Udorn, Thailand. Fort Devens (A lot) Fort Hood, Texas, Fort Bliss, Texas, NSA.
Location = New Hampshire
ASA lives on forever in the hearts of those that served.


Geoffery Cline - Joined ASA in Oct 67. Graduated 05K at Devens June 68. TDY to VHFS Jun - Aug 68, trained on
Project Sugar Tree, awarded ASI of F4. PCS to USA SOU23, Peshawar, Pakistan Aug 68 - Sep 69. Assigned to Ft. Carson, CO Nov 69 - Dec 71 in 352nd ASA Co (MECH), then 374th ASA Co (MECH). TDY Dec 71 to VHFS for LeFirm Armor project, awarded ASI of S2. PCS to Bad Aibling Jan 72 to SRU-20A. System terminated May 72, PCS'd to Augsburg Aug 72 - Oct 74. PCS'd to NTTC Corry Station as instructor Dec 74 - Apr 77 (end of ASA service in 76 while there...thence to INSCOM). But THOSE are stories for later.


Charles Cloud - MOS = 058
Duty stations = Kyoto and Chitose Japan


Tommy Clouser - MOS 058

Location Clarksville, TN

Years of Service 1964-1968

Duty Stations Devens,,3D RRU-SAIGON , BAD AIBLING...


John B. Clyburn Jr -  MOS 984.0 ComSec Analyst
Duty Stations 319th USASA Bn Rothwesten (Kassel) Germany 1961-63 Hq Plt Hq Company
Current Location Bedminster, NJ


William Clymer - MOS = 710
Duty stations = Co. B, 301st ASA Btn, 501st ASA Grp Necessary Compound
Company Clerk, Necessary Compound, near Uijongbu, 1957 Camp Alamo DMZ 1958

Comments Best part of my life


Robert Cobstill - MOS 98C40

Location Shelton, WA

Years of Service 1970-1974

Duty Stations Misawa Air Base, Misawa, Japan


Michael Cocozza - MOS 9620/9640/1691/35A

Location Langhorne, PA

Years of Service 1971-1976

Duty Stations USATC&S, Fort Devens, MA 298th ASA (Rear Ops) Fort Hancock, NJ 453d ASA (Div Spt), Pedricktown, NJ


Francis (Sid ) Coe - MOS = 05K-40
Duty stations = Chitose, Japan - Ft Devens, Mass
Served 1966 - 70


Joe Coffel - MOS = O58/98C
Stationed = Ft. Devins, Ft. Wolters Tx. Pleiku, Vietnam 66-67, Two Rock Ranch, Ca. 67-69
Location = Kennesaw, Ga


Richard Coffey - MOS 058-05H

Location Pensacola, Florida

Years of Service 1964-1968

Duty Stations Fort Jackson (Basic Training) Fort Devens (058 school) Phu-Bai (8th RRU) Homestead AFB An Khe -PRD-1 Team (371st RRC) Na Trang (144th Aviation Company)

Comments When I was with the 144th I was sent to An Khe TDY and flew out of there for my last 5 months in the army.


Mike Coffman - MOS 058.6

Location Vancouver, WA

Years of Service 3 years one month 13 days

Duty Stations 9th ASA Stotsenberg Station Clark AFB , Philippines,5TH RRU Bangkok, Thailand


Ralph Coggins - MOS = 05K/98Z
Duty stations = Korea/Augsburg x2/Torii/Bragg/Riley/Hood


Alan Cole - MOS 05H20

Location Cherry Hill, NJ

Years of Service 1968-1972

Duty Stations US, Ft Devens, Two Rock Ranch, Vint Hill Farm. Viet Nam, Phu Hep, Nha Trang, An Kay, Pleiku.

Comments Supported the 173 Airborne and IFFV in Viet Nam.


Bruce Cole - MOS = 286.1
Duty stations = TRRS Petaluma, California
Would like to get in touch with any ASA who served at TRRS 1962-1965


Donald G. Cole - MOS = 723.1
Duty stations = 3rd RRu Vietnam-5th RRu Thailand
Hello to all from Seri Court, Thailand and the Davis Station, Vietnam. I was in Nam 1963 & Thailand 1964/1965. Any memories ?????


James Cole - MOS 058.1

Location Richardson, Texas

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations 508th USASA Korea, Arlington Hall Station


Glen Coleman - MOS 95B

Location Charlottesville, VA

Years of Service 1971-1973

Duty Stations Everywhere

Comments Looking for old friends


Ronald Coleman - MOS 32G20 Crypto Equipment Repair

Location Ford CIty, Pennsylvania

Years of Service 1967-1970

Duty Stations 83rd RRSOU Bangkok, Thailand 67-69, Vint Hill Farms Station 69-70, USASA Gp Korea, Camp Humphreys, Korea 1970.


Herman Coleson - MOS 059-05K

Location Hooks, Texas

Years of Service 1963-1972

Duty Stations Vint Hill Farms Station VA, TUSLOG DET 27, Turkey; 313th RRB, Nha Trang and surrounding area.😁

Comments Filed for AO and 100% AO—100% Svc Related. I was a SSG.


Roy Colglazier - MOS 283.1/26K20

Location Little Rock, AR

Years of Service 1964-1968

Duty Stations Ft. Meade Diogenes/Sinop Kuma/Chitose

Comments While training @Meade, I worked for some R&D Engineers for a few months. I deployed to Sinop, Spring of ‘66. Then, after a month home on leave, I finished my enlistment obligation w/deployment to Chitose, starting Spring of ‘67 w/ETS in July of ‘68. Was trained up for, and helped install, the Bankhead II project, helped decommission Bankhead I, and helped install the replacement (BHIV???). Was smart enough/fortunate enough to volunteer for on-site training, and then operation of the SDS computer which drove the antennae and generated “look angle” data. That background fed, clothed and housed me during a lengthy career in I/T, from which I retired in 2012. I’m now single, living in AR and wishing I was still young enough to play Rugby Football, a sport I enjoyed for 22 years after giving up the motorcycle racing I started in Chitose. I enjoy Deer & Duck Hunting, single malt scotch, the occasional round of Golf, Razorback sports, and Bluegrass Gospel. As a happy Presbyterian, I attend Church regularly. I liked the Army, remain proud of my ASA Service, and would happily do it again...!!


John Collard - MOS 98C20

Location Waukesha, WI

Years of Service 1963-1969

Duty Stations Vietnam and Taiwan


Carlos M. Collat - MOS 15O
Duty Stations Vietnam 1969 Project Left Bank with the 371st RRC
Location  Haymarket, Va
Comments Looking for 371st RRC reunion data to identify faces on vn photo


Bryce Collings - MOS 31S30

Location Foley, AL

Years of Service 3 yrs 9 months

Duty Stations Ft. Jackson, SC Ft. Monmouth, NJ 335th RRC - RVN Ft. Riley, KS

Comments Thanks for the effort you put in to create & maintain this website!


David Collins - MOS 58.68

Location Marietta, GA

Years of Service 3 1/2

Duty Stations Ft Dix, Ft Devens, Vint Hill Farms. Det 4 Sinop Turkey and back to Ft Devens

Comments Originally from Worcester, Mass.


Guy E. Collins - I served in the 508th ASA Group, 277th ASA Co. with Hdqtrs in Yong Dong Po, South Korea from March 1956 to March 1958. I was assigned to outpost Detachment 2 located just below the DMZ on the Japanese Sea near a town called Sokcho in Northeast South Korea. I was the NCO when I left Korea to return home after completing my military service.


Jack Collins - MOS O5G Duty Stations Ft. Devens; 335 rr Cp. , Bearcat, DongTam, USS Colleton, Ben Tre, Xuan, Long Bien
Location Vietnam
Comments Was with 335RR Co. Most of time in VN. Worked out of FSB most of time except USS Colleton . Went on shore to Ben Tre until it got too hot. Started giving classes on Communicatiom Security at incoming personnel centers. Drank TOO much. Was assigned to Ft. Richardson Alaska after 2 tours in Nam. Almost froze .


John Collins - MOS 984
Duty Stations Devin's, Herzo, TRRS.
Current Location Kill Devil Hills, NC


Thomas Collins Jr - MOS 05K

Location Georgetown, Delaware

Years of Service 1970-1978

Duty Stations Field Station Korea Field Station Berlin. Search Tower. Jambalaya


Troy Collis - MOS 72B40D1
Duty Stations Basic: Fort Jackson; AIT: Fort Gordon; Frankfurt, Germany; ASA Field Station, Berlin; Long Bien, VN; Dong Tam, VN; Tan An, VN.
Current Location Fairmont, Georgia
Comments Best times of my younger years, wouldn't trade those years for anything. Would love to hear from old friends, like Kenneth Conary.


Bill Collison - MOS 72B40D1

Location Frederick Maryland

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations Torii Station Ft Meade Maryland


Gregory Colson - MOS 98B20

Location Huntsville, TX

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations FLW. Ft. Devens 177th USASAOCPT Panama

Comments Great experience.


Thomas Comfort - MOS 058, 054

Location Portland, Oregon

Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Stations Ft Devens, RVN, Panama, Texas


Kenneth Conary - MOS 72B4H, 05C4H

Location Glen Burnie, MD

Years of Service 1967-1979

Duty Stations 303rd HHC, Vietnam 371th RRCO, Vietnam 25th DARRS Team, Vietnam 7th DARRS Team,Vietnam 5th DARRS Team, Vietnam Berlin, West Germany Fort Meade, Maryland 313th ASA BN Fort Bragg, NC I was in Vietnam in January 1968 to September 1969, March 1970 to March 1971 and from December 1971 to November 1972. Then I was stationed at Ft Meade, Md. I was stationed in Berlin from October 1969 to February 1970.

Comments Thank you for letting me join this site.


Walker (Gus ) Cone - MOS = 766,054,058,056
Duty stations = Beppu, Brady AB
Thanks for the invite. I was assigned to 356th Comm Recon 1953-1955 and stationed in Beppu.  Was with the 14th FS from 57-60.


David Conley - MOS = 05C20
Duty Stations = Bamberg, Germany 1969. Message = Served in Bamberg, Germany from Jan 1969 til May 1970. 1st and 75th Artillery Headquarters Battery.


Larry Conner - MOS 33C20 worked as a 33B20 too

Location Lafayette, IN

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Ft. Devens 65-66 Nha Trang Vietnam 66-67 313th Radio Research Unit Herzo Base West Germany 67-68 Rimbach West Germany 68-69 USASA

Comments I have attended 4 reunions in Rimbach.


Steve Conrad - MOS 058

Location Marana, AZ

Years of Service 1961-1964 

Duty Stations  Basic a Ft Ord CA, ASA training at Ft Devens MA and then sent to Det 27 Turkey, which is outside of Ankara. Brought my new wife to Turkey and our oldest and fist born son was born at the Air Force Hospital in Ankara. After leaving the army I worked for Broadway Dept Stores then let and started my own business. Darling and beloved wife passed in Nov 1978 and I carried on with three kids and 2 stores of my own. Now retired and live in Marana AZ a suburb of Tucson AZ. If any one remembers me please e-mail me at Would love to hear from some of you guys that served at Tuslog Det 


Donald Constantino -  MOS 72B40D1 Comm Center Spec
Duty Stations 83rd RRSOU Bangkok Thailand 66-68, HHC 313th RR BN Nha Trang Vietnam 68-69
Current Location Ashville, NY


Charles Cook - MOS 74D

Location Sarepta, Louisiana

Years of Service 1969-1972

Duty Stations I G Farben Building in Frankfurt, Germany

Comments Would like to hear from anyone who served in Frankfurt, Germany during 1970-1972. 


Charles (Chuck) Cook

Location Mansfield, Ohio


Leo Cook - MOS 98J20

Location Sentinal Butte, ND

Years of Service 1964-1967

Duty Stations Ft Monmouth, NJ - Ft Huachuca AZ - Ft Lewis WA - Det 4 Sinop turkey, Ft Hood TX

Comments I am looking for class mates and (members) at Ft Huachuca. I have contacted, Ken Smith, Eddie Alonzo, and looking for the CLASS, Thomas Uren, Warren Kemplin, other Aviation man from Iowa and others. We also had 2 German solders in our class in NJ.
Thanks for your help.


Loron Cook - MOS 05H20

Location Dearborn Heights, MI

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Phu Bai Viet Nam ,June 1966 thru December 1967 Vintage. Hill Farms, January 1968 thru June 1969


Michael Cook - MOS 98C20

Location Tustin, CA

Years of Service 1976-1979

Duty Stations 337th ASA Company USAFSK

Comments Hope to hear from old friends.


Russell Cook - MOS 05K20

Duty Stations Shemya AFB, Ft Meade
Current Location Gilbertsville, PA
Comments served from 1973 thru 1976


Sanford Cook - MOS 3808 (981), 98GRU, 9620, 9640

Location San Luis Obispo, CA

Years of Service 1953-1981

Duty Stations Ft. Devens (USASA School; Hq Co 503rd Comm Recon GP); Frankfurt (CARRYBACK); Berlin 78th SOU; Saigon Hq 509th RR Gp; Bien Hoa 175th RRC; Okinawa, Torii Station, Joint Sobe Processing Center; Vint Hill Farms Station, VA, CDAA Support Group; Udorn, Thailand, 7th RRFS; Berlin, Field Station Berlin; Arlington Hall Station, Hq USASA

Comments Best 28 years of my long life


Tom Cook -  MOS 95B
Duty Stations 8th RRFS, RVN ASA Frankfurt, Germany ASA Augsburg, Germany
Current Location Northern California
Comments/Questions: I belong to a Vietnam Vet Facebook site. There is a guy claiming he had to sign a 40 year non disclosure form upon his ETS because he was ASA. Anyone heard of that? I recall it being like 5 or 7 years. Maybe I'm wrong.


William J. Cook - MOS 058
Duty Stations Basic Ft. Dix, NJ - July-Sept 1962
AIT - Ft. Devens, MA 1962 - 1963 TUSLOG DET 27 Ankara, Turkey Oct '63-64 Homestead AFB, FL. 64-65 Ft. Gordon, GA Separation July 1965 18 months in Turkey and 9 months in Homestead.. Room Sup. Trick 2 DET 27
MOS was changed to 05H late in my enlistment.. I ignored it then and still do today.


William "Sonny" Cooke -  MOS 05H20
Duty Stations I was in Karamursel from 1968 to dec 1970
Current Location Cotter Arkansas
Comments/Questions: When will we get together again?


John Cooley - MOS 33D20Q4, 26T20

City And State Jackson, MI
Years of Service 1970 - 1973
Duty Stations Ft. Devens, Kagnew Station, Vint Hill Farms


Larry Coons - MOS 33F20

Location Houston, TX

Years of Service 1971-1974

Duty Stations Fort Devens 7th RRFS Thailand


Winfield (Jack) Cooper - MOS 05H20
Duty Stations Fort Devens, MA; Torii Station, Okinawa; Fort Carson, CO
Current Location Noble, OK

Comments 1973-1977


Martin L. Coover - MOS
058 Duty Stations
Basic: Fort Dix NJ; school Fort Devens; 14TH USASA FIELD sta, brady air base, Kyushu, Japan
Location Mechanicsburg, Pa
Comments 8/10/58-13/7/61


David Copeland - 05H20

Duty Stations Misawa Air Base
Current Location Sparta, TN
Comments I'm trying to find anyone in the army wing ASA Morse Code Intercept under Colonel Hunt during 1973/1974


Ronald Coppock - MOS 32F2H

Location Bakersfield, CA

Years of Service 1966-1975

Duty Stations Kagnew station (Stone House site), 7th RR Udorn, Fort Devens

Comments Was part of QRF at Udorn, went to Fort Jackson SC to teach electronics at COBET school last 16 months in service Live in Bakersfield CA now


George Corbett - MOS 72B

Location Williamsburg, VA

Years of Service 1966-1990

Duty Stations HHC, 303rd RR Bn, Bien Hoa, RVN HQ, USASA Comms Unit, Europe, Frankfurt, Germany HHC, 303rd USASA Bn, Ft. Hood, TX 7th RRFS, Udorn Thailand 156th USASA Avn Co., Ft, Bliss, TX (Biggs AAF) 504th USASA Group, Hunter AAF, GA HHC, CONUS MI Group (NSA), Ft. Meade, MD USASA Field Station Korea, Camp Humphreys, ROK USASA Field Station San Antonio, Kelly AFB, TX B Co, USAG, Arlington Hall Station, VA HHC, 501st MI Group, Seoul, ROK NSA Support Group, Ft. Meade, MD B Co, USAG, Arlington Hall Station, VA HQ, USAINSCOM, Ft. Belvoir, VA

Comments Began service as a 72B communications specialist and then in 1976 converted to a 00E (Recruiter/Career Counselor). Served from 28 November 1966 until my retirement as a Master Sergeant on 1 December 1990. Had a second career with the federal civil service with HQ, USAINSCOM as a Intelligence Operations Specialist (132) with the G3 Operations and Readiness Division from 14 January 1991 until my retirement (VERA) on 1 August 2004.


Marvin Corley - MOS 76Y20

Location Ocala, FL

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations 508th ASA Korea. Bad Aibling Germany


Mike Corley - MOS 98G4LRU; 988A; 972A

Location Winfield, AL

Years of Service 1966-1987

Duty Stations DLIWC (Russian basic& intermediate) Hungarian andArabic FS Berlin Munich Ft Meade

Comments 3 tours at FS Berlin; TAREX; Special Operations Group


Robert Cornett - MOS 05H20

Duty Stations Ft Devens 1963-1964 Phu Bai VN 1964-1965 Two Rock 1965-1967
Current Location Omaha, NE


Mel Corning -  MOS 05C40

City And State Phoenix, AZ
Years of Service 68-71
Duty Stations Korea, 335 RVN
Comments Good friends & good times!


Daniel Cornman -  MOS 55.28


John A. Cornwell - MOS 31J20L9N3

City And State Independence, WV
Years of Service 76-79
Duty Stations Field Station Berlin
Comments loved Germany & especially Berlin. Would love to make contact with others who worked @ the hill from 77-79


Michael Cornwell - MOS 33S20

Location Martinsville, IN

Years of Service 1976-1982

Duty Stations After BCT at Ft Dix, NJ, AIT and Permanent Party at Ft. Devens, MA

Comments Still use the training I received at USAISD today!


John Costello - MOS 98C20

Current Location Princeton Illinois


William (Bill) Corrie III - MOS 31J20

Location Ormond Beach, FL

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations Ft. Dix basic--Ft Gordon AIT 31j20 school--177th ASA Camp Humphreys--ASA Kagnew Station Eritrea

Comments nice to see another web page dedicated to ASA


Rick Cortez - MOS 982.710

Location Bay Point, CA

Years of Service 1964-1968


John Costello - MOS 273.10

Location Joliet, IL

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Vietnam Korea


John Costick -  MOS O5C40. & 72B20
Duty Stations 1/265th RRU Phu Bai. May 1968 - May 1969 O5C40 radio teletype 7th RRFS Udorn Thailand Feb 1970 - Mar 1971 72B20 comm center supervisor
Current Location Oxford Pa


Lewis Costley - MOS 94B

Location Battle Creek, MI

Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Stations Basic at Fort Leonard Wood Fort Deven, Mass ASA Group Korea Co B (Camp Casey)

Comments Proud to have served and proud to have been ASA!


Gerald (Jerry) Cottey - MOS 05D

Location Gig Harbor, WA

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations Okinawa, Thailand, Korea


William Cottman - MOS = 292
Duty stations = Thailand


Robert Coulter - MOS = 05K20
Duty stations = Menwith, Kagnew and Herzo


​JIm Counelis - MOS 33C
Duty Stations Ft Devens ,Mass USASAFS Augsburg 72-74
Current Location Grand Blanc, Michigan
Comments Still damn proud, Glad i found your site


Donald Cousens - MOS 984

Location Toms River, NJ

Years of Service 1961-1964

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, Ft. Clayton, Panama


Francis Couvillion - MOS 71B, 71L, 11B, 75Z

​ Duty Stations Detachment C KMAG Korea, 42d Civil Affairs Co, Fort Gordon, GA, HQ Fort Totten, NY, I Corps Artillery Camp St. Barbara Korea, HQ Fort Story, VA, Taylor Barracks, Mannheim, Germany, Co P Airborne 75th Inf Ranger, Quang Tri Vietnam, G-3 8th Army Yongsan Korea, 3/325 Inf 82d Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, NC, HQ 3rd Brigade, 9th Infantry Division Fort Lewis, WA, HHC 1st Bn 75th Rangers, Fort Stewart, GA, HQ 2d Infantry Division (Liaison NCO Camp Connor Yongsan) Camp Casey Korea, HQ 4th Infantry Division, Fort Carson, CO.
Current Location Atlanta Georgia
Comments US Army Retired 1980


Gerald Cowart - 

Location Savannah, GA

Years of Service 1953-1974


James (Jim) Cox - MOS 95B

Location Gadsden, AL

Years of Service Eight years in the ASA

Duty Stations AHS/Camp Zama/Davis Station/Sinop/Pittsburgh ASA Field Representative/Chitose

Comments The first eight years of my Army career were spent in the ASA. I was reassigned from ASA after being retrained as an MI CI Agent.  I retired as a MSG E8.  After retiring from the Army I attended and graduated from college. I was then employed by and later retired from civil service.


Tom Crabson -  MOS 72B20, 98B

Duty Stations Davis station
Current Location Pompano Beach Florida

Joseph Crafton - MOS = 72B/E/F


Chuck Cramer -  MOS 05H40

​City And State MOUNT UNION, PA
Years of Service 64 TO 71
Duty Stations 177th, KAGNEW STATION, FT RILEY,330th RRU
Comments Good Times and Bad Times, Retired and Playing Golf. RIP Bobby Dew.


Shafter Cramer - MOS = O5G20
Duty stations = Viet Nam Living a breath at a time.


Roger Crase - MOS 95B

Location El Paso, Texas

Years of Service 2

Duty Stations Camp Drake, Japan. fuchinobe, Japan. Camp Zama, Japan

Comments I was assigned to NSA at Fuchinobe and Camp Zama.


Lawrence Crosley - MOS 982

Location Lenexa, KS

Years of Service 1964-1967

Duty Stations Ft Devens & Bad Aibling FS


Mike Cravener - MOS = 05H
Duty stations = FS Ramasan FS Homestead
I just found this site and would love to hear from fellow Vets with whom I served.


Ronnie Cravy -  MOS 05k20h2
Duty Stations torii
Current Location winnie texas


B.J. Crawford - MOS 05H
Duty Stations Devens, Chu Lai, Da Nang, Phu Bai, Bragg, Misawa,Panama, Augsburg, Bad Aibling
Location Panama City, Panama


Hardrick Crawford - MOS 05D30 at Okinawa then 76Y30 at Fort Bragg, NC

Location - Clinton, Maryland

Years of Service 1969-1975

Duty Stations Fort Devens, Massachusetts 1969 to 1970 Torii Station Field Station, Okinawa 1970-1971 313th ASA Battalion, Fort Bragg, NC 1972 to 1973 504th ASA Brigade, Fort Bragg, NC 1974-1975

Comments 313th ASA Bn Commanding Officer was Ltc Eichelberger 504th ASA Brigade Commanding Officer was Colonel John J. McFadden Command Sergeant Major was CSM "Frosty" Ice Commanding Officer was Captain Willard Steverson, Battalion and Brigade S-4


Don Craycraft - MOS 72B

Location Beavercreek, OH

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations USASAPAC - Hawaii

Comments In Hawaii from March of 1970 to August of 1972. Would like to make email contact with anyone who was there during that time. I look forward to hearing from you!


Cliff Critch - MOS = 98J30
Duty stations = Pyeongtaek Korea, Asmara Ethiopia 1968-1972

Ron Crocker - Years of Service 1962-1965
MOS 058
Duty Stations Fort Devens
Two Rock Ranch Station
Current Location Georgetown, TX


Jim Croft - Don\'t remember, started with a 7
Fort Leonard Wood, Mo - Fort Devens - Aberdeen Proving grounds - Fort Hamilton - Berlin, 280th then 78th
Vallejo California
I was in Berlin from 1959 to 1962 - Before, and during the Wall being built - I remember the Senn incident and was on the same floor as he was. I was assigned to Headquarters and worked at every site. I was one of the few that worked straight days. I drove and operated all the heavy equipment for us, there was a time I hauled a lot of dirt from one site in particular.


Bill Croker - MOS
Duty Stations USASA Chitose and Vint Hill Farms
Current Location Peachtree City, GA
Comments I am retired from the Army now

Phil Croskey - MOS = O5H20/05H2FF3


Michael Cromwell - MOS 92B

Location Swansboro, NC

Years of Service 1972-1975

Duty Stations Arlington Hall Station (DCSLOG)

Comments Looking for Lt. Bill Ward. Same unit, 1975.


William Croninger - MOS 05H20

Location Henderson, NC

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Ft Devens, 8th RRFS Phu Bai, Vint Hill Farms, Rothwesten


John Croom - MOS 98C3LRU

Location Bourbonnais, IL

Years of Service 1975-1982

Duty Stations Field Station Augsburg, Field Station Berlin


Scotty Croom - MOS = 05K20
Stationed = 67 ft. Leonard Wood. Devens '68-69 Pleiku 330th RR...69-70 Panama Ft. Clayton
Location = Katy,TX

Comments Recently moved from Katy, TX. to condo in Daphne, AL..south of Mobile, AL..eastern shore area...


Ed Crosby -  MOS 98G3LGM

Duty Stations Army Security Agency, Field Station [West] Berlin (ASAFSB)

Location Odessa, WA

Comments Verrrry interesting!


Phil Croskey -  MOS 05HFF3

Location Alexandria, MN

Bob Crossland - Years of Service 3
MOS 05H20
Duty Stations Ft Dix, Ft Devens, Hakata Japan, Phu Bai Vietnam, Vint Hill Farms
Current location Pittsburgh, PA
Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. While in Hakata I played in a band at the NCO Club. We called ourselves "Z Ltd". While in Vietnam I served my last 7 months on Hill 180. Also worked Project Explorer my last 2 months in Phu Bai. Look forward to hearing from you!!


Michael Crouch - MOS = 31e20
Stationed = 8th RRFS Phu bai
Location = Mystic, Conn


John Cruddas - MOS 05H/05D

Location Las Cruces, NM

Years of Service 1965-1968

Duty Stations USASATC&S TUSLOG DET 27 409th RRU, 11th ACR RVN 337th RRC, 1st ID RVN


Michael Crumly -  MOS 056/054/05D/98z
Duty Stations Ft Devens62-63/65/72-76, Ft Wolters Texas 63-64/65-66,330 thRRC 66-67 Ft Meade 67-71 7th Thailand 71-72 USAFS Okinawa 76-80/81-84 Vint Hill Farms 80-81 Retired Dec 84
Current Location Lafayette, IN


Jose Cuevas Jr -  MOS O5H20
Duty Stations Asmara Ethiopia Shemya air force base
Current Location Brownsville Texas


R.E. Jack (Tex) Culpepper - MOS 059

Location Bullard, Texas

Years of Service 1961-1964

Duty Stations Basic Training: Ft. Leonard Wood, April 1961 - June 1961 Radio School: Ft. Devens Ma., June 1961 - March 1961 Duty Station: Menwith Hill, England, March 1962 - February 1964

Comments Married Heather McKee, Harrogate, England, November 1963


Joe Cunningham - MOS 31K

Location Freeport, FL

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations 4th Field Station Asmara. NSA Ft Meade, Md


Michael T. Cunningham - MOS 91B20
City And State Tulsa, OK.
Years of Service 1967-70
Duty Stations Engineer Hill, Pleiku, Vietnam, Two Rock Ranch Station, Calif.
Comments Just cruising down memory lane.


Thomas Curran - MOS 71L

Location Woodbridge, VA

Years of Service 8 years active duty,3 years IRR


Comments I enjoyed your site, brought back a lot of memories for me, as I served with quite a few ASA soldiers before ASA switched over to INSCOM, I am on-board just about the time INSCOM started up in 1978. SSG Curran


Michael Curry - MOS = 05G
Stationed = 1965-1966 7th RRU later the 101st RRC Saigon, RVN Location = retired Federal Officer, Maine Message = Trained at Ft Devens and served in RVN.  Transferred to MI as a CI Special Agent.


Raymond Curry - MOS 98C20

Location Lakewood, Washington

Years of Service 4 years 2 months 26 days

Duty Stations 8th Radio Research Field Station, Phu Bai Vietnam 1968 / 1969 / 1970 / 1971


Richard Curtin - MOS 95B

Location Tampa, Florida

Duty Stations Arlington Hall Station, Sinop Turkey


George Curtis - MOS = 71L
Stationed = HQUSASAPAC, Helemano, HI
Location = Rhode Island

Joe Cutrona - 1960 to 1964 MOS 056 058 057 Duty stations USASA 14th Field Station, Hakata Japan. anyone out there from Hakata, 1960 to 64

Robert "Bob" Cutshaw - MOS = 05D40
Stationed = 177th USASA Operations Company
12th USASAFS Chitose,
Location = Tennessee
Message = Very grateful to all the ASA alumni who have spent time and effort building web sites that tell the history of the Agency and soldiers who served their country in silence.


Tom Cypert -  MOS 95B
Duty Stations 146th Aviation. Co.(Davis Station), HQ ASA Arlington Hall Station.
Current Location Sherman, Texas


Wilfried Czaja - MOS 95B

Duty Stations 8th Radio Research Field Station ,Phu Bai, VietNam; Arlington Hall Station, Virginia; Project Wildbore, Bad Aibling Station, Bavaria, Germany
Current Location Indian Trail, NC

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