Find Friends E to H

Clifton D. Eames Jr - MOS = 722.10
Stationed = sept '59 thru aug '62
ft Jackson s.c. ft devens ma ft Gordon ga 

Frankfurt Germany Gutlieut Kaserne IG Farben Bldg

Location = Fort Smith, AR
Message = best three years of my life. enjoyed the work I did and got to see a lot of Europe. made a lot of friends but lost track of them. would do it again in a heartbeat.


Phillip Eaton -  MOS 058.2 (morse interecept)
Duty Stations Two Rock Ranch 1958-59 177th ASA Co., Mia-ri, Korea 1959 Clark AFB Philippines 1959 Bangkok 1959-1960 Current Location Punta Gorda, Florida
Comments/Questions: 177th was by itself, along the MSR in Mia-ri Po; 5th RRU was in early stages, and we were living in "the palace" at 63 Soi Prom Pong; sent to Clark from 177th when we started to move equipment and personnel in to build 5th RRU.


Dennis Echols -  MOS 31j20
Duty Stations 509 RRCUV Davis Station Vietnam
Current Location Overland Park Kansas
Comments Davis Station 1969 - 1970


Bill (Sparky) Eckenrode - MOS = 841/843
Duty stations = Camp Hakata(14th field station) Japan I was atthe 14th from 1963-1965 HQ Co. i was the army photographer/lab tech. Played football,softball and refed basketball. Would liked to hear from anybody from that time frame

Ed Eckman - MOS = 0799
Duty stations = Herzo base
Pals. Respond - Bob Mcginnes.


Bill Edinger - MOS = 98G
Duty stations = FSB, FSA


Bruce Edmondson -  MOS 72B

Location Brandon, FL

Bruce Edwards- MOS = 72b
Stationed = 14th ASA Field Station Sept 1963  -  March 1964
5th RRU  April 1964 - May 1965
3rd RRU  June 1965 Feb 1966
Location = Brandon FL
Message = Trying to prove I was in Viet Nam for Vet Benefits - so far no luck with Army -- any ideas


Landon Edwards - MOS 98G2LRU

Location Midlothian, VA 

Years of Service 1974-1977

Duty Stations DLIWC, Monterey, CA GAFB, San Angelo, TX Ft. Devens, Ayer, MA USFS Augsburg, Germany

Comments A5RT, Trick 2 (if memory serves). Others with me were Burkett (Butch and Charlotte), Bergeron (John and Marcia Culbertson). Dennis Greiner, Jerry Lineberry, and the Polish and Czech lingies whose names I don't recall. Probably others I'm missing, too. Gary Bode was NCOIC of A5 during most of my time.


Penny (Howard) Efaw - MOS 05G

Location Sistersville, WV

Years of Service 1972-974

Duty Stations 201st. ASA CO. Augsburg, Germany and then to Det. P in Vicenza, Italy

Comments I loved my job and had a lot of respect for the men and women I worked with. Would love to hear from others in my unit.


Richard Egan - MOS 723.1

Location Hamilton, New Jersey

Years of Service Four(4)

Duty Stations 12th Field Station and 1st Field Station


William (Bill) Egan - MOS = 058/059
Stationed = Det 27, Ankara, Turkey.  10/1960-10/1962 Location = Allentown, PA


Robert (Bob) Eickhorst - MOS = 31S30
Stationed = Ramasun Station Thailand and Camp Humphreys Korea.

Location = Iowa City Iowa

Message = Glad I found this web site.  Sure would like to contact the guys I served with.


Milton Eldridge - MOS 95B20, 94D20

City And State Somersworth, New Hampshire
Years of Service 12.5
Duty Stations AHS, 1973-1974, Mt. Meissner 1974-1978
Comments I served proudly behind the lines! 😉

Frederick R. Ellis -  MOS
Duty Stations Ft. Devens, Ma Two Rock Ranch, Petaluma, CA 330 CRC, Yangoo, Korea Vint Hill Farms, Warenton, VA
Current Location Blanco, TX
Comments/Questions: Not much info about 330 CRC

Bert Elliott - Camp Zama, Japan & Helemano, Hawaii

Danny Elmore - The patch for the 375th AVN in the 303rd battalion, (LongHorns).  Quick fix moved from my generation's beloved Hueys (we were in UH-1H with a J prefix to show that they were experimental birds (I may not have supposed to have said that, but it's long since been retired)) in about 1980 to the Sikorsky EH - 60 A platform.  It was retired sometime in the late 90's as I understand it.
Also while many of the crew served in VN, the system itself was stationed in the US while I was with it and I started with it almost from its delivery to Ft. Hood.  I don't want to misrepresent it or insult anyone.
I have lots of stuff including the Army Research Institute study of it, but the study I have is from the crews after me and unfortunately I do not have our study from the very beginning.  It appears the study that they did on us was declassified decades back but now lost to history.  By study, you may know what I mean, endurance of crew and hardware for time, altitude, temperature, for fatigue with sleep deprivation, can you function with nomex gloves on, how fast can you install the AN/ARQ 33 systems & TLQ/17systems in the bird and stuff like that.  Over and over and over.  Tested and tested and tested. Who's in the right seat and who's in the left.  Our pilots had it easy, they just flew. Well maybe I am underestimating their contribution since they had to set our vor points from which we duffies started as we triangulated a target.
And then we get word everybody has to be trained as a door gunner.  That was a blast, literally!


Dan Elsen -  MOS 05D

Duty Stations Devens, VN,Vint Hill among others

Current Location Minneapolis, Mn


Paul B. Elwell - MOS  05K, 71L

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, Det 27, Ankara 62 Two Rock Ranch,2nd USASAFS Ft. Hood, 303rd. 8th RRFS, Phu Bai & DaNang, RVN Vint Hill Farms Station, 1st USASAFS Ft. Sam Houston.
Location Vancouver, WA.
Comments I really miss the ASA, Had great tours, with great comrades. Comments Got your e-mail today, just wanted to let you know I was at Phu Bai in 72, then when it shut down, the site was moved to Danang until I came home at the end of Jan 73.


Joseph H. Endinger - MOS 056.10
Duty Stations Ft. Devens(school) Sep 1961 - Apr 1962 318th ASA Bn (Bad Aibling) May 62 - 63 HQ, USASAEUR, Frankfurt 1963 - May 1964
Current Location Montgomery, Alabama
Comments/Questions: I was seventeen when I first enlisted and should have been given a boot in the rump and sent home. I got out in '64 and spent time in the Guard and Active Reserves. Returned to AD in 1973 and went into the HAWK missile system. Retired in 1991 with the rank of SFC.


Steve Englehardt -  MOS 26K40

Location Phoenix, AZ

Don Erickson - MOS = 058
Duty stations = Bad Aibling (Southgate)
Anyone still alive from Bad Aibling in early sixties?


Ruben Espada - MOS = 31M20 Stationed = SETAF....Vicenza,italy Location = Cayey P.R Message = anyone who served in SETAF ,by a radio operator and carrien glad to hear about you...tnks Ruben..KP4 BP..


Alden Estep Jr - MOS 05H20

Location Mechanicsville, MD

Years of Service 3 1/2

Duty Stations Ft Jackson, Ft Devens, Two Rock Ranch, 330th Viet Nam, Ft Bragg, Vint Hill Farm.......and out

Comments Unit 10 considered, poo pooded.


Robin Estes - MOS 98C

Years of Service 3 years
Duty Stations Ft Devens Ft Hood
Current Location Jameson Missouri
Comments Looking


Charley Evans - MOS 058

Location Weatherford, TX

Years of Service 1953-1956

Duty Stations Torri Station 8603rd DU

Comments Would like to make contact with anyone that was at that station at the same time I was there


Larry Euler -  MOS 058
Duty Stations Homestead AFB 1962-64
Current Location Madison, WI


Lawrence (Larry) Evans - Years of Service 1971-1998 with a 7 year break between 74 and 81
MOS 72B20, 72F20D1, 97G30 63N30H, 63E30H
Duty Stations Torii Station Okinawa, NSA Ft. Meade, Camp Novi Korea, Ft. Campbell KY, Ft. Knox, Bamberg Germany
Current location Kentucky
Torii Station '72-73 then off to NSA. Got an early out due to Vietnam winding down. Apparently had brain damage from all the electronics because after 7 years of drinking myself stupid and chasing skirts, I decided to quit drinking and joined back up and stayed to retirement. Was a CI analyst when I retired out of the 101st in 1998.


Lawrence Evans - MOS 72F

Location Elizabethtown, KY

Years of Service 1971-1974

Duty Stations Torii Station, NSA


Peter D. (Pete) Evans -  MOS 982.17
Duty Stations Ft Dix 1961 Basic Training Ft Devens 1961 1962 Ft Bragg NC 1962 -1964 313th Hq Co
Current Location Salisbury Maryland
Comments/Questions: Looking for reunions


Steve Evans - MOS 33B, 33C, 33S

Location Ooltewah, TN

Years of Service 1967-1977

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, Herzo, Schneeberg, Long Binh, Tan An, Phouch Vinh, Berlin


William N. Evans - Years of Service 1956 - 1964  MOS 283.10 Electronic Warfare Equipment Repairman
Duty Stations Schneeberg, Germany; WSMR, New Mexico; Ft Wolters, TX; Rothwesten, Germany; Dahme, Germany; Offenbach, Germany Current Location Denver, Colorado


Robert "Steve" Everly - MOS 31S20
Duty Stations Fort Leonardwood, Mo. Basic Jul '67-Oct '67. FT Monmouth NJ Oct '67-Aug '68. Sp-5 HQ 508th ASA Seoul, YeongDunPo Sep '68-Aug '69. HQ 507th FS Augsburg Germany Sep '69-Jul '71. 4yr Reserves. Then HQ 1st Bn 144 Field Artillery Reg. Santa Barbara Ca. Jul '75-Jul '79 Communications (SFC E-6)
Current Location Overland Park, Kansas
Comments I enjoyed the service very much and the tours of duty were for me great duty stations. Was on duty the night the North Koreans shot down one of our EC spy planes in the North Sea of Japan. Spent almost the whole year in my off duty hours teaching English in a Korean Grade School. Left Korea fairly fluent in the Korean Language. Had a great time with the people of Korea and gained a lot of great friendships. Germany was also a great experience too as I spoke some German before I went. Those two countries experiences for me almost fills a book which I am writing about my 10 years in the service. It set the stage for a lifetime full of experiences, travels and accomplishments.


Donald L Evilsizor - MOS = 058 059 98J 98Z
Stationed = Fort Devens Rothwesten Fort Meade NSA
14th FLD STN Japan Pensacola Corry Field
330th RRC Pleiku Herzo HQ USASAE Frankfurt
Augsburg Fld Stn Fort Knox
Location = Columbia City Indiana
Message = Started out as a ditty bopper then to numerous other areas of the 05K intercept and research options.
My ham radio call is KA9QWC & my wife is also into amateur radio. Enjoy communicating with all my ASA folks along with AFSS & Navy Sec Grp friends too.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​Arthur Fagin - MOS 05G20
Duty Stations 1965 A Company 508th ASA, Korea 1966-1968 1st Platoon 101st RRC, Danang, Viet Nam
Current Location Colorado Springs, Colorado
Comments/Questions: I have a lot of pictures of the A Company 508th site in Korea. How do I post them?


​Frederick L (Fred) Fagin - MOS = 981.2620, 965-967.2620
Duty stations = Dix, ALS-CM-12, 3rd ASA FS-Okinawa, Linkou-Taiwan 176th USASASOU
Greetings to all you great ASA 'Spooks'!
Loved my time in the Agency, and met many fine and talented people. Invite any/all acquaintances 'of the day' to connect with me for comments, chats, or inquiries. Hello to all you old sods, and here's wishing you're livin right. Get in touch if you were 'there during 60-62
Love to hear from ya.
Zhang-Li and I and our 18 year son Colin here in Me at PO Box 247, 04341.
Good people and great memories! Best to you all in 2015. Ping-an, Fred


Richard J. Fahey - MOS 72B/72E "aka tape ape" 98J30(H)K3
Duty Stations 332nd ASA OPS Co (FWD) USASA FSK, USASA Support Group FGGM, MD, USASATC&S Ft. Devens, 146th ASA AVN Co - USASA FSK, NSA Europe (EUDAC)
Current Location Point of Rocks, Maryland
Comments Looking forward to hearing from old friends and making new ones. Active duty from 1974 to 1983


Lynn Fair - ASA 1964-68 TUSLOG Det. 4 - 1965 MOS: 98J3H
Instructor USASATC&S 1966-1968

John Fairbairn - MOS = 989.1 - 98J30
Stationed = USASATC&S Fort Devens Vint Hill Farms Station (2 times) Camp Zama Japan 508th USASA Group
TDY Saigon (3 weeks 1966)
Location = Minnesota
Message = Hello, all you ASA twerps!  Yeah, I survived it. Warm regards to all -


Stephen Falkenbury -  MOS 72E/98C
Duty Stations Ft. Devens Ft. Gordon AHS
Current Location Ramstein Germany
Comments/Questions: Looking to connect with old friends from Devens and AHS. Was TDY to 7RRFS when we closed it down. Helped with packing the place up.

David Fall - Stationed in 330th Com Recon Co. 1953 and 1954 in Korea. Would like to hear from anyone who were there 1954 to 1955.


David (Jed) Fall -  1709
oji camp japan , 330th com recon co , korea 1953 to 1955
south haven, michigan 49090

Glenn K Fannin Jr -

Walt Farmer - MOS = 05h
Duty stations = Vint Hill,Bad Aibling, Augsburg

Fred Fasig - Duty stations = Fort Meade, Md

Raymond Fay - MOS = 98C20
Duty stations = Torii Station, Okinawa
I am interested in hearing from anyone that served there from 74-76.  I was a 98c20 serving in the PAR Shop after working the floor identifying targets for hogs.  I lived in co. C the whole time (21 months).

John Fears - MOS = 722Dutystations = North Camp Drake, Japan


Hal Feathers - MOS 056

Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood ( Basic ) Ft Devens. 177ASA Korea , Ft Huachuca Ar.
Current Location Pinterest Vedra Beach Fl.
Comments Served 3 years. Great experience.great memories


Stephen J. Feltenberger -  MOS 05K
City And State Titusville PA.
Years of Service 3
Duty Stations Pensacola, Devens, Korea, Ft. Meade
Comments 1975-1978 Best time of my life!


Robert Ferguson - MOS 05H

Location Annandale, VA

Years of Service 20 (Only first tour in ASA)

Duty Stations USASAFS Sobe (Torii Station) - April 75 ~ Sep 77 USASATC&S, Ft Devens - Feb 78 ~ Dec 82 USAFAO-K, Yongsan - Dec 82 ~ Oct 85 CSSE, Ft Monmouth - Oct 85 ~ Nov 88 WOEC, Ft Rucker - Oct 88 ~ Jan 89 WOTTC, Ft Gordon - Jan 89 ~ Jul 89 902d MI BN, (CI) Technical, AISSD - Jul 89 ~ Aug 94


Hilda Fernandez - MOS = 05H20
Stationed = Ft Devens Mass 7th RRFS Ft Huachuca AZ Augsburg GY
Location = San Angelo TX

Raymond Fernandez -  I was in ASA from Aug 1968 to Feb 1972. At Chitose and Shemya. Went back to Shemya 40 years later as a contractor

Wm. Ferrin - DIX,DEVENS,MEADE 60-63  982
Good Group,Good Duty,Good Times

Bob Fester - 14th USASAFS Hakata from 69-71  98G2L20 Lingie


Billy Fields - MOS 059

Years of Service 1958_1961
Duty Stations Chitose Japan
Current Location Dallas TX
Comments Good duty station


Robert Figulski -  MOS 310
Duty Stations Lubeck Germany 54-55
Current Location Simsbury, Ct

Years of Service 1952-1955


​Thomas Finger - MOS 76K
Duty Stations 856RR Det
Location  Janesville, Wisconsin
Comments Glad to have served


Nicholas F. Finniff II - MOS CLASSIFIED
Duty Stations Fort Devens Arlington Hall Station
508th Korea


John "Mac" Fite - MOS = 98C
Duty stations = Phu Bai -  8th RRFS


Tom Fitzpatrick - MOS 06K20
Duty Stations Fort Devens Mass
Current Location Philadelphia, PA

Comments instructor 26k20 from 65 - 69


John P. Fitzgerald Jr - MOS = 98G2L63 Stationed = East Slavic Division, DLIWC, Monterey, CA 1966-1968 USASATC&S Detachment, Goodfellow AFB, San Angelo, TX 1968 USASA Field Station Shemya, Shemya AFS, AK 1968-69 Student Co., USASA, Ft. Meade, MD 1969-70 Location = St. Paul, MN Message = It looks like you guys completely forgot about those of us who served on Shemya (don't feel bad about it, everybody forgot us, too). The ASA Unit there was originally designated as the 78th USASA Special Operations Unit, and then, in 1968, as Field Station Shemya.


Tim Fitzgerald - Served ASA 66-70.  98J40. Sinop Turkey, Tuslog Det 4, Feb 67-Jan 68, Chitose Japan, 12thASAFS, Feb 68-Apr 70.​


Louis Fix - I was ASA in Thailand from '67 April to '69 Nov. Looking for anyone who served at Udorn in 67 April to '68 June and in Ubon,at Det.B,from '68 June to '69 Nov.---Looking for Norman Wiswell,Ken Comiskey,Jack Reilly,Leatherwood"from Texas",Ed"Shakey"Iverson and Wayne Inman. Possibly Harry Moritz also. I am trying to file a claim for herbicide exposure contributing to my being diabetic. Another name is Eric Fryer---maint. man in Ubon. All the above names are from Ubon. But,do need to try and get names from Udorn. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Udorn--Bob Weinreich,Lou Schaffer just to try a few. Thanks and ASA Forever!!!!


Louis Fix - MOS = O5Delta20
Stationed = I was stationed in Udorn,Thailad from 04/67 to 06/67 and then transfered to Det.B in Ubon,Thailand from 06/67 to 11/69.
Location = Grove City,Pa.
Message = I would like to hear from anyone who was stationed in either Udorn or Ubon at the times I wwas at those locations. Some names I remember are as follows:- Norman Wiswell,Jack Reiley,Ken Comiskey,Louis Scheffer,"Woody" Leatherwood,Jim Marian and Bob Weinreich among the many fine people I got to know.

Ovide (Nick) Flannery - MOS = 1290
1952-1955 Location = SOUTH HADLEY, MA


David Flaugh - 72b40
224th aviation company h & hd - davis station 156th aviation co. (RR) - can tho

Kevin Flegal - MOS = 95B
Stationed = Berlin FRG
Location = Retired - Austin, TX
Just looking around regarding a "past life". Be safe all!

Stanton Fleishman - MOS = 05D20 / 74E20

Duty stations = 7th RRFS / Ft Clayton


Michael Fletcher -  MOS 72B20D1

Location Battle Ground, WA
Years of Service 1969 - 1974
Duty Stations 265th RRC Camp Eagle & Phu Bai, 8th RRFS Phu Bai, 303rd ASA BN Fort Hood, TX
Comments Retired Air Force with 10 years in Army ASA and Signal Cor

David Fleming - MOS = 72E20
Stationed = March 1976 in Chun Chon Korea until the 329th moved to Tong Du Chon and PCS'ed in April 77 to Ft Bragg.
Location = A cornfield in East Central Iowa.
I am looking to reconnect with unit mates from the aforementioned Korea duty. I don't "do" e-mail after a career in technology but I can be reached at 641-295-9636. Thank you.


Brent Flinn -  MOS 05H
Duty Stations Ft Devens, Mass. Phu bai, Vietnam Homestead AFB, Fla.
Current Location Troy, Ohio


Sam Flippo - MOS 98C

City And State Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Years of Service 1966 - 1970
Duty Stations ASAFS Bad Aibling


Neil Floor - MOS 05H

Location Toms River, New Jersey

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations * Fort Dix * Fort Devens * Kassel/Rothwesten * Vint Hill Farms


​Antonio (Tony) Flores - MOS 05K20, 2L68

Years of Service 1965-1967

Duty Stations Fort Devens, Ft. Shemya (AFB)
Current Location San Antonio, TX
Comments I'm originally from Brownsville, Texas. Went to basic at Ft. Leonard Wood, later served at Ft. Devens and Ft. Shemya

Dominic A. Florio - MOS 31B20
Duty Stations Fulda, Germany
Location   New Rochelle, NY


John Floro - MOS = 05h, 71120, 9620
Stationed = Ft. Devens, Arlington Hall Station, 83rd RRSOU Bangkok Location = Chouteau, OK

Edwin Keith Flowers - Years of Service 1966-1970 MOS 05H-20
Duty Stations 7th RRFS Udorn Thailand(67-68), 12th USASAFS Chitose Japan(68-69), 7th RRFS(69-70)
Current location Crossville, TN
Enjoyed most of my time in the ASA, Got married to LN on my last tour. Still married 4 kids and a dozen grand kids.

Ron Flowers - 1971-1988 04B2LVN/98G4HVNC8 Ft Devens, USA Fld Sta Kunia, NSA,USA Fld Sta Okinawa, Gooodfellow AFB,DLI, Ft Hood, 175th RVN.

Jim Flynn - MOS = 98B20
Duty stations = PI, RVN, Ft. Bragg, RVN


Rick Flynn (Anderson) - Years of Service 4 MOS 98j30
Duty Stations Turkey, Maryland, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Korea
Current location Apollo Beach, FL
Please enter your comments? While in the service, my adopted last name was Anderson. Some may have called me Andy. I have since taken back the last name, Flynn, which is my birth name.


Walter B. Fogle -  MOS 05K
Duty Stations Ft Devens, Mass Ft Hood, Texas Herzo Base, Germany 7th RR Field Station, Thailand Berlin, Germany
Current Location Saint Matthews, SC


Phil Fogle - MOS 05K

Location West Unity, Ohio

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Det 4 Det 4-4

Comments 69 to dec 71 mostly 4-4


Mike Forbes - MOS = 05H
Stationed = Bad Aibling and Augsburg
Location = Suffolk, VA


Tom Ford -  MOS 286.2

Duty Stations Basic at Leonard Wood in 62, training at Ft. Devens 62-63, then Herzo Base (318th ASA) 63-65, with some time at Schneeburg in 64. “Also spent the Winter of 64-65 at an unnamed outstation consisting of a dozen or so trucks parked on a forest hilltop overlooking the border with East Germany, and living in a gasthous in the village of Holle, Bavaria – my very best time in the Army – no barracks, no officers, good food.“
Current Location Retired in the Sierra Foothills near Lake Wildwood, CA.
Comments I met some great people there - but like most everyone else, I could not wait to get out and get on with my life.

Ken Forrest - Was with Co A 508th ASA I was NCOIC of critic com section  from May 66 thru May 67  great times met friends  and still in contact with.


Paul E. Forster - MOS 058
Duty Stations 9th ASA Field Station (6/63 to 3/64) 3rd RRU Det J RVN (3/64 to 10/64) 14th ASA Field Station (10/64 to 6/65)
Current Location Myrtle Beach South Carolina
Comments/Questions: Trying to locate Ted Miller, who enlisted and attended BCT (A-7-3) at Ft Ord CA from 7/62 to 9/62, Matriculated to Ft Devens Company E, USASATNGBDE while attending 058 school. Ted is from the San Fernando Valley, Southern California - He has fallen off my Radar Scope and for some reason I believe he went to Chitosi Japan and was posted at the 12th ASA Field Station. I can be reached via Facebook or email address

Kenneth Foster - Years of Service 1967-1971
MOS 05H-20 Duty Stations Ft Devens - Ditty Bopper schools 7th RRFS - Udorn, Thailand Vint Hill Farms, VA 8th RRFS, Phu Bai, Vietnam 146th Aviation Co. Long Thanh North 8th RRFS, Phu Bai, Vietnam
Current Location Garland, Tx
Originally, from Borger, TX when I signed up for ASA - Basic in Ft Leonard Wood, Mo and then to Ft Devens for AIT


Jim Fowler - MOS 33B20, 33C20, 33C20H, 98JXX
Duty Stations Devens
Current Location Bow, NH
Comments All The Way! Nice to "hear" from everyone!


Fabian Fragiao - MOS 3649 Fix Station Repair

Location Placentia, CA

Years of Service 1954-1957

Duty Stations Ft. Ord, CA (Basic Training) Ft Gordon, GA Signal School (Electronics Repair) Ft Huachuca, AZ Signal Corp Linkow, Republic of China (Taiwan) 176 ASA Schofield Barracks, Wahiawa, Hi ( 25th Inf Div) Ft DeRussy, Hi (Intelligence)

Comments 1957-1961 Active Army Reserve


Clarence (Vince) Francis - MOS = 05D
Duty stations = 7th RRFS Det B
In God we trust. All others we Monitor!


Hansford Francis -  MOS 05K20
Duty Stations Rothwestern,Germany (1967-1969)
Current Location Hann Muenden,Germany
Comments/Questions: can anyone give information concerning "Karl" in Baker-Trick barracks. would appreciate any help given.


K.C. Francis - 05K20

Location Wellsville, Ohio

Years of Service Four army. Seventeen Air Force

Duty Stations Berlin Brigade West Berlin. 1968 to 1971


Larry Frank - MOS 05K

Location Bradenton, Florida

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations Kang-Wha-Do, Fort Bragg


Thomas Franks - MOS 72B20

Location Moncks Corner, SC

Years of Service 3.5

Duty Stations 7th RRFS Udorn Thailand
14th RRFS Asmara Ethiopia
Hakata Japan


David Frazee - MOS = O5H
Stationed = 7th RRFS 09/10/73-10/22/75
Location = retired in Udon Thani Thailand Message = 21 1/2 years in the Army with first tour in ASA and the rest in Signal.  Retired in 94 and went to work for the State Dept. doing embassy comms..  Retired again in 2012..


Fred Frazier - MOS 98C

Location Nashville, TN 

Years of Service 1970-1974

Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood (Basic), Ft. Devens (AIT), 175th RRFS-Bien Hoa, RVN, Ft. Hood, 7th RRFS (Udorn)

Roy Frazier - MOS = 05B Duty stations = Shemya, Sinop Turkey, Ft Hood, TX
Michael Frazier - 1971-1978

98C, 74F Ft Jackson, Ft Devens, 7th RRFS, VHFS, Ft Devens, 7th RRFS, Ft, Bragg, The Pentagon


David Frederick - MOS 058.2
Duty Stations Fort Devens, Det 27, Vint Hill
Current Location Cleveland, TN


Robert A. Frederick -  MOS 05H40

​Location Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
Years of Service 9
Duty Stations 280ASACO, 78th ASASOU (Berlin) 78thUSASASOU, 2ndUSASAFS TRRS,Petaluma, Cal

Richard Frederickson - replyemail = N/a
MOS = Short wave radio operator
Stationed = Korea.
Location = Saginaw, MI

Jim Freeman - MOS = 72B20, 71L40

Duty stations = Frankfurt, Germany HQ USASAEUR G-2


​Roger H. Freese - MOS 98B
Duty Stations Frankfurt Germany
Current Location Ottawa Illinois

Jack French - MOS

Location Lansing KS


Arlyn D. Frohling -  MOS 059
Duty Stations 4th USASA Asmara Eritrea
Current Location Bradenton, Fl
Comments/Questions: Nov 1958 April 1960

Robert Frost - Went into the Army in August 1962, Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO then onto Fort Devens. Trained there at Devens, then shipped to Asmara Ethiopia, at
Kagnew Station. Was at Kagnew about two years. Discharged in New York.


Richard Frye -  MOS 33G20

Duty Stations Ft. Dix, NJ - Basic Tng. March - June 1965; Ft. Devens, MA - TC&S July 1965 - June 1966; Vint Hill Farms Station, VA June 1966 - March 1969 - Material Support Command
Current Location Coventry, CT


Carl Fuhring - MOS 058

Location Ocean,NJ

Years of Service 1963-1967

Duty Stations Fort Dix, Devens and Rothwesten


Donald L. Fuhrmann - MOS = 716.6
Dutystations = 3rd ASA Field Station, Sobe, Okinawa
I would like to hear from men stationed there from April 1956 to April 1958. Any members of the Rycommandos of 1957. Headquarters personnel when I was S-2 Sgt.

Tom Fulkerson - MOS

Location Vancouver, Washington


John M Fuller - MOS = 35B20
Duty stations = USASAFS AUGSBURG

Location Cary, NC
I am looking for Juan "Catfish" Carter.  Also a 35B at Augsburg. Thanks.


Norris Fuller - MOS

Location Houston, TX


Sandra Gallo - MOS 05K20

Location Mentor, Ohio

Years of Service 1974-1978

Duty Stations Ft McClellan, Al basic training Ft Devens, MA. AIT FSB. Field Station Berlin 75-77 Ft Hood, Tx 77-78

Comments I do miss Berlin.


Robert Gammon - MOS 98C

Location Muskego, Wisconsin

Years of Service 1972-1974

Duty Stations Ft Leonard Wood MO
Ft Devens MA
2d ASA Co (EW) Augsburg Germany


Larry R. Garcia - MOS 05K

Location Mira Loma, CA


​Manuel Garcia Jr - MOS 05H
Duty Stations Basic FT. Leanord Wood AIT, Ft Devens, Det. D. 5th RRU and 7th RRFS Thailand and Vint Hill Farms
Current Location Weslaco, Texas
Comments Would like to communicate with anyone that served in Thailand or any other ASA member that lives in Texas


Barry Gardner - Years of Service 1963-1967
MOS 72B20 Comm Center
Duty Stations Fort Benning, Ga, Germany, 4th USASAFS Ethiopia, Ft Bragg, 508th ASA Seoul, Korea
Current location Jenkins Veterans Home, Lake City, Florida
Enjoyed all my overseas tours, especially Ethiopia. Made Sgt and was a comm center trick chief in Korea. Then I got out.


Robert Garland - MOS = 36C20
Stationed =
Location = Skowhegan, Maine


Rondall (Ron) Garland -  MOS 98G

Duty Stations Ft. Jackson (Basic); DLIWC Monterey, CA (Russian); Goodfellow AFB, San Angelo, TX - Security School; Field Station Bad Aibling, BRD and Det K (Rimbach) BRD
Current Location Broomfield, CO
Comments I served in the ASA from Jan 16, 1968 to December 10, 1971. I would be interested in contacting anyone who served in any of the same locations as I during the years in which I was serving.


Marty Garo - Chitose 12th USASA from Jan. 1957 until June 1959.
Was a 059,lived in Bks 106 on base.
Retired from US Army Feb. 1994, from US Army Special Forces.
Like to here from some of you guys!!
I am a Mining Geologist and also work for the Maricopa Co Sheriff,Az Posse


Robert Garrison - MOS = 05D
Duty stations = Devens, Okinawa, Udorn, Vietnam, VHFS, Augsburg, Kaiserslautern


Jim Gardner - MOS 05K4HK2

Location Pace, Florida

Years of Service 1968-1989

Duty Stations Asmara(4th)/Korea (332nd)/Thailand(7th)/Augsburg/Sinop(Det4)


John Gaston Jr - MOS 76W20

Years of Service 1975-1976

Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood, Ft Lee, Ft Bliss

Comments I refueled aircraft for the First Electronic Warfare Aviation group out at El Paso Airport. Then we were changed to the First ASA Aviation Group. One day me and Spec 5 Sam Wrenn just finished refueling 3 RU21 aircraft, noticed smoke coming from three engine compartment, we didn't move 10 feet and you could not see. Me and Sam working together, putting a fire out in the engine compartment, the company put letters of appreciation into our 201 files because we prevented a situation from escalating, causing major destruction and lost of lives not only to our operations but also El Paso Gas Company who had their aircraft and personal next door. It is a memory I will never forget, to be able to work and enjoy the experience I had with the people in this company



Dan Gaylord -  MOS Plane Captain - P2-V
Duty Stations CRB
Current Location Gresham, OR
Comments/Questions: 1970-71


​Robert Geerdts Jr - MOS = 05K20
Stationed = Herzo Base
Location = Illinois


Mark Gehman - MOS 05G
Duty Stations Hq Co 313th - Ft Bragg 1964 Det B Co B 319th - Augsburg 1965 Det C Co C 318th - Augsburg 1966-67
Current Location Modesto, CA

Edward George - MOS = 71L20
Stationed = Fort Devens, Okinawa, Arlington Hall Station Location = Prattville, Alabama

Ed Gere - MOS = 98G
Stationed = Augsburg, Germany 1976-1980
Location = Seattle, WA


Ronald Gerhart - MOS = 33B20 and 33C20
Duty stations = Ft. Devens and Herzo Base
Ft. Devens - 3/64 to 12/64. Herzo Base - 1/65 to mid 12/67. Lets see the recruiter said "ASA always flies", NOT! I flew to Europe in nine and 1/2 days on the USS General Rose, Christmas at sea, New Years Eve on the train to Nuremberg, jeep to Herzo Base. I did get everything I ask for, training and duty, plus a whole bunch of stuff I didn't ask for (you all know the story). What do you mean we aren't covered by the Geneva Convention???? Oh well! Survived and the training got me my job at IBM that I held for 30 years.

Location = Sun City, AZ


Timothy Gerrish - MOS 98C

Location Green Cove Springs Florida

Years of Service 1970-1973

Duty Stations Ft. Deavens Herzo Augsburg


David Ghrist - MOS 33C, 33F, 31S2H

Location Latrobe, PA

Years of Service 1967-1976

Duty Stations Ft Devens 14th RRFS Hakata, Japan, Vint Hill Farms Station, 7th RRFS Udorn Thailand


Doug Gibbs - Was at the 7th 1975 until closure. I have a "Hallmark" that tells the story of the last days if anyone's interested in a copy, let me know and I'll email it to you. I would kill for one of the red caps. God only knows what happened to mine.


Paul Giblin - MOS 26V20, 33S30

Location Lincoln, NH

Years of Service 1974-184

Duty Stations Ft. Jackson, SC; Ft. Monmouth, NJ; Karlsruhe, West Germany; Massweiller, West Germany & Ft. Devens, Ayer, MA

Comments Distinguished Graduate from 33S school at Ft. Devens, 33S Instructor, SSG E-6 when honorably discharged at Ft. Devens in Feb. 1984.

Adrian Gibson - MOS = 1856
Duty stations = Two Rock Ranch


Richard Gibson - MOS 05G20

City And State St. Augustine, FL

Years of Service 1964 - 1968

Duty Stations Co. B 508th ASA Gp, Camp Casey,Tongduchon, ROK; Det A, 319th ASA BN, Bad Krueznach; 409th RRD, 11th ACR Viet Nam


David Gilfert -  MOS 055
Duty Stations FT DEVENS 62 FT HUACHAH 63 FT BENNING 64-65
Current Location TUPELO MS


Steven Gill - MOS 33S20

Location Brighton, TN

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Ft Devens, MA- 1974 - 1975
Camp Humphreys South Korea 1975 -1976


Claude Gillette (Blade) - MOS 981/982

Duty Stations Fort Hood Chitose Japan 508th Korea
Current Location Pensacola Florida
Comments Thanks


Don Gillies -  MOS 1717 Duty Stations
Ft. Devens 326 CRC - Korea 8603rd - Okinawa
Current Location Evansville, IN

Michael Ginapp - MOS = 72B, 72F, O5H ,11F

William Gladfelter - MOS = 98J30
Stationed = 68-72
Location = Franklin Park ,IL


William Glass - MOS = O5H
Stationed = I was stationed in Udorn, Thailand from 70 to 71 and in Phu Bai, Vietnam from 71 to 72 Location = La Moille, Illinois. Thanks to all who served.


Greg Glines - Years of Service 1967-71 MOS 98C Duty Stations Devens, 856 RRD in Long Binh, Xuan Loc, and Binh Chan - Two Rock Ranch - Vint Hill Farms Current location Randolph, NH summers and Tanner,AL winters It was an interesting four years and I met some interesting folks - After a ten year gap I "tried one" in 1981 and spent twenty four years in the NHARNG (part time) and retired at age sixty as an SFC - My wife Sara and I have two boys, three grandkids, and are living the retired life


Paul Gnau - MOS = 982A/352C
Stationed = DLI Korean 73 FS Korea 74 Meade 146 ASA Co Avn 79 Meade 8th MI CO,8ID 80
Meade FS Berlin 86 Meade 90 retired 93
Location = Freeville, NY


Glen Gockley - MOS = 058
Stationed = Bad Abling, Germany
Location = Myerstown, Pa.
Message = Brother to Terry Gockley


Kenneth Godfrey - MOS = 05D30 Duty stations = Kuma Station, Japan


Robert Goff - MOS 95B

Location Milford, New Hampshire

Years of Service  1966-1970

Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood, MO (Basic) Ft. Gordon, GA (AIT Military Police) Torii Station Okinawa HQ Company 1.5 years Ft. Devens, MA HQ Company 1 yr. Chu Lai, Vietnam 1yr

Comments ASA ALL THE WAY! Met some of the finest people during my 4 years in ASA. They truly were (are) the Best of the Best. Thank You for allowing me to enter as a member.


Andrew Gonska - MOS 05D
Duty Stations Herzo , Augsburg , Ravenna


Gabriel G. Gonzalez - MOS = 98J4HJ1M8
Duty stations = Devens/Shemya/Frankfurt/Hood/Sinop
Looking for Eve Story and others from Devens/Shemya! Those were the good years!


John E. Gonzalez - MOS 95B40

Duty Stations Kagnew Station, Asmara, Ethiopia Det 3, 330 RRC. Vietnam Presidio of San Francisco, CA

Location Pacifica, CA

Mike Gonzales - 66 - 70 MOS 72B20
Duty Stations 77th SOU 66-68, Ft. Wolters, Tex, Davis Station 509TH RRCUV 2/69-2/70
Pismo Beach, Calif


Leonard "Goober" Goodboe - MOS 05H

Location El PAso, TX

Years of Service 13

Duty Stations Okinawa, Ft Carson, Hawaii, Ft Bliss, Berlin

Comments Best to all or you out there, Merry Christmas


Brian Goodman - MOS 05D

Location Bellingham, WA

Years of Service 1975-1978

Duty Stations Ft. Meade 1976-1978 with a TDY to Augsburg, Germany from 11/77 to 5/78


Jay Goodman - MOS = 95B20

Duty stations = Ft. Devens & Sinop Turkey
I am looking for anyone who was stationed at TUSLOG Det 4, Sinop Turkey, 72-73. Especially MP's


Kyle R. Goodnight -  What was your MOS 72B20
Duty Stations Basic Ft Jackson SC 61 Signal School Ft Gordon Ga 61 Kagnew Station 61-63 Ft Meade Md 63-66 Sinop Turkey 66-67 Chitose Japan 67-69

Current Location Parkton Maryland
Comments One of the most enjoyable careers I have ever had had.


Mark Goodwin - MOs 05K20

Location Abingdon MD 

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Ft Devens 67-69 Berlin 1/69-11/71


Joe Gordon -  MOS 98C
Duty Stations Ft. Devens 8th RRFS, Phu Bai NSA Ft. Meade
Current Location St. George, UT


Larry Gordon -  MOS 71L
Duty Stations 177th ASA (officially designated at the USASA Operations Company Pyong Taek when I was stationed there)
Current Location Overland Park KS
Comments I was the \"Radar O\'Reilly\" company clerk for the 177th from December 1967 to December 1968, first under Major Porter Dillon, then under Major Albert Young. We were over here during the Democratic Convention riots in Chicago and the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert Kennedy. But I got over here just in time for the capture of the USS Pueblo. The village was put off limits for a week...such hardship! I have numerous photos of the 177th compound and have the Thanksgiving and Christmas mess hall menus I can scan and send!

Don Gore - MOS = 26K20
Duty stations = Basic FLW 3/65-7/65 Devens 26K20 8/65 to June 66 NSA Ft Meade 7/65 9/65 Kagnew Stonehouse 10/66 -1/68  Vint Hill Farms Barn 1/68-3/69
I would love to hear from old friends and co workers.


William Gorley - MOS 98C20

Location Las Vegas Nevada

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Fort Devens
Camp Humphries
Fort Hood


Harry Goss - MOS = 910, Duty Stations - Korea

Randy Lee Gotshall - MOS = 64A10
Duty stations = ascom korea

I am looking for any GI that was stationed with me..i think it was 1971 or 72. The closest village was Sinchon..i thinort Hoodk my co. was 104,or 69th transportation co. or any one that took basic at Fort Dix new jersey 1970..d.6.2 drill sgt was Whitehead. Thank you all!!


James Gotwalt - MOS 98C

Duty Stations 371st ASA Ft Hood, TX Camp Humphreys, Korea
Location Stafford, VA
Comments ASA from 1973-1976

Michael E. Grable - MOS = O5D20, O5H20
Stationed = Augsburg, FRG. 409th ASA Co. and Field Station Augsburg 3rd Ops. Bn.
Location = Manchester, PA.


David Grabowski - MOS = 98C2P
Stationed = FSB Sally FSB Pinky
Location = Minnesota


William Graser - MOS = 05H; 71H; 76Y; 00E
Stationed = Fort Devens, MA 1965
508th ASA Group Korea Co B (Forward)Camp Alamo 1966-1967 102nd ASA Detachment Aschaffenburg, Germany 509th RR Group Vietnam 1968
7th RR Field station, Thailand 1969
HQ ASA Europe G3 1969-1972
HQ ASA Arlington Hall Station 1972-1976
ASA FS Berlin 1976-1977 Medical Retirement 1978
Location = New Hampshire
Message = I was a career solider "Lifer" and at the time it was the right choice for me.


Dennis Gratz - I was SP5 served at USASAFS Kuma station, Chitose, Japan in 1969-1970. Then was transfered to Torri station, Okinawa. SP4 John R. Gary served with me at both sites. We became friends and worked together at both stations. I have been trying to locate him for sometime. Last I heard he was a customs inspector at a New York airport.


Ashby (Al) Gray  - MOS = 76Y20
Stationed = Hakata, Japan
Location = Lugoff,SC
Looking for friends stationed at Hakata from 1968-1970


Bill B. Gray Jr -  Years of Service 21 MOS 05H, 98C, 982
Duty Stations Kagnew Station; 175th RR Co; Panama; Misawa, Japan; Korea; Hawaii; Ft Devens; Ft. Meade
Current location McDonough, GA
A great experience, without a doubt.


Jim Greager -  MOS 05C40, 72B40

Years of Service 8 July 1966 to 23 June 1970
Duty Stations 372 RRCO Cu Chi 1967 to 1970
Location Swarthmore, PA


Ronn Greek - MOS 98C3L29

Location Omaha, Nebraska

Years of Service 1965-1969

Duty Stations TUSLOG Det 27, Ft. Devens, JSPC


Barry Green -  MOS 993, 989
Duty Stations Ft. Devens Ft. Huachuca Yuma Proving Grounds SOU23, Pakistan Ft. Devens
Current Location Meredith, NH
Comments/Questions: Looking for Royce Pope, Joe Mack


Don Green - Years of Service 22
MOS 05K/35A
Duty Stations Sinop, Turkey Vint Hills Farms, VA Herzo, Germany Phu Bai, RVN
Current location Volente, TX
Enlisted, went to Infantry OCS - commissioned Infantry, then years later was able to branch transfer back to MI


Larry S. Green - MOS = 98J
Stationed = Fort Devens, Sinop, Turkey Tuslog Det. 4
Location = Bayside, texas
Message = SLF 1970-1972 Hippodrome


Melissa Green MOS 1954

Location Hot Springs, VA

Years of Service 1953-1968

Duty Stations Fort Devens


Richard B. Green Jr - MOS 35B20
Duty Stations 14th USASAFS Hakata, Japan 68-70 Vint Hill, Va. 70-71
Location  Whitehouse, Tx
Kenneth Greene -  MOS 05H20
Duty Stations Ft Devens, Ft Clayton and Bad Aibling
Current Location Savannah


Doug Greenlee - MOs32G20

Location Maplewood

Years of service 4.5

Duty Stations 313 RR BN Nha Trang RVN
Vint Hill Farms Field Station, Warrenton VA


William (Bill) Greenwald - MOS = 059.1 Stationed = USM-9 1960-61 Clark Air Force Base Philippines ASA Pacific Stotsenberg Station Polar Bear Club Non-Morse Trick Chief Location = Lyons, IL Message = Current Ham Radio Call sign KC9KLA


Tommy Greenway -  MOS 72B20

Stationed 328th RRc, Chu Lai May 69-May 70


Comments Looking for anyone who sefved with me.



Billy J. Greer -


Alton J. Gregor - MOS = 3717
Stationed = Headquarters ASA Pacific
Ojimachi, Japan !950 - !952
Location = Bellingham, WA  98226
Not many of us "old Timers" left.


James H. Gregory - MOS 98G2LCX

Location Richmond Virginia

Years of Service 1972-1975

Duty Stations Ft. Jackson S.C., DLIWCB Monterey CA, Goodfellow AFB San Angelo TX, NSA Hdqts. Ft. Meade MD, Det N, Company B fwd OpS Bn Eckstein Rimbach W. Germany


Rich Gregory -  MOS 72b20
Duty Stations Ethiopia and Okinawa


Judson (Judd) Grenier - MOS 967, 1636

Location Manhattan Beach, CA

Years of Service 1952-1955

Duty Stations Monterey CA (Army Language School) Salzburg Austria Heilbronn Germany (also detached to Koenigslutter)


Sydney Grief - Years of Service 1969 - 1972
MOS 98C, 71L, 00E
Duty Stations 14th USASAFS Hakata
Current Location Austin, Tx
Comments Great duty and interesting work.  As a 19 year old kid, I had a lot of fun in Japan.  The experience changed my life.


Charles T. Griffith - MOS 71H

Location Fairmont, WV

Years of Service 1965 to 1971
Duty Stations Fort Sheridan, Illinois 60037
Comments Searching for any Contacts from there


Harold Griffith -  MOS 76K

Duty Stations 77th ASA SOU Offenbach 63-64.

Current Location Sylacauga, Alabama


Roger Grill -  MOS 33F20

Location Minneapolis, MN.

John W. Grimes III - MOS = 98C20
Duty stations = Det 27 & Homestead AFB


William H. Grimes - MOS 714
Duty Stations Fort Devens, MA 1959 9th USASAFS 1959-1961 USASA Support Element at NSA 1961=62
Current Location Round Rock, TX
Comments/Questions: 9th USASAFS Reunion Oct, 2015 Branson, MO


Bruce Grizzle - MOS = 31J
Duty stations = Frankfurt Germany


Charlie Groezinger -  MOS 33F
Duty Stations Fort Devens Shemya
Current Location Columbus, Ohio

Robert Groop - MOS = 72B20 72B40 31G40 31C40
Duty stations = 3RRU, 156 AVN 17TH FLD STATION
Vietnam 65-66


Charles Grosche - MOS 058

Location Bogalusa, Louisiana

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Fort Devens, Massachusetts Sinop Turkey Vint Hill Farms, Virginia


Gary N. Gross - MOS = 056, 058, 9640
Stationed = 9th FS, 76th SOU, 403rd SOD, 10th RRU, ASAPAC, 175th RRC, ASATEC. 1955-1978 Location = Thousand Oaks, CA Message = Comrades from service days are going, going, gone - but it's never too late!  Happy to hear from those I may have known from the old ASA days.


Jim Gross - MOS 05H20
Duty Stations Phu Bai Vietnam 8th RRU 1965-66 Rothwestern-Kassel Germany 1966-67 Pleiku Vietnam 374th 1967 Bien Hoa Vietnam 374th
Current Location Northlake TX



Stephen Grosse -


Location Newton, Kansas

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Misawa Air Force Base Japan

Comments Thanks for this site


David Grove -


Thomas Groves - MOS = 72B20
Duty stations = 177th Camp Humphreys, Pyong Taek, S Korea & Camp Drake, Asaka, Japan

Tom Grzadzieleski - MOS = 3/71-8/72 Stationed = Sinop Turkey Location = Drayton North Dakota


John E. Gullion - MOS 98C, 96B
Duty Stations Ft. Devens ('66-'67, '80); NSA ('67, '74-'77) Chitose, Japan ('67-'68) 330th RRC, Vietnam ('68-'70) Hakata, Japan ('71-'72) Torii Station, Okinawa ('72-'73) 307th ASA, Ludwigsburg ('77-'80) Goodfellow AFB, Texas ('80-'84) ASA Crypto Spt Grp, Heidelberg, Germany ('84-'87)
Location Currently (2015) Purcell, Oklahoma
Comments Career ASA, Loved almost every day of it. Lots of good friends and memories and a few sad ones as well.


​Gary Gunder - MOS 1717 Intercept Operator
Duty Stations Fairbanks, AK
Location Sedona, AZ
Comments I was in Fairbanks from 1949 to 1952. We had a unit about 3 miles out of Fairbanks. I think they move it to Kenai Pen. right after I left


James Guth - MOS = 32D20
Duty stations = Camp Drake, Tokyo. Torri Station, Okinawa. Company C. June 1964 to May 1965.

Alvie Guy - Years of Service 1974- 1977
Duty Stations Arlington Hall Station
Current location Anthony, KS
Would like to find people that was there when I was

Gary (Guzzie) Guzman - MOS = 059 Teletype Interceptor Dutystations = Rothwesten, Germany
Just wanting to add some of my experiences of the ASA, from Devens to Rothwesten.

Tim Habert - MOS = 982/981
Duty stations = 13th USASAFS, Ft Devens, Ft Dix
Does anyone remember the band the "Beachnicks"???

Louis Wayne Hadjes - MOS = 98G
Stationed = Presidio of Monterey 1966 Goodfellow AFB 1967 Rothwesten 1967 Schoeningen (Wobeck) 1967-1969
Location = Perris, CA


Joseph Hadzima -  MOS EW/Intercept Systems Repairer 33S
Duty Stations Ft. Devens, MA
Current Location Rocvkille, Maryland
Comments/Questions: Arrived late, just prior to merger with MI, and the birth of INSCOM. After graduation, condemned to Devens in Maintenance Branch USAISD.


MIchael Hagan - MOS 05H

Location Washington, D.C.

Years of Service 1969-1972
Duty Stations  Bangkok, Udorn, Okinawa


Charles (Chip) Haggett -  MOS 31S
Duty Stations 502nd ASA HQ GP Flak Kaserne Augsburg Germany 1971--73 Fort Monmouth--Training
Current Location Boothbay Harbor, Maine


Randall Hagler - MOS 05K20

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations  Asmara Co A UASAFS 68-69, Vint Hill Farms 69-April 1971. We married in 1970 and I was with him at Vint Hill. 


David Hale - Years of Service 3
MOS 982 Duty Stations Sinop Det 4, Bad Aibling 320th USASA Bn Current location Dandridge, TN Merhaba,long time since the "Swamp"


Gregory Hales -  MOS 05H20
Duty Stations Kassel-Rothwesten Detachment K-Gartow
Current Location Burke, VA
Comments/Questions: Not bad duty during the Vietnam Nam era ...


Hudson (Tom) Hall -  MOS 05H
Location Jacksonville, FL


Robert Hall - MOS 34D20H7

Location La Verne, CA

Years of Service 1970-1973 early out in 73, reserves until 76

Duty Stations Ft Ord Basic
Ft Monmouth for for School
Ft Meade for School
Ampex Corp for School
USASA Shemya
USASA Vint Hill Farms

Robert Hall - MOS 411.1

City And State Windsor, California
Years of Service 1959-1963
Duty Stations Devens, TRRS, Sinope, Bad Aibling


Tim Hall -  MOS 05D
Duty Stations Ft Ord CA '74 - Ft Devens MA '74 - 7th RRFS Thailand '75 - Chiang Mai Det '76 - Ft Meade MD '77 - FS Augsburg '80 - Schleswig Det '81 - Vint Hill Farms '82 - FS Berlin '83
Current Location Treia Germany
Comments Retired and living 20 km from the old Schleswig Det site. Funny how things turn out.


Richard Hall - MOS 9649

Location Thermopolis, Wyoming

Years of Service 1957-1976

Duty Stations Ft. Devens, Berlin, Two Rock Ranch, Korea (177th, Det B, 508th) ASAE Frankfurt, Comm Unit Europe, Ft. Meade

Comments Good luck with the site. Is "Charlie Two Star" a member??? Attended his retirement ceremony--quite possibly the funniest thing I ever saw on Active Duty.


Stephen Holland - MOS 72B20D1

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations United States Army Security Agency, 4th Field Station, Kagnew Station, Asmara, Ethiopia (Eritrea)
United States Army Security Operations Company, Pyong Taek, Korea


Michael Hallenbeck -


Dennis Ham - MOS 05K

Location Pandale Texas

Years of Service 1971-1974

Duty Stations Shemya, Alaska. 7th RRFS Thailand


Alan Hamilton - MOS = 9620
Stationed = Ft. Benning, Ft. Devens Ft. Meade (NSA)
Location = Huntington WV


James Wesley Hamilton - replyemail =
Stationed =
Location = North Alabama
Message = I am looking for anyone who may have served with my Dad, James Wesley Hamilton. He was in Vietnam I think 68-69 and was in some way involved with ASA. He is from Alabama.


Michael Hammar - MOS 93G30

Stationed - USAF SAC BAse, Thule, Greenland, U.S. Embassy, Tehran, Iran, Fort Devens

Location -


Bynum Hancock - MOS 32D49
Duty Stations PCRS Saigon, South Vietnam, USASA FS Asmara, Ethiopia now Eritrea.
Location Kernersville, NC

Dave Hancock - MOS = 055
Duty stations = 318th (Herzo Base
Ham call: KY2R. Never could get the sound of CW out of my head. Best 73, y'all.


Kenneth Jack Hancock -  MOS 05H, 67N
Duty Stations FS Augsburg 1972-1975 Wurzburg, Germany 1980-1982 NSA Ft Meade Jan 1982-Sept 1984 Was 67N (Huey/Cobra) crew chief/mechanic at Ft Lewis, WA from Sept 1975- June 1978
Current Location Castlewood, Va
Comments/Questions: Would love to see old pics & hear from anyone who I may have shared a duty station with. I'very been looking in particular for Jim Strickland who ran A1mm at FS Augsburg while I was there then went on to NSA as civilian.


Homer Guy Hand -  MOS 05H
Current Location CLIO , ALABAMA


Mike Hankins - MOS 33S/24R

Years of Service 1972 - 1994

Duty Stations Augsburg, Mt Meissner, Fort Hood
Current Location Belton TX
Comments Former 33c until 1976 then 24C &24R (NATO evaluator at Crete, Greece). Currently HAM radio operator. Retired from US ARMY and State of TX.


Bob Hanks -  MOS 01B20

Duty Stations Fort Huachuca, Arizona: 52nd ASA SOC Special Operations Command 1965-1967
Current Location
Mesa, Arizona
Comments Held Top Secret CRYPTO Clearance as Engineering Assistant. I was an Electrical Engineer working for Parker-Davis Project, Department of the Interior in 1964, served, and returned to Parker-Davis in 1967 for the next 15 years. Then Senior Electrical Engineer, SRP for 5.


James Hanks -  MOS

Duty Stations Berlin/Templehof
Current Location  Durango, CO
Comments/Questions: I see no references to the 280th???????


Robert Hanna - MOS 04B2LCA/FR; 98G

Location Gainesville, Florida

Years of Service 1969-1972

Duty Stations Ft. Dix, Ft. Hood, 7th RRFS


Steve Hanover -  MOS 058

Duty Stations 17th USASA Field Station Kassel 1966, and Gartow

​Location California


Don Harden - MOS 05K30

Location Cleveland, Tennessee

Years of Service 1977-1995

Duty Stations Torii; San Antonio, Torii, Ft Meade, Harrogate England, Pensacola


Gerald Hardesty - MOS = 058.2Dutystations = Okinawa


Bob Hare - MOS 04C

Duty Stations 3rd RRU
Current Location Racine, Wisconsin


Dave Harjala -  MOS 059
Duty Stations Ft. Devens 63 Ft Monmouth 63 Kang Wha Do 63-64 Sinop 64 Ft. Devens 64-65 Operated AA1KBO 65 at Devens.
Current Location Knoxville Tn
Comments/Questions: K8VOA CW and some SSB.


John Harrington - MOS = 35G and 35k
Duty stations = Sinop,  Turkey; Ft. Briggs, TX 156TH ASA Aviation from 1973 thru 1976

Jim Harris - was in Germany  from 1959-1962


Gary Harrison - MOS 98C

Location San Antonio, TExas

Years of Service 1968-1972

Duty Stations 335th Radio Research Co, Can Tho, Vietnam, 70-71
Det K, Wobeck, FRG.

Comments Just attended a reunion with the 335th RRC in New Orleans, La. Nice turn out.


Ronald E. Harrison - Years of Service 1965-1969 MOS 98J-20
Duty Stations Fort Devens, Mass., Camp Alamo and Camp Casey, Korea and Ft. Hood
Current Location I now live in Latham, New York
Comments I was with the 372nd, and then was tranferred to the 375th ASA co., and mworked as an EW operator

Jim Hart - 3rd RRU Davis Sta.


Carl E. Hartmann Jr - MOS 31K, 31S
Duty Stations 1968 Frankfurt 1968-1971 Herzo Base 16th ASAFS
Current Location Zionsville, IN


Tom Hartmann - MOS = 05H20
Stationed = Ft. Devens - AIT 8th RRFS Phu Bai, RVN
7th RRFS Udorn, Thailand 373rd ASA Bn. Ft. Hood TX
TDY Ft. Huachuca, AZ
Location = Eagle, WI
I am looking for any 05H's that have experienced hearing losses, particularly in the high frequency range.


Howard Hartz - 72 Bravo operator Served proudly at Sinop, Turkey(Tuslog Det 4) 70/71
Communications Center/hippodrome Best time of my life, great learning experience,serving & protecting the USA.


Bob Harvey - MOS = 05H
Duty stations = Ft Devens 1967-68, 330th RRC, 68-69, Co B, 318 ASA Bn, Herzo Base

Doug Harvey -MOS = 951(MP)
Stationed = Dix, Devens, Arlington Hall, Bragg Chitose
Location = MA

Message = Still kicking!


Charles Hatcher - MOS 1805

Duty Stations 1953-56...Ft. Devens, ASAPAC Tokyo, 8609 AAU Clark Field, Philippines.
Current Location Bella Vista, Arkansas


John Hatcher - MOS 98G2L80
Duty Stations Basic - Ft. Jackson 5 - 7/1966 Ft. Myer, VA (Vietnamese Language School 8/66 - 5/67 Goodfellow AFB, TX 6 - 8/67 265 th ASA Ft. Campbell, KY 9/67 - 12/67. 265th RRC Bien Hoa, Camp Eagle (TDY to 8th RRFS and 1st RRC Avn) 12/67 - 11/68. Ft. Meade Md. - NSA 12/68 - 5/70.
Current Location Jonesboro, AR


David Hatfield -  MOS 05G
Duty Stations AIT, Ft Devens, MA // USASA SIGSEC Spt Det USARAL Ft Richardson, AK // FORSCOM SIGSEC Spt Det 7th Inf Div Ft Ord, CA // USASATC&S Ft Devens, MA // HQ AFCENT, Brunssum, the Netherlands // 164th MI Co, Ft Monmouth, NJ // DIRNSA, Ft. Meade, MD // CENTCOM Fwd HQ, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia // DIRNSA, Ft Meade, MD // SSA, 524th MI Bn, Yongsan, Seoul, Republic of Korea // MI Bn (CI)(Scty), 902nd MI Group, Ft Meade, MD Current Location Severn, MD
Comments 1973 - 1994 Retired as a CSM(D)


Bruce W. Haupt - MOS 058

Duty Stations Kagnew Station 1964, USMA Prep School Fort Belvoir 1964, Kuma Station, Chitose 1965-66


Stephen Hawkins - MOS 05D

City And State York, PA (originally from Roanoke, VA. Now living in PA)
Years of Service 1962-1965
Duty Stations Ft. Devens(1962-1963), Ft. Wolters, TX(1963), Camp Humphreys, ROK(1964-1965), And Sok Cho Ri, ROK during my assignment to the 177th at camp Humphreys.
Comments Many fond memories of good work, good friends, and good times with the ASA.
MOS Started as an 058, converted to 056, Amy changed it to 054 and then to 05D. So, a Duffie at heart.


Al Hays -  MOS 98C and 95B
Duty Stations USASAFS Augsburg
Current Location Dallas, TX


James B. Hayes - Years of Service 1974-1995
MOS 32F, 05C, 31Z, 00E
Duty Stations 7th RRFS, Thailand
Greeley Hall, Ft Huachuca, Az
Current Location El Paso/ Ft Bliss, Tx


Jerry Haywood - MOS 95B20

Location Candor NC

Years of Service 2

Duty Stations Fort Jackson, Fort Gordon, and Fort Devens.

Comments During my Military Police training at Fort Gordon Ga. in 1971, I was selected to as part of the ASA team in Fort Devens Ma. I enjoyed my assignment at Fort Devens and made a lot of friends.


John Hazleton - MOS 05C40 radio teletype, also did some radio direction finding work

Duty Stations Ft Ord, Ca. 335th Ft Riley Kansas Bear cat Viet Nam, then north Chu Lai, back to states Ft Hood Tx
Current Location Flagstaff AZ
Comments I don't remember the stations north viet nam and I think the one in Ft Hood was 373rd Viet Nam 1967


Don Hazlett - MOS 98Z5MCX, 96B5MCX

Location Wilmington, NC

Years of Service 20 (1970 - 1990)

Duty Stations Ft Dix (BCT), Ft Devens (AIT/ADV CRS), TRRS (TAOT), 509th RRGP (S3), NSA, DLI POM (Czech), 326 ASA Co, FS Augsburg (Project Tracer Round), NSA (MECCAP), FS Augsburg (PAR Tech, S3 98C), SMA (1SG Crs 6-85), 166th MI CO, VHFS (1SG), DIA (SEIP), SMA (Class XXXII), 110th MIBN (S3 OPSGT).


Robert Hecht - MOS 05H20

Location Levittown. PA.

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations 12th USASA Field Station Chitose, Japan. 12/1966 - 7/1967 8th USASA Field Station. Phu Bai, Vietnam. 8/1967- 8/1968 1st USASA Field Station. Vint Hill Farms, VA. 9/1968 - 1/1970


Thomas Hedly - MOS 982

Years of Service 1961-1964
Duty Stations 9th ASAFS 1962-1964
Comments Am a member of many ASA orgs from 1998.
MOS 982


Hilton Heflin Jr -  MOS 273
Duty Stations Ft.Jackson,1960...Ft.Gordon,1960....9th ASA Fld Sta ,Clark AFB ,PI..1960 - 1962
Current Location retired..Raleigh nc
Comments feel free to contact me


Martin Heflin - MOS = 05H
Duty stations = 856 RRD


Bud Heilmann - MOS 95B

Location Pittsburgh, PA

Years of Service 1978-1981

Duty Stations 415th ASA Co. Idar-Oberstein 


Richard Heilman - MOS 98J30J1K3

Location Hampstead, MD

Years of Service 1976-1998

Duty Stations USASATCS Ft Devens, MA (4 times) 337th ASA Co, Ft Riley, KS Tuslog Det 4, Sinop INSCOM CONUS MI GP, Ft Meade, MD 99th ASA Co, Ft Meade, MD (Reserve) 323rd MI BN, Ft Meade, MD (Reserve)


Timothy Heimel - MOS 058 / 05H

Location Industry, Pennsylvania

Years of Service 1964-1968

Duty Stations 5th RRU, Bangkok, Thailand, Homestead Air Force Base, Florida, Vint Hill Farms, Virginia, 177th ASA - Camp Humphreys Korea

Comments Thanks for your efforts in maintaining this site - I have photos of both Thailand activities at Seri Court as well as Camp Humphreys in Korea


Richard Helble - MOS 058

Location Saint Augustine, FL

Years of Service 1961-1964

Duty Stations Devins; Ft. Clayton, CZ; Kuma Station, Chitose, Japan

Comments Got educated; have two daughters and four grandchildren, helping to raise two of them; try to stay clear of hurricanes but they keep finding me!


Gary Helderman - MOS = 05k40
Duty stations = Fort Devens, Shemya, Homestead
Served from 1971-1974 Hard to believe both field stations I served at are decommissioned. So goes life I guess. We were not respected then and forgotten now.


George Helfrick - MOS 31J

Location Gettysburg, PA

Years of Service 1967-1997 (?)

Duty Stations 177th ASA


Tom Hellman - MOS
Location Methuen, MA


Robert Helm - MOS 058
Duty Stations 8603DU Sobe Camp Later called Tori Station Okinawa
Current location Colorado
Comments 1954 Basic Ft. Leonard Wood, 1955 Ft. Devens, and then on to Okinawa until Sept 1957.


Thomas Helms - 1970-1973 MOS 98C
Duty Stations Frankfurt/Augsburg, Germany
Current location Indian Trail, NC
I worked in the "vault" between floors in the IG Farben building from 9/70 until 9/71 and then was transferred to the office of the IG for USASAEUR in Augsburg. When the officers rotated out I ran the IG's office along until LTC Ernest Costanzo was brought in from Herzo to be the new IG. Great guy and I wish I could locate him.


Don Helton - MOS 058.6

Duty Stations Kagnew Station
Location Birmingham, AL
Comments Served: July 1957 -July 1960 At Kagnew: July 1958 - July 1960


Edward Henderson - MOS = 33C20

Duty Stations Ft. Devens 1968-1969- 7th RRFS Thailand Oct 1969-Jully 1970 Phanom Sarakham, Thailand July 1970 Oct 1970 Ft. Devens Nov. 1970 - December 1971
Current Location Rochester Hills, MI
Comments I am retired from Chrysler Corporation. Have been married to my wife since I was at Ft. Devens in 1969. Have 2 children and 6 grandchildren.


Michael Henderson - Years of Service 1970-1974 MOS 98G and 04B
Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood
Ft. Devens Presidio of Monterey
Goodfellow AFB FT. Hood
Current Location Arlington, TX


Steve Henderson -  MOS 05H2FF3
Duty Stations Di An Lai Khe Tan Son Nhut Long Thanh North
Current Location Columbus, Ohio


Lee Hendley - MOS 285A
Duty Stations 138th Avn. Co. (RR) Phu Bai RVN '70 - '71. 326th ASA Co. (Opns Fwd) Flak Kaserne, Augsburg, FRG - '71 - '74 ASATC&S, Ft. Devens, MA, Ops Officer, 33 Maintenance Courses. - '74 -'76 and retirement.
Current Location Lakewood, WA
Comments/Questions: Great looking site. Thanks to all who have worked on putting it together. Please insert me into the Germany group, if you would.

CW2. After transferring from the U.S. Air Force Security Service to ASA, I went to Vietnam to the 138th Avn. Co. (RR) in 1970.  I did my year there as the Avionics Officer (CW2), and then went to the 326th Ops Co. (Fwd.) under the 502nd ASA Group in Augsburg. From there I went to Fort Devens to be the Operations Officer for the 33 courses. I retired from the Army on 30 June 1976.


William Hendley -  MOS 31J20 Teletype Maint. Secondary Mos 32D20 Fixed Station Tech Control (Crypto)
Duty Stations Ft.Jackson,S.C.64, Ft. Gordon,Ga. 32wks TTY School, 319th ASA Rothwestern Germany 65, 8th RRFS,PhuBai,RVN 66-67, Ft.Devens,Ma. USASATCS 68.
Current Location West Melbourne,Fl. 32904
Comments \"PhuBai is all Right\" \"A salute to those who didn't make it home\"


Ralph Edward Hendricks - MOS 05H

Duty Stations Korea/Thailand
Current Location Texas


Lawrence C. Hendy - Years of Service 53 months
MOS 05H Duty Stations Ft Leonardwood-basic
Ft Devens-05H Okinawa, Torii Station Fort Hood
Current Location Temple, Texas
Looking for anyone assigned to Torii Station from 1966 to 1968


Daniel Hennessy - MOS 056

Location Pt Pleasant Beach, NJ

Years of Service 1962-1965

Duty Stations Fort Dix, NJ, Fort Devens, Mass, 5th RRU, Bangkok,  Chang Mai
Ft Wolters, TX


Richard "Dick" Henson - MOS 11F, 05G, 97G

Location Woodbridge, VA

Years of Service 1965-1987

Duty Stations USASATR, Ft Devens; 7RRU Saigon; 2Plt, 101st RRC, Pleiku; USASA DET USARAL, Anchorage & Fairbanks; USASATC&S, Ft Devens; HQ, 201st ASA Co, Augsburg; USASATC&S, Ft Devens; USAIC&S, Ft Huachuca; HHC, 527th MI Bn, Kaiserslautern.


Walter (Bud) Herbert - MOS 058

Location Estero, Florida

Years of Service 12960-1963

Duty Stations Formosa(now Taiwan), Vietnam, Chitose Japan, TDY to Two Rock Ranch, California.


Thomas Hernandez - MOS 31E,71H

Location Kissimmee, FL

Years of Service 1970-1973

Duty Stations 

Kang-Wha-Do, Korea, Campp. Humphreys K-6, Korea 1971 - May 1972. 313th USASA BN, Ftt. Bragg NC May 1972 - June 1973

Comments Those were the Days...........Duffy's Tavern....Soo-Ju wine


Bob Herring - MOS = 31E20
Duty stations = Rothwesten, 371st RRU, Augsburg here ever you are, you are there.
I am here!


David Hershey -  MOS 05K20S2
Location - Jacksonville, FL



James Hess - MOS = intercept morse
Stationed = Eritrea Africa Location = Melbourne Fla. Message = ASA Africa 1948-1952 looking for James  Howell Texas I was stationed at Eritrea Africa from 1948-1952 would like to locate any buds from that experience.

Terry Hester - MOS = 72B40
Stationed = 508th USASA Gp. Korea Bad Aibling FS, Germany 8th RRFS, Phu Bai, VN
Location = Ocala, FL
Really enjoyed my time in the ASA. Met some really great people.


Alan Heywood -  MOS 058.2
Fort Devens-59 ; Torii Station 3rd ASA Field Station -59-61; Two Rock Ranch 2nd ASA Fld Station- 61; TDY 83rd Special Operations Unit, Helemano Oahu - Midway Island, Johnston Island 61-62.
Salem Oregon
Had the great opportunity to serve with some of the greatest guys in the world. Will always be proud of the effort and contributions that we made in both the Cold War and Vietnam. The \"Top-10\" doesn\'t really describe the chosen members of the ASA. I often think of all my buddies and some of the wacky and outrageous things we did to entertain ourselves. Miss those days and will cherish them forever.

Henry Hickey - MOS = 05C40/76Y30
Duty stations = 8th RRFS/326th ASA Co/ 329th ASA Co
ASA 1970-1976 great times and good friends ASA is still going in our minds

Eugene Hickman - MOS = 98G LGM
Duty stations = 7RRFS/FSB Berlin/331 ASA/165 MI BN/103 MI BN

Claude Hill - Years of Service 1964-1968 MOS 282.2, 33D40 33Z?
Duty Stations Ft. Devens. Ft. Meade, 51st SOC Torii Station Okinawa, Vint Hill Farms Station
Current location Winchester TN
After four years of active duty I left the ASA in January 1968 to work for the Mincom Division of 3M Company. I later became a Music Recording Engineer in Nashville TN and then designed and built many major Recording Studios and the Audio Mixing Consoles and Recording Systems for them, Film, Music, Live Sound and Broadcasting. I also worked for AT&T during the Internet revolution of 1995 and retired in July 2013 after helping design and deliver 5.1 Surround Sound to Network Television Broadcasting. My ASA Training and Systems experience enabled me throughout my 45 year career.


Dave Hill - MOS PMOS 98J30 SMOS 67B

Location Crestview, FL

Years of Service 1968-1972

Duty Stations 156 Aviation Co, Can Tho, Vietnam
Tuslog Det 4, Sinop, Turkey 

Ron "Doc" Hills - Years of Service 1966-1970
Duty Stations Kuma Station, Chitose, Japan
Current Location  Benbrook, Tx 76132

Leon Hiltner - MOS = 766
Stationed = Ft Richardson AK
Location = Maple Grove MN
Message = Looking for anyone who served at Ft Richardson around 1955.


Harold "Hal" Hinchcliffe -  MOS 83F20

Duty Stations HQUSASA EUR 1966-1969
Current Location Fridley, MN

James "Jim" Hinnant - Greets!
Former 05H here.  Finished AIT at Devens in early '74.  Went from there to Vint Hill Farms and on to Thailand (Ramasan Station) in July '74 - got booted out of the agency when I decided to marry a lovely Thai lady.  We have been married for 40 years - come 3 Mar 2015.
Did a lot of stuff after leaving ASA. Great to see the website!
Jim Hinnant
Chief, Communication Team
FORSCOM Public Affairs


Robert Hoag -  MOS 982.10
Duty Stations Fort Devens November 1959 to June 1960 (Training) Bad Aibling Germany June 1960 to September 1962
Current Location Concord, California
Comments Some of the best days of my life. Being at a small base in Bavaria halfway between Munich and Salzburg with some great people made life very enjoyable. Was back there in September 2014 - couldn\'t even recognize the place BUT the Maxlrain Brewery and Gasthaus still looks the same.

Phillip N. Hobby - MOS = 33D20
Stationed = 101st RRC Vietnam Vint Hill Farms Station Location = Mabelvale, AR


John Hoffman - MOS 33D20

Location Littleton, Colorado

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Augsburg 1973
Wobeck 1973-1974


Joseph Hogan - MOS 058, 059
Years of Service 1962-1965
Duty Stations Shemya and Fort Wolters
Current Location Harker Heights

Michael Hogan - MOS = 058
Stationed = Baumholder, Germany
Kassel, Germany Location = Houston, Texas


Toney L. Hogan - MOS 723.1

City And State Lawrenceville, GA
Years of Service 1963-1966
Duty Stations Frankfurt, Germany
Comments Tape relay center near the I.G. Farben building

​William Hoke - MOS 054
Duty Stations 600th ASA - Lecce, San Vito, Ravenna
Location Paris, Ohio
Comments memories


William Hoke MOS 054

Location Paris, Ohio

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Lecce/San Vito del normine, Revenna, Italy


Harry Holden - MOS = Computer specialist
Duty stations = Korea, Panama


Dan Holdredge - MOS = 72E40
Duty stations = Augsburg/Wobeck


John Holland -  MOS 05H
Duty Stations Ft. Devens Field Station Gabligen Field Station Augsburg
Current Location Dallas, TX
Comments/Questions: 74-77


Roger Holliday - MOS 31J, 35H Teletype Repair and cross trained for Facility Tech Control at Vint Hill Farms

​Duty Stations Vns int Hill Farms, Va,

Current Location Littleton Colorado
Comments I recently retired, and a couple of the folks I knew back in those days have contacted me and I would like to see who all else is still kicking around. I re-enlisted in 1978 to become a 35H (calibration). Got out of the Army in 1981 and worked for DOD as a civilian responsible for acquisition oversight on several intel programs, Aerial Common Sensor ACS, All Source Analysis System ASAS, Airforce U2..for 33 years. Thanks, it will be great to reconnect with the folks and catch up. Thanks, Roger​


Gordon Holmes - MOS = 059
Duty stations = Chitose

Jack Holt  - MOS = 0584H & 05594H
Stationed = Ft. Devans Mass. & Ankara Turkey Location = Hesperia, CA


Ron Holt -  MOS 98C20, Traffic Analyst
Duty Stations 3rd RRU, Saigon VN, 64-65 8th RRU, Phu Bai VN, 66 Det 3, 3rd RRU, Dak To VN, 66 406th RRD, Tuy Hoa VN, 66 406th RRD, Phan Rang VN, 66-67
Current Location West Palm Beach, FL


Vince Holt - MOS = post signal
Message = US ARMY 60 - 63


Frank Hones - MOS = 98G2LVN
Duty stations = 8th RRFS:  Phu Bai later Da Nang


Randall Hooton - MOS = 72b commo
Stationed = Camp Eagle May 68 to about Nov 68, then to L.Z. Sally til May 69 Location = Boonville Mo.
Message = I later served with Mac Mcdaniel in Thailand!! We have since hooked up in conus and had dinner last year 2014. Hope to see him again!


Chuck Hopkins -  MOS
Location Cleveland, Ohio


Michael Hopkins - MOS 33C20

Location Bristol, TN

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Berlin, Rudow Site 1


Jay Horn - MOS 33D, 35B

Location Cedarburg, WI

Years of Service 1972-1976

Duty Stations Cedarburg, WI


Steve Hornberger - MOS
Location Madison, AL


Bruce Horne - MOS = 98C
Duty stations = Torri, Vint Hill, 509th RR GP


Ken Horton - MOS = 04B2L
Stationed = Korea
Location = Richmond, VA.


Marlin Hostvet - MOS = 05K
Stationed = 502nd ASA Group, 326th ASA Company, Augsburg Germany and Mt. Meissner Detachment. 1974, 1975.
Location = Madison, Wisconsin
Message = I lost track of all of my ASA friends in Augsburg and Mt. Meissner. I am sure there are some still around.


John Hourihan - MOS = 98G2L80
Dutystations = Pleiku, PhuBai, Nha Trang
looking for any of my friends from 330th, 8th, Torii Station


Ralph E. Householder - MOS 1717

Duty Stations FortDevens 1951-1952 Mannheim Germany 1952-1954
Location Brunswick, OH

Jan Ed. Housley -  MOS 98C4H

​Years of Service 20.5
Duty Stations Devens(3)FS Japan(Hakata) RVN(Phu Bai) Thailand(Udorn) Bad Aibling(Retired here)
Location Aurora, Co

Bill Houston - MOS = 98C2P
Dutystations = Ft. Devens, Ft. Bragg, Ft. Benning, Ft. Bragg, Davis Station, RVN, 7th RRFS Udorn, Thailand, VHFS
Looking for Steve Harold, Dale Anderson, Daniel (Mac) McCreary, Kenneth Farmer, Ric Roden, all the guys from Davis Station and the 7th.

Joseph (Joe) Howard - MOS = 993 / 93J20
Duty stations = Det 4, Sinop, Turkey Merahaba


William J. Howard - MOS 71H, 93G
Duty Stations 75th MAC Houston, TX 1965-67 (Reserves) Ft. Polk, LA 1965 Basic Ft. Devens, MA 1967-1968 4th USASAFS (Kagnew Station) Asmara Ethiopia 1968-69 2rd USASAFS Two Rock Ranch, Petaluma, CA 1969-71 75th MAC, Houston, TX 1971-80 (Reserves)
Location Stagecoach, TX
Comments Served with Signal Research Unit No. 9 as a 93G at Kagnew Station. Served as 71H in the S-1 and driver for Command Staff at Two Rock Ranch. Rank: SP-5


​Charlie Howell - MOS 05K
Duty Stations Ft.Deven's 72-73 Augsburg 73-76
Current Location Cleveland, Oklahoma
Comments I am going to the ASA reunion in Oct. 2017... Hope to see my brothers and sister's there..

Charles Howlett - MOS = 76y30 and o5c
Stationed = co b usasa group korea 13 months. 138th ave co rr da nang 12 months, phu bai 6 months Location = florida

William Huber - MOS =05D20 Duty stations = Taiwan


Roy Huckabee - MOS

Duty Stations

Location Smithville, TX


Ross E. Hudgins - MOS = 05K20
Stationed = Ft. Devens for training.
Rothwesten Mt. Meissner Ramasun Station, Thailand Vent Hill Farms


Curt Hudson - MOS 72B20

Duty Stations 83rd RRSOU Bangkok Thailand 1967-1968 NSA Fort Meade, Md. 1968-1970
Current Location  Milford, DE
Comments I'm really excited to have the opportunity To reconnect with friends and comrades During an exciting growth period in my Life!!

Rick Hudson - ASA 64 - 68, 98J30
Dix, Devens, Gordon, Tuslog Det 4 Sinop Turkey, SOU23 Peshawar Pakistan

Carl H. Huffman - Years of Service 3 yrs, 3 mos, 26 days MOS 98J20/30 Duty Stations
Ft. Jackson, Ft. Devens, USASAEUR (IG Farben, Frankfurt), FS Berlin
Current location Aiken, SC
Some of the best times in my life were spent in ASA. Enjoyed the guys I worked with in Berlin and still talk to some of them to this day on a frequent basis. I'm a happily retired school teacher now.

Eldon Hughes - MOS = 98Z5MRU/AP/VN
Duty stations = 8th RRFS, 265th RRC, USASATC&S Goodfellow Detachment


Roger Huhman - MOS = 71L
Duty stations = HQ, 509th RR Group, Saigon


Rick Hunter - MOS = 05G
Stationed = ASA Gp Korea ASA Ops Co, Kanghwa Do Det R, ASA Gp Korea 313 USASA Bn, Ft. Bragg, NC
Location = Charlottesville, VA


Bruce Hurd -  MOS 05H
Location Lawrence, KS


​David M. Hurley - MOS 75B20, 71F20, 71L20
Years of Service 2 yrs
Duty Stations ASA Vint Hill Farms, Warrenton, VA
Comments I just found out about this site from a co-worker, and am curious if I can contact any former personnel I knew while serving on the base. I was a Company A unit clerk, MOS 75B20, a mail clerk MOS 71F20, and had one other additional MOS 71L20. I was transferred to the headquarters company before I was discharged in November 1974. I served about 16 months on the installation.


Jim Huskey - Dutystations = Okinawa
Anyone stationed there in 67-68.


Floyd Huston - MOS 76Z

Location Brewer, Maine

Years of Service 21

Duty Stations Vint Hill (VHFS) Warrenton Va. 1963-1969-1971-1975
Helemano Hawaii 1965- 1968
224th Avn Long Thanh North RVN 1970
502nd ASA /Group Augsburg 1972 -1975

Comments 1956 thru 1958 Signal Research Unit Ft Monmouth NJ With duty station at Evans Labs
1958 thru 1960 Unit 10 Tehran Iran


James Hutchens -  MOS 993.1
Duty Stations Offenbach 64 C Co, 319th Det M 64-67
Current Location PA


Phil Hutson -  MOS 05-H

Duty Stations devens 67-68 Nam 68-69 (358thRRD/405thRRC) 82nd ABN Two Rock (69-70) Kagnew Sta. (70-7Tehran Iran.1)

Current Location Asheboro, N.C.
Comments/Questions: hello boppers, wherever you are!


Edward Huttenlocher - MOS = 31J   &.  26D
Stationed = Camp Humphry Korea 7th RR Udorn Thailand Location = Virginia
Message = Looking for Boston Bob Hall  and Nickname was Charlie Brown. Can't remember his real name..


Norwood (Woody) Hux -  MOS 76Y

Location Harrisville, MI


Bill Hyder - MOS 05H20
Duty Stations Torri Station (51st SOC)
Current Location Lancaster Calif.
Comments/Questions: Ditty bopper between 1966 and 1968


Bruce Hyman - MOS 1967.1680

Location Portland, Oregon

Years of Service 1958-1962

Duty Stations Army Language School. Monterey CA, 1958-59; Ft. Meade MD, Aug-Sep 1959;
9th ASA Field Station Sept 1959- Mar 1961.
325th ASA Battalion, Ft Devens MA, Oct 1961- Aug 1962.

Comments Looking for others who served in the Philippines, and for the next reunion.

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