Find Friends I to L

Michael Iacovella - MOS = 72B

Duty Stations = Camp Drake, Ft Devens, Arlington HallI was stationed USASACUJ Jul 66-68 Trick D SFC Stinson, Ft Bragg/ Ft Devens and completed my tour Arlington Hall Jan 1970 discharged. Anybody who remembers me please email


Jerold Ibberson - MOS 33I
Duty Stations Fort Devens 1972, Vint Hill Farms Station 73-75, Torii Station. TDY 73-75
Current Location Ellendale Minnesota
Comments I loved Okinawa. Hope to connect with some of the old troop. ASA World Wide Installation Team.

George Infantino - MOS O5H-20
Duty Stations 7th RRFS Thailand, 71/72 Field Station Augsburg, Germany 72/73
Current location Island Park, New York.


Larry Ing - MOS

Newport News, VA

Hurb Ingles - MOS = 33C30 33S
Duty stations = Devens Sinop Devens 69 - 70 Sinop 70 - 71 Devens 71 - 78

Bruce Ingraham - MOS = 058
Dutystations = Ft. Wolters, Texas Looking for Ft. Wolters STRAC members. Joseph Jackovich

Leslie (Chuck) Irwin - MOS = 75C20
Stationed = Ft Leonard Wood, MO
Location = Trimble, MO Looking for people stationed at the USASA Detachment, Fort Leonard Wood, MO between 1972 -1974

Joseph Jackovitch - MOS = 321 - 324
Duty stations = Vint Hill Farm Station
Stationed at Vint Hill Farms Station from s December 60 to July 63.  First assigned to supply and maintenance. Transfered to operations a few months later.  Was on Operations line crew.  Looking for Lloyd Williams, Ken Casey, John Chier, Ed Sommers, Robert Hulsey.  and  any others that are still alive that remember me.


Michael W. Jacobs -  MOS 05G30H

​Duty Stations Ft. Defense 4th core 101st rrc Vietnam 602 Asa det
Current Location Bucyrus OH
Comments I was happy to find this site.i was proud to be part of ASA


Steven Jacobs - MOS 05K/05F

Duty Stations USASAFS Berlin Co. A (71-75) 371 ASA Co. Ft. Hood, TX (75-77) 328 ASA Co. Augsburg Germany (77-78)
Current Location Orlando, FL

Comments Enjoyed what I did!


Dan Jacobson - MOS 05G

Location Viroqua, Wisconsin

Years of Service 1974-1978

Duty Stations Ft.Devens, Mass. and Hawaii

William Jacques - MOS = 723
Duty stations = Davis Station, 3 RRU
Also stationed at USASA Comm Unit Japan, also Det 27 Ankara Turkey,also the 375 EW Company Killeen Texas. 1964 Till 1968..

Keith Jahnke - MOS = 05H / 98B
Stationed = Hakata Japan Ft Hood, TX
7th RRFS Thailand Ft. Meade, MD
Location = Salem, VA

Robert James - MOS = 98C20
Stationed = Ft. Devens 508th ASA, Korea 509th Radio Research Group, Vietnam Two Rock Ranch, Petaluma, CA Vint Hill Farms Station, Warrenton, VA
Location = Knoxville, TN They're sending V's.


Winthrop James Jr - MOS 286

Duty Stations Bremerhaven, Germany from Sept 1958 to Mar 1960
Current Location Retired and living in Athens, Texas
Comments I would like to locate other buddies who were stationed in Bremerhaven when I was there.


Billy Jameson - MOS = 05K/052AO
Stationed = Ft. Devens; Harrogate, England; TRRS Petaluma, CA; Sinop, Turkey; Hakata, Japan; Herzogaunarch and Augsburg, Germany; NSA Location = Monroe, LA Message = Enlisted USASA in 1961, rose up thru enlisted ranks to SSG, the made WO1 and CW2, then medically retired in 1976.


Thomas Jameson - MOS 98J20

Location Severance, CO


William "Bill" Jamieson - MOS 05H
City And State Weaverville, NC
Years of Service 1966-1970
Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood (Basic), Ft. Knox (AIT-Armor), Ft. Devons (AIT), 7th RRFS, Thailand


John Janca - MOS = 34D20 ADPE Repair
Stationed = Ft. Leonard Wood Ft. Monmouth
Vint Hill Farms Ft. Meade Vint Hill Farms
Shemya Vint Hill Farms
Location = Richmond, VA
Message = My year on Shemya (1968-69)was an experience that I will remember all my life.


Charles Jarboe - MOS 05D30
Duty Stations Fort Devens 1968 69-70 -7th radio field station at Ubon and Udorn Thailand. 1970 -74 Berlin Germany
Current Location Lincoln Ri.

Gerry Jarvis - MOS
Location Temecula, CA

Rich Jaslovsky - (Primary)058 - (Secondary)054
5th RRU Bangkok 06/02/1966-09/01/1966 -- 83rd RRSOU Bangkok 09/02/1966-09/26/1968 -- 83rd RRSOU Detachment B/J 09/27/1968-07/31/1970 -- 7th RRFS Detachment C/J 08/01/1970-07/07/1971
Kearny, New Jersey
In September 1968 I along with 3 other 058\'s went to Ubon Detachment B to do intercept feasibility and started what officially became Detachment J in July/August 1969. The new Det. J was now at the Ubon Royal Thai Air force Base, home of the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing.


Clarence Jeffereys - MOS 72B

Location Noble, Oklahoma

Years of Service 1962-1965

Duty Stations FT Leonard Wood, Ft Devens, Ft Benning, Ft Gordon, Det 27 Turkey, Two Rock Ranch

Comments Would like to hear from someone around the okla city area


Steve Jellison - MOS 058

Location Charlotte, NC

Years of Service 7

Duty Stations Sinop Vint Hill Farms USNS Robinson Devens Fr. Leonard Woods

Jim Jenkins - MOS = 05K20

Duty stations = Fort Devens, Ayre MA, Kagnew Station, Asmara, and Two Rock Ranch Station, Petaluma CA
Message = Going to the ASA Reunion on September 18-21, 2014 in Alexandria VA.


Robert (Bob) Jenkins - MOS 058
Duty Stations Ft Devens '64, Chitose, Japan '64-67, Homestead AFB, FL '67-Dec '68
Location Orlando, FL
Comments wow, took me 46 years to find this site. I can't remember too many names, but I remember the guys. Snowballs in Northern Japan and black out drunks in south Florida.


Roy Jenkins -  MOS 05K H3
Duty Stations Torii Station
Current Location Elyria, Ohio


Frank Jennings -  MOS 05H20, 33S20

Duty Stations Ft Devens 73,, 74-75, Vint Hill Farms 73, Kelly AFB 75, Ft. Bliss 76-77, Augsburg Germany 77-78
Current Location Chesapeake Va

Glenn Jennings - MOS = 52B20 powerman
Stationed = basic Ft Jackson/AIT Ft Belvoir VA/Ft Carson CO/Ft Riley KA/bear cat Viet Nam/and other bases/Ft Hood TX/Berlin Germany/home Location = Pensacola FL Message = I realy loved my entire tour

Richard Jennings - MOS = 05K
Duty stations = Augsburg Germany AIT Pensacola FL Field Station Augsburg 76-78

James M Jewell - MOS = 059
Duty stations = Baumholder Germany 1957-59
Looking for Ken Kaufman, Rod Clark, Jerry Ackerman,Dick Brunelli, Don Skaff


Allan Johnson - MOS 991

Duty Stations SOU 23-1 Lahore Pakistan Vint Hill Farms Station

Location Port Orange, FL


Daniel Johnson -  MOS 287
Duty Stations Herzo Germany
Current Location Hillsborough NJ
Comments/Questions: anyone out there from years 1960 to 1963

Dennis Johnson - MOS = 98J20
Stationed = Fort Monmouth, Fort Huachuca, Fort Hood Location = Pender NE


Dennis Johnson -  MOS 98C40
Duty Stations Ft. Devens  Vint Hill  Sinop Turkey Phu Bai Shemya
Current Location Arcadia FL


​Don L. Johnson - MOS 26K
Duty Stations 1st tour was Shemya for 18 months
2nd tour Chitose Japan (Kuma Station) and discharged in July 1969 as a SPC 5.

​ Comments Re-joined to go to flight school and then retired in 1991 after tours at Ft. Rucker (2 tours---one for a year and then one for 3 years with several trips back there for schools along the way), Wertheim Germany, (3 years), Wiesbaden and Mainz-Finthen Germany (3 years), Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD (5 years) a couple of months at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO, 6 months at Ft Benning, GA....
Retired from my second career as a corporate pilot in 2007 and have lived in Reno, NV since 1999.

Frank L. Johnson - MOS = O224  Com Center Crypto Officer Stationed = 11th US ASA Field Station Baumholder, Germany
Location = Tampa, Florida Message = 1957 - 1960


Jackie I. Johnson -  MOS 058
Duty Stations 12th USASA field Station
Current Location Bennet NE


John Johnson - MOS 95B

Location Coweta, OK

Years of Service 1970-1982


John Johnson -  MOS 98J20

Duty Stations NSA, TUSLOG Det4 Sinop, Special Activities Detachment 3, Chitose Japan
Current Location Port St. Lucie, FL
Comments April 66 - April 70 “a good time was had by all” anyone else from SAD3, like to here from you


Robert Johnson - MOS 05H20
City And State Lebanon, IN
Years of Service 1970-1973
Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood, Ft. Devens, 7th RRFS Thailand, Vint Hill Farms Station
Comments Would love to find some old friends, 7th '71-'72, Vint Hill '73


Roger Johnson - MOS = 98C20
Stationed = Ft. Leonard Wood Ft. Devens
Sinop Turkey Bad Aibling Germany
Location = Bourbonnais Illinois
Like to hear from anyone I was stationed with at any duty station they all have special memories


Steve Johnson -  MOS 058-054-053
Duty Stations Korea-177-Sok jo ri-65-66 Vietnam-144- Na tran-66-67
Current Location Fairfield- Ohio


Steven Johnson - Years of Service 1966-1972
Duty Stations Devens
373 Ft Hood, 409th, 11th ACR Vietnam
265th, 101st Abn Vietnam Ft Bragg
USASA Det Alaska Ft Hood US Navy Hosp. San Diego
Current Location Alvarado, Tx.


Steven "Steve" E. Johnson - MOS 33B

Location Richardson, TX

Years of Service 1967-1970

Duty Stations Ft Leonard Wood, MO Ft Devens, MA USASA Field Station Berlin


Timothy B. Johnson - MOS = SIT DF Operator 056?
Stationed = 12th USASA Field Station Chitose Japan, September 1959 - September 1961 Location = Lucas, Ohio Message = School in Devens 1958,59 in Company A directly across the road from Robbin's pond.

Jon M. Johnston - Years of Service 5
MOS 98G Duty Stations Torii Field Station 1972-73
Current location York, PA
Now CWO4 Ret US Army (33 yrs) Anyone served at Torii 1972-73?
Comments Any kindred spirits out there who loved the Royal Restaurant's beef-fried rice?​

Mike Johnston - MOS = 98c
Duty stations = Saigon, Davis Station HQ 509th HQ. 1970-73
Arthur W. Jones - MOS 052 Hi-Speed Radio Operator, 054 DF Operator, 055/05G ComSec Monitro, 74F Computer Programmer
Duty Stations Ft Gordon, Ft Bragg, SHAPE Paris, Ft Devens, Ft Kobbe CZ, Ft Hood, SHAPE Paris/Belgium, AFSOUTH Naples, Davis Station RVN
Location Montgomery AL (AFRH Gulfport in Nov 15)
Comments Assigned to SHAPE Paris to 852d CRD in 56, unit was changed to 103d ASA Det, then intergrated into ACE ComSec


Bill Jones - MOS 965/988

Duty Stations HERZO Base 6th Field Station 318th ASA Battalion
Location  Southfield MI
Comments Ft Devens 1957 Presidio of Monterey 1957 Herzo Base 6th Fld Sta 1958
Gil Jones - MOS = 05H/71L
Stationed = 509th RRG Location = Greenville SC
Message = Just found out about you guys. Glad to see that we have a place to talk. Nobody really to remember with out here. Very few of us.


Edward "Tate" Jones - MOS 235A

Location Sierra Vista, AZ

Years of Service 1964-1997

Duty Stations All over. Sinop, Turkey VN Okinawa Germany times 2 Korea Fiji Australia New Zealand Pakistan


Henry (Ken) Jones -  MOS 05D, 05H, 986A
Duty Stations 1964 Fort Devens 1964-65 3rd RRU 1964-65 8th RRFS 1966 Fort Devens 1966 Homestead 1967-68 7th RRFS Udorn 1968-69 Fort Bragg, NC 370th ASA Company 1969-72 14th USASA Field Station, Hakata 1972 Fort Riley, KS 337th ASA Company 1973 7th RRFS, Udorn, Chaing Mai, Ubon 1974-76 Fort Bliss, TX 156th Aviation Company 1976-77 USASA FIELD STATION Korea 1978-80 Fort Devens 1980-83 Idar Oberstein, Germany 108th MI Battalion 1983-84 USASA Test, Evaluation Center, Fort Huachuca, AZ
Current Location
Warsaw, Missouri

Joe Jones - MOS = 058
Duty stations = Chitose


Kenneth Jones - MOS 05K3HU1-U9, 98C30, 33S20

Duty Stations Ft. Devens Ditty-Bop School (couldn't get past 15 gpm) FS Augsburg (2)/Torii Station(2)/332nd ASA Co (FWD) Korea/(Once was enough), and a couple others even I don't know about.
Current Location Sitting at my desk, facing east. Planet Earth. Kennett, Missouri
Spent long time in far east. Glad to see ASA is Alive and well. I was at Torii when they killed ASA. At least now I can say, yeah I was ASA. Instead of yeah, I was in the Army. Oh, The march to splinter city (1600 area). Always UPHILL. Look on Googlemaps at Devens now. Seems they built a golf course on the ol ammo dump. Those turkey hearders ain't got no sense.

Mark Jones - MOS = 05H
Stationed = Vintage Hill Farms,
Vietnam Nam, Okinawa
Location = Denton, TX


​Ronald Jones - MOS 989
Counter measure search and analysis specialist
Fort Dix, NJ basic Training 1954 ; Fort Monmouth, NJ Counter Measure School; Vienna, Austria 9491st TU/SST changed to the 7224 DU ASA - 1955; Bad Aibling, Germany 1956; Berlin, Germany 22nd ASA Detachment at Rudow rotated for separation June 1957.
Non Active 80 yr old living in Altamonte Springs , FLorida
You can find me on the website Berliner Kamaraden for pictures but they are post Vienna.


William Jones - MOS = 05k
Stationed = Kagnew station also Korea
Location = Ridgely,Tn.
Message = still here all is well hope eveything is fine with you

Virgil Jose -  MOs 981.1, 982.2

Duty Stations 177th USASA Det, 508th ASA, Yong Dong Po, Korea, 1961-61. TA Spec & COMINT writer/reporter. Anybody home or have you all gone to the Big PX in the sky?

Location  Apple Valley, CA


Ryan Jost -  MOS 05D20
Duty Stations 175 RR in Bien Hoa 1968 Nuidat Detachment 1969 Bad Aibling Germany 1970 Pocking Site 1970-1971
Current Location S. Range WI


Stephen D. Joy -  MOS 05H20
Duty Stations Phu Bai. Ft Hood. Sobe Okinawa Misawa japan
Current Location Indianapolis, Indiana

Jim Judge - MOS O5H
Duty Stations Ft. Devens, Ft. Carson, Shemya AFB, Hakata Admin Annex
Location Casper, Wyoming
Comments Hey y'all. Gotta be more than just me in the whole state of Wyoming!!!


Larry Jupin -  MOS 98C
Duty Stations 12th USASA FS Chitose, Japan 1967-1969
Current Location Still have a residence in Louisville Ky. Spending February thru April in Ormond Beach Florida, traveling in my motorcoach. ​

Rick Jurek - MOS = 05H20
Duty stations = Pleiku and Bangkok
Looking for old buddies from the 330th and 83rd


​Jimmy Jurls - MOS
Years of Service 1957-1960
Duty Stations Baumholder, Germany
Current Location Dallas, TX
Comments Spent 30 months in Germany with ASA.

Donald Kadetz - MOS
Location Louisville, KY


Randall Kahn - MOS 05H

Duty Stations Torii Station
Location La Crosse, WI


Roger Kapusta - MOS = 05H20
Duty stations = 1973-1975 Okinawa 1975-1976 Korea
1973 - Basic @ Fort Leonardwood, MO 1973 - MOS Training @ Fort Devens, MA 1973-1975/76 Sobe Field Station (Torii Station, Okinawa) 1975-1976 Camp Humphreys, Camp Casey, Korea 1976 ETS Fort Lewis, WA


Gary Karaff - MOS = 98J
Stationed = Ft Devens Ft Huachuca
Various TDY Shemya
Location = Liberty  MO (Kansas City)


Bill Karge - MOS 05H, 98Z

Location 05H, 98Z

Years of Service 1952  - 1997

Duty Stations Basic at Ft Knox Mos ting at Devens 01/53 - 09/53. 326th CRC Korea 09/53 - 11/54. 327th CRC Koyoto, Japan 12/54 - 05/56. Instructor, Ft Devens 06/56 - 06/ 62. Ft Kobe and Ft Clayton, Panama 07/62 - 04/64. Instructor, Ft Devens 05/64 - 05/65. Det J & 8th RRU, Phu Bai 05/65 - 07/66. Vint Hill Farms, VA 07/66 - 09/69. Asmara, Eithopia 09/69 - 09/70 373 ASA Co, Ft Hood, TX 09/70 - 03/71. Udorn, Thailand 03/71 - 08/71. 030 ASA Bn, Ft Hood, TX 08/71 - 09/72. Student detachment, Ft Sam Houston, TX 09/72 - 06/76. NCOIC dep 2, Chief Instructor USASATCS, and CSM is Support Bn, Ft Devens 06/76 - 06/79. CSM 512th Arrty Bn. Gunesburg, Germany


Edward P. Kasaba - MOS 05H
Duty Stations Maywood Bell California, Fort Dix, Fort Devens, Fort Bragg and Fort Benning
Current Location Thousand Oaks California
Comments 201st Special Ops ASA (reserve) out of Maywood Bell California (1969-1976 approx)


Brian Kear - 286.1

​Duty Stations Shemya 1960 Clark Air Base 1061, 62
Current Location Muldrow, OK

Joseph Kearney Jr - MOS = 76y30
Duty stations = Ft Hancock sandy hook
I am looking for former members I served from Nov 28 1969 thru June 1975


Richard Keaton - MOS 05G20

Location Haskell, Ok

Years of Service 1964-1968

Duty Stations Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., Ft. Devens, Ma., 600th ASA Co., Vicenza, It, 265th ASA Co., Ft. Campbell, Ky, 265th RRU


Robert Keith -  MOS 05G
Duty Stations Da Nang 138th av 1966-1967 Can Tho 101st rrc 4th Platoon 1968-1968
Current Location San Diego, CA


Jerry Keller - MOS 058.1

Location Murrieta, California

Years of Service 1958-1961

Duty Stations 12th Field Station - Kuma station Hokkaido Japan 1959 - 1961

Comments Of course Viet Nam was not a shooting war for us when I volunteered we were lucky enough to be sent to Northern Japan. Probably the best thing I did in my youth. We have a reunion every year at different locations around the country and a quarterly newspaper. I'm almost 80 now and most of the guys I was tight with have passed on to their maker, so I don't attend. Anyway' it was a great 2 years being in different culture and scenery and playing sports with a lot of great guys. And knowing how vital we were to the security of our country was important to us all.


Mark Keller - MOS = 05H20
Duty stations = Camp Evans & Phuc Vinh & Rothwesten Served 1967 thru 1971.
Basic at Fort Ord, ditty bopper school in Massachusetts, then Viet Nam 1968 - 1969 with First Cavalry Division (371st RRC), Rothwesten from '69 thru '71


Johnnie Kelley -  MOS 98G3L63

Duty Stations 17th USASAFS, Rothwesten, Germany 1966-1969
Current Location Muskogee, OK


Mike Kelley - MOS = 98C20
Duty stations = 69 Ft. Devens, 70 509th, 71 Det J - Ubon


Michael T. Kelly - MOS 31J20B3
Duty Stations Can Tho Vint Hill Farms
Location Charlottesville, Va
Leslie Kelly - MOS = 988.1668 and 98G2L68
Duty Stations = 326ASA Company, Ft Bragg and Homestead AFB, subsequent 6th USASAFS 1962-65 Spanish Language Voice Intercept.
Don Matthews notes that he was there as an 058 during much of that time. Would like to get in touch with him.


Thomas Kelly - MOS 76Y30

Duty Stations Chitose Japan - 8th RRFS Phu Bai Vietnam - 407th RRD Quang Tri Vietnam
Current Location Winnfield, Louisiana
Comments Looking for old friends that served with me.


William (Bill) Kelly -  MOS 058
Duty Stations Menwith Hill Station
Current Location Swannanoa, NC
Comments/Questions: Service 1962-65, now ham radio operator, favorite mode CW!

Sam Kemp - MOS = 058/H, 055/G, 98Z
Duty stations = Korea, Italy, Vietnam, Hawaii, Germany, Ft. Hood, West Fort Hood (Master Project ) Ft Huachuca, & Camp Wolters, TX Retired Nov 1st 1977 as MSG E-8......Hoping to find friends from Europe, Korea, wherever.....May have forgot being stationed in Hawaii, Co. A, ASAPAC


Robert J. (Jim) Kempf - MOS 058.30

Duty Stations Chitose, Japan
Current Location Amherst, NH
Comments Fort Leonard Wood, MO for basic, Ft. Devens, MA for 058 training, Chitose, Japan (1960-1962)


Steve Kendall -  MOS
Duty Stations Heilbronn
Current Location Tucson, AZ


Ralph Keniston - MOS 98G2LGM
Duty Stations USASAFS Berlin


Thomas (Tom) Kennedy - Years of Service 1966 - 1970 MOS 05D20
Duty Stations Nha Trang - 313th RRBn, Pleiku - 330th RRC, Cam Ranh Bay - 330(Det), Vint Hill Farms VA.
Current location Littleton, NC
Time has gone by pretty fast. Seems like just yesterday I was spending 12 hrs on and 12 hrs in the EM Club at 330th Pleiku. Wow, then the Det at Cam Ranh


Tom Kennerly -  MOS 059
Duty Stations Kagnew Station 56-58
Current Location Camp Hill PA


Tom Kenney - MOS = 31J20
Stationed = Ft Dix 1967 Ft Gordon 1967 Camp Drake 68-70 Vint Hill 70-71
Location = Fort Myers, Florida
Would enjoy finding old friends.


Neil Kepner - MOS 04B
Duty Stations Frankfurt Germany
Current Location De Kalb, Illinois


Jack Kerr -  Maybe it's my age and I want to look back at my ASA days but i find very little about the 1951-1953 era in Europe inn the various web sites.  If you don't mind reading a long E-mail, I hope you will indulge me .  I am currently 85 years old with a perfectly clear memory of the period.
I enlisted in ASA one month from my college graduation in July, 1951.  After basic training at Ft. Knox, KY, I began and completed Morse Intercept School at Fort Devens (MOS 3717).  During the Devens period, I had applied for OCS ,was accepted and in June, 1952 began OCS at Ft Monmouth receiving my commission on December 18th.
I was reassigned for a short time ---about 5 months ----to Devens along with 14 other brand new Lieutenants (all ASA) in what was called  "casual" status.  In May, we all received various permanent assignments in Germany, Korea, Hawaii, etc.
My assignment was to the 331st Comm Recon Company then stationed in Giessen, Germany,  My new MOS was 0225, Communications Intelligence Officer. On June 1st , I was given my first "command" (6 Army Language School grads in Russian, a cook and one of the best SFC's I ever encountered, Billy Bennett,
deceased in 2012).
Our mission was to do reconnaissance in the then British Zone of Germany to locate good voice intercept sites.
I was ordered to touch base with the British Army HQ in Hannover just as a formality.  I did so on June 2nd only to find that those gentlemen were all partying.  June 2, 1953 was Coronation Day for Queen Elizabeth ! !
To shorten this tale, we found a number of sites , and it was decided to do a Summer encampment at one of them near the village of Konigslutter.  I don't remember just how many of the Company were assigned, but all of the various skills were employed and they even had an Engineer Company put in temporary field tents, cook tents, roadways,etc, I also established contact with a British Royal Signals Unit about 5 km from our base where they were doing the same thing They were located in the village of Langeleben and were commanded by a Sandhurst Graduate, Major Pat Walker.
His Exec was a "citizen soldier" like myself, LT Andrew Robertson , a Scot from Aberdeen,
Their unit holds annual reunions (sometimes in Langeleben) even after 62 years !  I became fast friends with these gentlemen and we kept in touch for many years.
In July , the  armistice was signed that ended the Korean Was and anyone who had 24 months or more of service who wanted early release could request it.  I did and received my discharge in October, 1953,
Some of theme I served with:  Capt. Ken Sutherland  331st C?C Company CO    Lt. Vernon Crabtree (a Bataan Death March: Survivor)  Lt. Bert Schlesinger  SFC Billy Bennett  Cpl Joe Kirby Cpl John Morris WO Peter Ballyck (An ASA Legend) I can probably come up with a couple of more names.  I'm in touch weekly with Tom Barnett who was one of the 14 new Lieutenants mentioned above,  He lives in Houston.  I also worked for a couple of years in the Marstelleer Advertising Agency with a gentleman named Curt Thomas who was a T/A in the 331st. Thanks for listening !


William "Bill" Kessler - MS 286.1, 33B, 33C, 33S, 33T

Location Citrus Heights, CA

Years of Service 1964-1968 Active, 1974-1994 Reserve

Duty Stations Fort Devens; Det 27, Ankara, Turkey; "The Hill, West Berlin; 309th ASA Bn, Bell CA; 519th ASA Co, Mt View, CA; 363 MI Bn, Sacramento, CA.


Clyde (Ray) Kessler - MOS 31Z50

Duty Stations Hq ASAE (Frankfurt, Germany) 1949-1951 319th USASA BN (Kassel, Germany) 1963-1966 Hq Co 508th USASA Gp (Korea) 1966-1967 51st USASASOC (Okinawa) 1967-1969 RRCUV (VietNam) 1969-1970 USASACUP (Phillipines) 1970-1971 USASAFS (Okinawa) 1971-1972
Current Location Arlington, Texas
Comments/Questions: Entered ASA in 1948 and OJT for mos 72B and then 31Z. Was 1SG of my last 5 assignments.


Richard Kezar -  31E20 ; 33G30
Duty Staions 67-68 Co A 508th USASA Bn ; Co A USASA GpK - Korea; 69- Fort Devens; 70- Co A 318th USASA Bn Herzo
Location Aberdeen SD

It would be great to hear from anyone with shared experiences, especially in Vietnam.
For many years, I have been trying to locate two brothers who were my friends at Devens and also at the 175th RRC. They are Ronald S. Smith and Richard L. Smith from Utah. They were both 05H20s. I can't seem to find either of them. Thanks in advance for any help.


Paul T. Kiefer -  MOS 058
Location Radcliff, KY


Mike Kiessling - MOS = 98G2LKP Duty stations = Field Station Korea


Paul T. Kiefer - MOS = 058
Duty stations = 177th USASA  Korea
Looking for vets 1963-4-5


Kenneth Kilby - MOS 05H3Y4

Location Summerville, SC

Years of Service 1975-1988

Duty Stations Misawa 76-78, San Antonio 78-80, Okinawa 80-82, Ft. Campbell, KY 82-84 & Kunia 84-88

Comments Also worked as an 05D while in Okinawa @ 1981


Larry Kilmer - MOS = 98c

Location Hedgesville,WV

Years of Service 1963-1967

Duty stations = 8th RRU Phubai, Homestead AFB


Thomas "Tom" Kimpton - MOS = 98G2LRU
Stationed = DLI - Sep 74 - Jun 74 Goodfellow AFB - Jun 74 - Sep 74 Ft. Devens - Oct 74 - Dec 74
851st ASA Co - Jan 75 - Jun 78
Location = Utah (soon to be Seattle)
Message = There are Mt. Meissner and two (at least) 851st ASA Co. pages on Facebook. Would really like to reconnect with any 851 personnel.


David A. King - 1955-56
Anti Aircraft Small Unit Commander Duty Stations Company A, 301st ASA Bn Location Uijongbu and Paju Ri
Can't remember my MOS numeric. Was assigned to ASAFE following completion of Officer Basics at Ft. Bliss. Four from my class were assigned to ASAFE


Ron King -  MOS 71H20

City And State Ft Wayne IN
Years of Service 1966 - 1968
Duty Stations Herzo, Germany


Willie King - MOS = 64c
Duty stations = Fort Rucker, AL. I was in the 108th Quarter Master Co. 1974- 1977


Eric Kirkeeng - MOS = 67G20
Dutystations = Ft. Bliss Texas, Project Guardrail Germany


Charles Kirkpatrick - 1971 - 1974 MOS 31J20 Duty Stations 8th RRFS Phu Bai, Da Nang, 372 ASA Hawaii Current location Michigan Wondering if any of the old 8th RRFS from Da Nang 1973 are still out there


Robert Kittoe - MOS = 98J
Stationed = 319th Rothwesten Germany; 326th Augsburg Germany
68 - 72 Location = Alliance, Ohio


Barry Kjelland - MOS 81E40

Duty Stations Kagnew, HHC 303rd RRBN Long Bien, 371st RRC Phouc Vinh, 175th RRC Bien Hoa
Current Location Darien, WI


​John Klawitter - MOS Vietnam Linguist/codebreaker
Duty Stations 1962 - 47 Weeks Vietnamese, DLI, Monterey 1963 - Puzzle Palace 1964-1965 3rd RRU, Tan Son Nhut
Current Location Southern California
Comments/Questions: I'd do it all over again. Honest.


Wayne Kleckner -  MOS 74F (computer programer)
Duty Stations Arlington Hall Station 67 Ft. Clayton, Panama 68-69 Ft. Devens, MA 69 Tori Station Okinawa 70-71
Current Location Davenport, Florida


Gary Klein - MOS 33C20S1 (Radio Receiving Systems Repairman - Special Purpose

Location Okmulgee OK

Years of Service 1970-1973

Duty Stations Basic - Ft. Leonard Wood School - Ft. Devens Overseas - TUSLOG DET FOUR, Sinop, Turkey Stateside - 156th ASA Aviation Company, Ft. Bliss (Biggs Army Airfield), Texas


George Klein - MOS 058

Location Ocean View, DE

Years of Service 1962-1963

Duty Stations 313 ASA BN CO C Ft Lewis, WA


Wayne Kline - MOS 98G

Duty Stations TUSLOG Det 4-4
Current Location Nottingham, PA
Comments Looking for contact with Douglas Woodward and Ray Borens.


Mike Knebel - MOS 05K20H2

Location Tulsa Oklahoma

Years of Service 7.5

Duty Stations After Ft. Devens - Taipei Taiwan(downtown) Homestead AFB Udorn Thailand Torii Station(Okinawa) Fart Hood Tx(375th)

Comments Loved the Agency, hated the Army.


David Knight - MOS 33B,C,D,G- 98J

Location West Baldwin, Maine

Years of Service 1966-1972

Duty Stations Devens, Shemya, Atsugi NAS, Devens, Ft Huachuca


Gary Knighton - MOS =
Stationed = Shu Linkou Air Station, Taiwan (ROC) Location = Indian Trail, NC Message = I am looking for Jeffrey Smith "Smitty" who was stationed at Shu Linkou Air Station with the 76th USASA.  The last I heard was he was returning to New York to become a teacher.  Please respond to my e-mail at Thanks.


Bill Knipper - MOS 98J

Duty Stations Fort Devens 73-74 Sinop, Turkey 74-75 Fort Huachuca 75-76
Current Location Las Vegas, NV


Steve Knorr - MOS = 95B

Location Canal Winchester, Ohio
Duty stations = Hawaii, Davis Station, Vint Hill, TUSLOG Det 4 Hello all Served from 66 to 70


Carlos (Los) Knotts - MOS 722
Duty Stations Camp Drake, Asaka, Japan
Current Location Jarrettsville, Maryland
Comments/Questions: Stationed at Camp Drake 12/1961 - 4/1964.


Eugene Knox - MOS 33B20

Location Chatsworth, NJ

Years of Service 1967-1970

Duty Stations Fort Dix, NJ Fort Devens, MA Ramason Station Vint Hill Farms, Virginia Can tho, Viet Nam


Delton Knutson - Years of Service 1962-1976

MOS 05C  and 05G
Duty Stations Ft. Gordon Ga, Ft. Hood Tx, Two Rock Ranch Station CA. Ft. Snelling, MN
Current Location Wisconsin
Comments 313th ASA, 303 ASA ASA Reserve


Ralph Kolderup - MOS 058

Duty Stations Clark Air Base, Bangkok Thailand
Current Location Palatine Illinois USA
Comments I was part of the 5th Radio Research Unit, deployed to Thailand July 1960. Interested in finding some of the guys, friends


Danny M. Koleski Sr -  MOS 05H2FY4
Duty Stations Ramasun, Thailand Biggs Army Airfield Torii Station, Okinawa
Current Location Louisville, KY


Jack Kollman - MOS 05H

Location Conway, SC

Years of Service 1974-1977

Duty Stations Ft Devens, Torii Station


Thomas "Tom" Konopka - MOS = 71H20
Location = Federal Way, Washington


​Marshall Kornblatt - MOS 98J20

Duty Stations Synop , Chitose, Ft Devons, Ft Meade
Current Location Kingston Pa (northeast)
Comments Thanks for doing this Bob


​Randy Korzen -  MOS 05G
Duty Stations Ft Bragg Augsburg FRG Ft Devens Ft Leavenworth Camp Casey Ft Huachuca
Current Location Tucson AZ


Don Kossuth - MOS 72F

Duty Stations Ft. Dix, Torii Station and Ft. Bliss, Tx.
Current Location Greenbelt, MD


Ron Koster - MOS 71R, 84F, 11C

Duty Stations Arlington Hall, VA, Asmara, Ethiopia, Ft Carson CO, Fort Clayton CZ
Current Location Michigan"s U.P.

Paul Kotarski - MOS = KW26 repair
Stationed =
Location = Warren Ohio


Alexander Kovac -  MOS O5h20
Duty Stations Ft Devens,Vietnam Nam,Ft. Bragg,Vintage Hill Farms
Current Location West Columbia, SC


William Kratzer -  MOS 05H, 05D, 98G (Czech and German) 76Y

Duty Stations USASATC&S, FT Devens MA 1972 -1973 Field Station Augsburg 1973 -1975 O5H 504th ASA Group, Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah, GA 1976 -1976 Defense Language Institute FLC, Monterey, CA 1977 -1977 Basic Czech (47 Weeks) United States Air Force School of Applied Cryptologic Science, San Angelo TX 98GCZ 98GGM Defense Language Institute FLC, Monterey, CA 1980 - 1980 Intermediate Czech (37 Weeks) USASATC&S, FT Devens, MA 1980 -1983 98G ECM Instructor Field Station Augsburg 1978 -1980 98G Czech and German
Current Location Lecanto, FL
Comments Currently providing training in Information Technology and Cybersecurity. Those were the days! Young and ambitious. My oh my, how it has gone by so fast. Lots of memories from those days


William Krayer -  MOS 1717
Duty Stations Herzo-Base Germany 1952-1953; Field Station F Berlin 1954
Current Location Pittsburgh PA
Comments Learned Morse Code intercept at Herzo-Base. Entire year 1954 in Berlin.


Philip Kraus - MOS = 993.1  -98J
Stationed = 78th ASA Berlin
309th ASA Bell CA.
Location = Missouri City, TX
Message = Berlin 1962-65. Currently work for Texas Veterans Commission


Fred Krazeise - MOS 9864LRU

Duty Stations Augsburg, Ft. Devens, DLIFLC
Location Herndon, VA
Anthony (Tony) Krebs -  MOS O5H20
Duty Stations Fort Devens, Bein Hoa 175 RRC, Bad Aibling Germany 1967-71
Current Location Goshen, IN


Gary Krigbaum -  MOS 33F20
Duty Stations Torii Station Okinawa
Current Location Boonville, IN
Comments/Questions: Congrats to those who put this website together and maintain it!


Douglas Kruse - MOS 32E20
Duty Stations Herzogenaurach & Augsburg Germany 1966 - 1970
Location Grinnell, IA


Quinton Kruse - MOS = 951 Security Guard
Stationed = Ft. Lewis basic, Ft. Devins, Ft. Six, Camp H HAKATA JAPAN 14th ASAFS
1957 - 1959
Location = Nashville, Tennessee
Message = Glad to have found this board. Apart from being bored out of my tree I meet some great guys with whom I had some great fun. Finally got sober in 1982 lol


Brad Kuhn - MOS 33B/33C/33G

Location Park City, Utah

Years of Service 1968-1972

Duty Stations Fort Dix - basic training
Fort Devens - 33B/33C school
Herzo Base - Dec 1969 - Jan 1970
Det. A Giebelstadt - Jan 1970 - Jan 1972


Phillip Kuhne - MOS = Crypto Tech
Stationed = Kuma Station. 1961-1964
Location = St. Louis, MO
Message = My name is Patrick Kuhne.  My father Phillip with the ASA in Kuma Station Chitose 1961-1964.  I am assisting him in possibly finding some of the guys he served with.  Can anyone assist in this effort?


Ray Kunz - I am possibly one of the oldest ex-ASA members and would like to know if there are any other antiques, like me, still around.
I was in it as it was first being formed. We had no shoulder patch and the MOS numbers on my discharge papers don’t match any that you show.  I have a MOS 801 (cryptographic technician) and a MOS 808 (cryptanalyst technician).
I went to school at Vint Hill Farm when it was primarily a antenna farm, briefly at Arlington Hall as it was being set up and then at USFET Headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.
Our original group at Vint Hill was divided between guys studying Morse Code and my group being familiarized in cypher cryptography where were only about 20+ guys in each group.  I don’t know where the Morse code operators went but my group was split between Frankfurt and Manila. In Frankfurt we were further split into those in the communications center and my little remaining gang who were trained in the maintenance of Enigma crypto. machines.  I’m surprised that I can find pics of the machines on Google.  Our ultimate job was to go to outlying posts to fix stuff that had simple problems. When it was realized that our repair work was so simple that the outlying post operators could do their own maintenance we became instructor assistants at a school for them in Frankfurt. At his point there were only 4 of us. I believe that it was found that the officer in charge of our tiny “school” could handle thing alone and we were sent home (1947).
This was all postwar but set me up pursuing a technical career with my GI Bill.  Will forever be grateful.


Ray Kuwalik - MOS = 058
Duty stations = Ft. Devens, Rothwesten, Karlsruhe


Lane Kuypers -  MOS 058
Duty Stations Clark AFB Philippines
Current Location Bridgman, Michigan
Comments/Questions: 9th USASA 8/57 - 6/58


Elmer "Lee" LaGrelius - MOS - Aviation '65

​Location Spring Hill, FL


Edmond Laing - MOS 96B20 Order of Battle Analyst

Location Bernalillo, NM

Years of Service 11/17/1969 to 08/21/1972

Duty Stations 11/1969 to 02/1970 Basic Training Ft. Dix, NJ
02/1970 to 04/1970 Service School Fort Holabird, MD
05/1970 to 05/1971 assigned to 335th Radio Research Unit, 52nd Signal Battalion, Can Tho, Vietnam
05/1971 to 08/1972 assigned to US Army Europe, Intelligence Corp Fort Holabird, MD


​David Lake MOS 677 MP
Duty Stations 2nd FS Two Rock Ranch May 61-Mar 62 14th FS Hakata Mar 62-May 63 USAMPCO Japan May 63-Mar 64

Current Location Lincoln CA


William Lamb - MOS = 31J20 and 71B20
Duty stations = HQ&Service Company Frankfort Germany, ROTHWESTEN GERMANY 17th FS GERMANY
Looking for friends from both Frankfort and Rothwesten 1967-1970. Billy R Warren,Wayne Smith,James L Blade,Jerry Dionne,Billy Dow.

Glenford (Jerry) Lambert - MOS = 72B
Duty stations = ASA Gp Korea, ASA Field Station Asmara Lightening Fast Chicken etc...I was assigned to ASA Camp Humphreys from June 1970 - June 1971.
In April 1971, I was airlifted out of the village during Korean riots after a Korean woman was killed by black airmen from nearby Osan Air Base.
Korean woman hid me in her closet for 2 days as myself and another ASA soldier tried to figure a way back to post. CBS covered the  story.
Sure would like to thank that pilot!!


Henry Lambeth - MOS 283.1

Location Rocky Mount, VA

Years of Service 1961-1964

Duty Stations Basic training, Fort Jackson, SC, Apr. - May, 1961
School: Fort Monmouth, NJ; Jun. 1961- Apr. 1962
TUSLOG Det. 4, Sinop., Turkey; May, 1962 - Mar., 1963
319 USASA Battalion, Rothwesten W. Germany (Kassel); Mar., 1963- Mar., 1964

Would like to hear from any fellow soldiers who may have served with me during my tour with the ASA. Surely there is at least one other 283.1 out there! Even an 058 will do.

My Army experience came at a special time for me and special time for our nation. I was privileged to serve with some truly fine fellow Americans. Some didn't particularly enjoy "Army" life, but we all loved our country. As far as I am concerned, the oath I took upon induction still stands.


Tom Lamonde - 1971-1978 O5H2F
Devens: 8th RRFS Phu Bai, Viet Nam; 7th RRFS Udorn, Thailand; FS Sobe, Okinawa Texas


Harry Lance - MOS = 058

Location Nazareth Pa

Years of Service 1958-1961
Duty stations = Sinop Tuslog Det 4
Any Sinop vets from 1950 to 1960?


John Landkrohn - MOS 32F20
Duty Stations Fort Monmouth 68-70 Tuslog Det-4 Sinop Turkey 70-71 Camp Humphreys 71-72
Current Location Gibsonia PA

Jim Landmann - MOS = 1799
Stationed = Stationed 9 months Fort Devens, 6 months Morse school, 3 months non Morse.
331st Comm. Recon Co. Giessen Germany, 20 months.
Remember Capt. Southerland, before he was CO, Capt. Prior Thawits. Also Lt. Crabtree, he was CO. when we went in the field the summer of '53, also Pete Ballick (might have spelled the name wrong. Also a Lt. Wharton.
Location = Long Island NY
Message = Anyone from the 331st, please drop me a line. Love to hear from you. Jim Landmann


​Wayne Langey - MOS 05H
Duty Stations Bad Aibling
Current Location Jonesboro, GA




Mathew P. Lankford - MOS 67G20

Duty Stations 144th AVN CO (RR) may 1969-nov 1970
Current Location Palm Bay Florida


(Nelson) Clay Lansdown -   MOS 056 cross trained to 054
Duty Stations Ft Devens MA - 1962, 3rd RRU Saigon - 1962/1963, Ft Wolters TX - 1964/1965
Current Location Palisade,CO
Did not use my first name.


James LaPorta - 05H40
1960-1967 Regular Army: USA Element Jt. Support Group, 96 QM Fort Riley, 2/83 Arty Budingen WG. 1967-1968 373 ASA Company, Fort Hood, Texas 1968-1981 USAR Units, 1981-2001 USAR Retired (Mob Designee), 2001 Retired as CSM E9
East Texas
Worked for General DataComm, Motorola, Pirelli Optical, Cisco Systems, Fujitsu Network Communications in Systems Engineering field, ending as Fiber Optics Design Engineer. Since retirement worked as Life Insurance Agent, now fully retired fishing, ham radio, out in the country.


Michael LaPorta -  67G40 Beech Aircraft Factory Maintenace School Graduate For The RU21-E
Phu Bai 1972 138th AVN.Co RR In The Spring Of 1972 We Evacuated To DaNang
Civilian Living in North Carolina
Just To Let You Know On November 14 at 10am in Orlando Florida Is the Veterans Day Parade. Myself and Other Former Members of the 138th are assembling an RU21-A that was shipped down from FT. Belvoir VA After we put it back together it Will Be Placed On A Parade Float and be featured in the Parade If Any Former ASA Veterans Can Make It To Orlando It Would Be Great To See You There Most of us are staying At The Embassy Suites at 191 East Pine Street in Orlando


Bob Larose -  MOS 98J

Duty Stations Sinop 67-68, Citose 68-70

Current location Tampa, Florida


Albert L. Lary - MOS 95B

Duty Stations Sinop, Turkey 303rd RRBn, Long Binh, RVN 337th RRC, Di An, RVN Kagnew Station, Eritrea Davis Station, 509th RRGp, RVN
Location San Antonio, TX
Comments Retired US Army CW3


Paul Lawton - MOS 04BLVN, 98G
Duty Stations Presidio of Monterey Goodfellow AFB TDY: 1st ARVN Rangers
Current Location Tucson, AZ


​John Leaden - MOS 345
Duty Stations 14th USASAFS HAKATA, JAPAN 63 - 65
Current Location Shoreline, WA

Jimmy LeCroy - replyemail =
MOS = 058
Stationed = 76th SOU, 51st SOC, 371st RRC Location = Moncks Corner SC Message = looking for any 058 vets that have tinnitus and filed a claim with the VA. OK to pass my e-mail address along


Dan Ledbetter -  MOS 33B20

Duty Stations Fort Devens, USASA Group Korea, Vint Hill
Current Location Newport News, VA


Hank Lederer - MOS = 05H20 Duty stations = Ft Devens; 330th RRC Vietnam; Two Rock: Vint Hill Farms
Looking for anyone who served with the 330th or at Two Rock or Vint Hill during the years 1969 - 1972


RJ Ledger - MOS 26K

Location Weare, NH

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Dix, Devens, Ft Meade, 12th USASAFS Chitose


Autry Lee -  MOS 52B40

Duty Stations Field Station Korea and the 329th

​Location Houston, TX

Comments hi to all guys that froze with me in the 329th (1976)


Ernie Lee - MOS 98C
Duty Stations Ft Devens, Berlin site 4, Ft Hood, Panama,
Current Location Copperas Cove, Texas


William V. (Bill) Lemke -  MOS 286.2
Duty Stations Devens VHFS TDY Clark Kassel Berlin
Current Location Sedalia MO


Willis (Bill) Lemke - MOS 33C20

Duty Stations Bad Aibling
Location  East Moline,Il


​Robert (Bob) Lemon - MOS 058, 059
Duty Stations Ft. Devens, MA and Rothwesten, Germany. 1962-65 at Rothwesten. Took an overseas out to attend the Goethe Institute for German Language.
Current Location Winter Park, FL
Currently a retired college professor. Still get back to Europe at least once a year. Married to second wife and have two offspring from the first wife.


Jim Lenhart - Years of Service 1968-1971
MOS 05H20 Duty Stations Sobe, Okinawa and Shemya, Alaska
Current location Maryland
Great site! Many out there for us old guys (ASA)and enjoyed reading comments and looking for old friends. Enjoyed reading all the comments! Thanks for providing page!


Ron Lenzer - MOS 05H
Duty Stations Ft Devens 1-7 1968, Det 4-4 Karamursel Turkey 8-1968/8-1969, 8th RRFS Phubai Vietnam 9-1969/9-1970, 373rd ASA 10-1970/1971.
Current Location Havre de Grace , Md 21078
Comments/Questions: Hi and best wishes to all.

Michael Lester - MOS = 980
Stationed = Ft Devens 9th ASA Field Station FT Kit Carson
Location = Clearwater, FL


Arthur Levesque -  MOS 982.1627

Duty Stations Ft dix, Ft Devens, 319th, 184th Rothwesten
Current Location Bristol RI

James Lewis - MOS = 32G20H6
Duty stations = 8th RRU, 18th FS, HQASAE
Would like contact with those I served with from 1964-68. Hated it then -- love it now.


Leland Lewis - MOS 05H20

Duty Stations 330th RRC, Viet Nam USASAFS Bad Aibling, Germany
Current Location Gastonia, North Carolina


Philip Lewis -  MOS 05D40
Duty Stations Devens, Korea, Japan, Taiwan
Current Location Boise, ID


Ronald Lewis -  MOS
Location Seattle, WA

Don Lieberknecht - Stationed = Herzog Base: Dec. 1953 - Jan. 1955
Gutleute Kaserne, Frankfurt am Main: Jan. 1955 - Feb. 1956 Location = York, PA


David M Liles - MOS = 05H20
Stationed = Ft Devens student June 66-March 67; Torii Sta Apr 67-Sep 68; Two Rock Ranch Oct68-May69; 7th RRFS Jun69-Jun70. Married waitress at 7th Transferred to Personnel PSNCO  Then to Combat Arms Location = Waterford, Michigan Message = Looking for anyone with same duty stations  Haven't attended a reunion but would like to get info


Bill Lilly - MOS 05D4H

Location Crestview Florida

Years of Service 6 1/3

Duty Stations Devens x2 Taiwan Ft Carson Phi Bai Homestead


Gerald Lincoln - MOS 05K20

Location Mount Joy, PA

Years of Service 1972-1975

Duty Stations Fort Leonard Wood Fort Devens 2nd Ops Bn USASAFS-Augsburg (Gablingen)


Donald Lindke - MOS 98C20
City And State New Cumberland, Pa.
Years of Service 1970 - 1973

Duty Stations 404th RR Det Vietnam, 407th ASA Co., Panama Canal Zone

David Link - MOS = 982, 962
Duty stations =  ASA Pacific Headquarters Tokyo, Helemano, Hawaii


Bill Lis - MOS 05H

Location North Myrtle Beach, SC

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Ft Jackson, Ft Devens, 330th RRC, Vint Hill Farms

Comments 18 months at the 330th


James Fortenberry (Linn) -  MOS 058(H)
Duty Stations Ft. Devens - 1963 - 64 Korea - 177ASA 64 - 65 Vintage Hill Farms, VA - 65 - 66 Taiwan - Shou Linko Air Station 66 - 67
Current Location Austin, Texas

Edward Linton - MOS = 05H/98Z
Stationed = Ft Clayton, Panama CZ 352 ASA Co, Ft Carson, CO 8th RRFS, Phu Bai, RVN
VHFS, Manassas, VA 14th ASA Fld Stn, Hakata, Japan
VHFS, Manassas, VA 7th RRFS, Thailand 7th RRFS Det, Clark AFB,PI USASA Spt Gp, FT Meade, MD
Location = Bowling Green, KY
Message = Was with ASA from Sep 65 through it's inactivation in Dec 1976.  Remained with INSCOM until I retired in 1995.


Robert Lippert - MOS 95B

Duty Stations TTRS Pet Cal, SE Asia
Current Location Phoenix, AZ
Comments Two year draftee-----66-68----went to SE Asia in 67


Sam Locke -  MOS 05H20
Duty Stations 7thRRFS
Current Location Florida
Comments/Questions: Worked Mids the year I was there.

Harry Locklear - MOS = 058H
Duty stations = Devens, Phu Bai, Saigon


Ronald Lodge -  MOS 05H
Duty Stations 5th RRU/83RRSOU - 1965-1967 7th RRFS 1974
Current Location Tallahassee, FL


James Logsdon -  MOS 722

City And State Union, KY. 41091
Years of Service 3 years
Duty Stations Sinop, Turkey
Comments This station was on top of an extent volcano an in the middle of no where


Edmond Long - MOS 05K20

Location Ringgold, GA

Years of Service 1968-1971

Duty Stations Herzo Base


Jon Longworth - 

Location Los Angeles, CA



Eugene Looram -  MOS 98G

​ Duty Stations ALS Hungarian, 320th ASA Bn, break in Service, 320th ASA Bn, NSA, DLI Russian, FS Berlin, Tarex Frankfurt, DLI, Intermediate German, 326th ASA Co, Augsburg and Schneeberg

Current Location  Bischofsgruen, Germany

Comments Have been uninterrupted in Germany since 1973 and a total of 50 years.

Mike Lopez - MOS = 05H
Duty Stations Ft. Devens 73-74 7th RRFS 74-75 Ft. Hood 75 7th RRFS 75-76 Clark AFB, Philippines 76 Field Station San Antonio 76-82
Current Location Boerne, Texas
ASA Lives Greetings to all the Hogs out there.


Richard C. Lovan - MOS 98J20/30

City And State Jeffersonville, Indiana
Years of Service 1971 - 1974
Duty Stations Ft. Deven, Massachusetts; Shemya Alaska, Ft. Hood Texas
Comments One solid Year in Shemya. October 1972-1973


Norbert Lovata - MOS 81B29
Duty Stations  ASATC&S HQ.CO. Ft. DEVENS 6/65-6/66 509th RR.GP. Davis Station, RVN 7/66-6/67. NSA-P21 9/67-12-68.
Current Location  Madison, WI
Comments Retired Engineering Professor UW-Madison, Wife Joan, sons Todd, Troy, grandson Laramie. ASA for life, Honor, Duty, Country.

Stephen Lovekin - MOS
Location Nijmegen, Netherlands


Allen Lovelace -  MOS 95B

Location Marietta, GA

Clayton Lovell - MOS = 059.14
Dutystations = Berlin, Germany 1962 to 1964


Mike Lovitt -  05, 95B

Duty Stations Ramasun Station 1971-73, Vint Hill Farms 1974

Location Stafford, Virginia

Comments Discharged in 1974, later rejoined active duty and retired as an MP Lt. Col.

Owner of a Chick-fil-A in Bristow, Virginia. Member of the  Virginia Militia and former

elected official in Stafford, Virginia. Would like to make contact with former Ditty Bpooers and

talk old times.


Kenneth Lowe - MOS 058, 059, 982, Morse Intercept Officer, Non Morse Intercept Officer, Traffic Analysis Officer

Duty Stations Ft. Knox, KY; VHFS; TRRS; Ft Pickett, VA; Ft. Devens; AHS; Helemano; Herzo; Homestead AFB; Nome, AK; Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, AK; Saigon; Phu Bai.
Current Location  Lake City, FL
Comments Joined ASA Nov/Dec 1946; Retired CWO W4 1972


Ronald Lowhorn - MOS = 058 05D40  05C40
Stationed = Ft Devens, Panama, 175th and 146th AVN Viet Nam and Ft Hood TX Location = New castle Indiana Message = Was 1st sgt at the 373rd EW Co Ft hood TX from 69-70


Charles Lucas - MOS = 98c2129
Stationed = Herzo Base
Location = St Charles, IL

James Lucas - MOS = 36D20
Duty stations = Frankfurt Germany
Would like to contact guys I was in the ASA with in 1967-1970. Such as Ronald McCamish.

Randall Lucero - MOS = O5H/O5F
Duty stations = Augsburg, Germany Flak Kaserne

Wayne Lueck - MOS = 058
Stationed = Ft. Devens Ft. Huachuca
Location = Arlington Heights, Il.

Robert Lunsford - MOS = 965.1665/1668
Stationed = Ft. Devens Ft. Meade HAFB (Florida)
Location = Salyersville, KY
Message = Looking for anyone who was at Ft. Meade '72-'73 and at HAFB '73-'75 - was in training as 058 and qualified but pulled out of school early to be a Spanish/Portuguese linguist


Stanley Lupp -  71L30
509th RRG 1968-1969
Bendersville, Pa.


Clarence W. Lyall - MOS 05K30, 92C4HV6, 76W5K

Years of Service 3 1/2 in ASA 23 years overall
Duty Stations Fort Devens, (66), Kagnew Station C. tract, (66 - 68) 330th RRC, RVN 68 - 69
Comments Finished 19 + years in logistics in several locations


Ted Lybrand - MOS
Duty Stations 52d USASA SOC, Ft Huachuca, Az 3d RRU/509th Radio Research Group 76 USASA Sp Op Unit, Taiwan USASA Fld Sta Taiwan
Current Location Blythewood, SC

David Woodworth Lynch - MOS 31J20
Years in Service Sept. 1966 until August 1970. Basic Training at Fort Ord, Monterey, Ca. Comm School at Ft Gordon, Ga. Duty assignment Camp Drake, Asaka, Japan for 3 years. TDY to Pyong Yang (I think) Korea. Bangkok, Thailand and Udorn, Thailand. Phu Bai, Viet Nam.
Current Location Fallbrook, CA
Comments/Questions: Sadly, I just recently made a connection with one of my best friends also stationed with me during school and duty assignment Japan via FB. Made contact finally with his wife on a Thursday and he passed on Saturday. Very sad after searching for almost 44 years and just missed talking to him. RIP Edward J "EASY" Ryder.

Michael Lynch - Served HQ Frankfurt MOS 982, 1962-64


Roy Lynn - MOS 72B20

Location Ashland, Virginia

Years of Service 1966-1970

Duty Stations 509th RR Group - Saigon USASA-CUJ. Tokyo

Comments Great memories of the ‘Good old days’ In Japan and Viet Nam.

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