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Kern Yager - MOS = 059
Stationed = Ft. Devens 1963-1964 Kagnew Station 1964-65 Two Rock Ranch 1965-66
Location = Burns, Tennessee


Jack Yantis - I was stationed at Kagnew Station, Asmara, Eritrea, Ethiopia as an o5k20/flexcop operator from 1969 to 1972.


David Yates - MOS 058

Location Lawrenceburg, TN

Years of Service 1960-1967

Duty Stations 25th inf Hawaii, 177th, Korea, Homestead, 10th RRU, Homestead


Kerry Yates - MOS 05H

Location Mabane, NC

Years of Service 1967-1971

Duty Stations Panama, Viet Nam, VHFS


Larry Ybarra - MOS 98J20

Location Pingree Grove, IL

Years of Service 1971-1974

Duty Stations Sinop, Turkey. 72-73 Fort Bragg, N.C. 73-74


Jim Yeatts - MOS = 05K
Duty Stations Ft. Devens, Mass. 1972-1973 Augsburg, Germany 1973-1975
Location Happy Valley, Oregon


Dicky Yee - MOS 2110
Duty Stations Field Station Sobe / Torri Station / Okinawa 1972-1974
Current Location Huntington Beach, CA


Wilson S. Yerger - MOS 71L30
Duty Stations ASA Field Station Berlin HQ ANDREWS Berlin
Location Knoxville, TN


Victor Yingst - MOS = 345.10/32G20
Duty stations = 4th FS Kagnew , Devens, 177th ASA, Mead,Asaka Japan, Hawaii Served from 1960 to 1966

Location South Central Illinois


Gary Yost - MOS 33F40

Location Kettering, Ohio

Years of Service 1974-1978

Duty Stations Ft.Devens- AIT Vint Hill Farm Stuttgart, Germany 330th Detachment and 73rd MI


Bill Young - MOS 059

Location Pittsburgh, PA

Years of Service 1962-1964

Duty Stations Menwith Hill 13th USAS FS


Bob Young - MOS
Location Henderson, Nevada


Dan D. Young -  MOS 05H

Location Orlando, FL


Henry Young - MOS 76U

Location Raleigh, NC

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations 329th ASA Camp Page Korea 1975-1976, 265th ASA Ft Campbell KY. 1976-1977



Mark Young - MOS 98C

Location Houston, TX

Years of Service 1971-1974

Duty Stations Fort Devens Massachusetts , Field Station Augsburg, 502nd group


Roy Young - MOS 98C20

Location Mathews, NC

Years of Service 1970-1973

Duty Stations Ft Jackson, Ft Devens, Can Tho RVN, Bien Hoa RVN, Ft Bragg


Thomas Young - Years of Service 3

MOS O5H Morse Code Intercept

Duty Stations Thailand Ubon and Udorn. Vint Hill Farms Fort Devens

Current Location Houston, TX

Comments Would love to hook up with some ASA guys.


Thomas Young - MOS 05H20

Locations The Woodlands, TX

Years of Service 1970 - 1973

Duty Stations Ramason and Detachment J in Thailand Vint Hill Farms in Virginia

Comments Licensed Extra Ham Operator doing Morse Code and Digital KO5USA


Gary Young - MOS 05D20

Location Sacramento, CA

Years of Service 1965-1973

Duty Stations Basic: Fort Leonard Wood Fort Devins, MA (05D) 76th USASA SOU (Taiwan) 330th RRC (Pleiku, RVN) USASA Field Station, Taiwan Vint Hill Farms Station, Warrenton, VA 7th RRFS, Udorn, Thailand ETS August, 1973


William D. Young - MOS = 05H
Stationed = 83rd RRSOU Dec 69-May 70 and 7th RRFS May 70-Mar 71. Also Vint Hill Farms in Mar 71. Reenlisted and back to 7th RRFS Mar 71 - Dec 71.
Location = Orlando Florida
Message = Looking for Arthur Romanowski, Mike Wheeler, Donald Young, John Wolfe or anyone working middle bay aft shift late 71.


Lenny Zacks - MOS 05H20

Location Norfolk, VA

Years of Service 1968-1972

Duty Stations Two Rock Ranch, Pleiku, Vietnam, Dalat, Vietnam , Nha Trang, Vietnam, Vint Hill Farms, Warrington, VA


Gregory Zagloba - MOS 98C20

Duty Stations Two rock station Petaluma California Pleiku Vietnam Nah trang Vietnam Ft Meade Maryland
Location   Mashpee MA


James Zaremba -  MOS 72B20D1
Duty Stations 77th SOU Clark Air Base Pi. 66-67 509th RR Gp. Davis station RVN 67-69
Current Location Hermitage, Pa.


William Zawacki - MOS 059

Location Woodstock, GA

Years of Service 3

Duty Stations Devens MA, Fort Meade MD NSA


Gary F  Zaworski - MOS = 72b
Stationed = Davis Station Feb 67 - Mar 70


Hank Zaletel - MOS O5C, 72B

Location Nevada, IA

Years of Service 1967-1969

Duty Stations Long Binh - 9-68/2-69 - 303rd Cu Chi - 2-69/9-69 - 372nd RR


Charlie Ziehl - 1959-1962
MOS 711.10 working MOS 982 Germany Heilbronn Baumholder 507th ASA GP
Had a great time met a bunch of great guys and saw more than I should have


Stanley (Stan) Zimmerman -  98C40/352C - CW5
Ft. Devens (3x), Two Rock Ranch (70), Udorn Thailand (70-71, 7th RRFS), Camp Humphreys (74-75, 332d ASA Co), Vint Hill Farms (80-81, B Co, 303d MI Bn, 501st MI Gp), Panama/Honduras (81-84, MI Co, Combat Support Bn), Ft. Meade, Md (71-73, 75-80, 84-88, 94-97), Salt Lake, Utah (92-94, Support to 300th MI Gp), Hawaii (88-92, 97-99, 2001-04), Ft. Gordon (99-01)
Location Ellicott City, Maryland


Bob Zimmers - MOS 32D

Duty Stations 177 USASA Co Pyongyang Taek
Current Location Raleigh, NC
Comments Great memories great friends wish we cud get together


Vincent Zinck - MOS 98G2LCM

Location San Francisco, CA

Years of Service 1968-1972

Duty Stations DLIWC Goodfellow AFB Ft. Hood Lin Kou, Taiwan

Michael Zinn - MOS = O5H
Duty stations = Bad Aibling, Germany, Phu Bai, Vietnam, Ft. Huachuca, Arizona

Location Lake Wylie, SC


Otto Ziska - MOS 059

Location Novelty, Ohio 

Years of Service 1962-1965

Duty Stations USASATC&S Headquarters Company Fort Devens, Mass


Terry J. Zolotoff - MOS 04B2LJT
Duty Stations DLIWC 71-72 GOODFELLOW AFB '72 NSA - Ft Meade, MD. 72 - 74
Current Location Newberg, OR


Joseph Zorn - MOS 72B20D1

Location Schriever, Louisiana

Years of Service 4

Duty Stations Ft Gordon, Ga Phu Bai, VN Ft Bragg, NC Sobe, Okinawa

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