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Denny Mitzner

Memorial Squad. I’m on the far right. Taken this past Tuesday when it was hot and muggy.

The gentleman second from the left is a retired Army Colonel. He is our armorer and is 87 years old. Korean vet.

Hard to believe I’ve been out there for nine years already.

I volunteer every Tuesday, plus I’m a Board Member and Chaplain of the 135 member squad. Average age is 72. I’ll be 74 in a couple of weeks. We have three men who are in their 90’s and come out every week.


Denny - Ceremonies at Abraham National Cemetery

Flag Repository


The uniform still fits!

Chitose, Japan - 1970-71

Bravo Trainers JGSDF


Trainers and Trainees


Trick Christmas Party - 1970

Chuck O'Herin and Denny

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