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Scheduled Reunions:

Arizona Army Security Agency Reunion - August 18-20, 2017

ASA Chitose Reunion - September 6-10, 2017

ASA/Turkey Reunion - September 10-14, 2017

Menwith Hill Station Reunion - September 16th, 2017

Herzo Base Reunion - September 22-24, 2017

319th USASA Battalion Reunion - September 24-28, 2017

Augsburg 40th Reunion - October 10-17, 2017

12th Annual FS Augsburg 2nd OPS - October 11-17, 2017

Kagnew Station Reunion - October 12-15, 2017

Florida ASA Reunion - March 11-15, 2018

SAD 3 Reunion - June 8-10, 2018

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Updates courtesy of Larry Foster, Denny Mitzner, Robert Bivens, Ed Wheeler

2017 Augsburg 40th Reunion

All - see Bill's update below.  In addition to the ~85 Augsburg veterans who will be there, there are also about 30 guests (spouses, friends, etc) who are registered, bringing the total to about 115 now.  

 We have about 25 folks signed up to visit the National Cryptologic Museum on Friday morning ... if you are interested go to the website and sign up. They have two new displays: 1) Military Service: Land, Sea & Air and 2) RT-RG; the Real Time - Regional Gateway System. 

 This has the makings to another spectacular reunion ... planned and hosted by Andy Beene.  Many thanks Andy!

 I look forward to seeing everyone this October.  

 Larry Foster 1972-76


All - 40th Augsburg Luncheon update.  I've added new names to my alias.  If you wish to be removed from future emails, please let me know.

First, how about a little trivia: 

  1)  "who has a perfect attendance record for the first 39 Augsburg events?"  Was it:

  1. SGM Elder Green
  2. CWO Jeff Cline
  3. MG Tom Flynn
  4. all of the above

  2) the picture below was taken in Vietnam in 1971 ... the picture had a primary person (cropped out) but there was another person in the picture as well. Who is that person lurking in the background with his hand on his hip?     

  3) here's the un-cropped version.  Who is the guy with the beard?     

  4)  the picture below was known as:

  1. the round house
  2. the AN/FLR-9
  3.  the elephant cage
  4. all of the above

    I don't ever remember the antenna elements looking this

shiny ... must have been when it was brand spanking new!   

We have discussed having a theme this year and I believe 

we have settled on our ASA/INSCOM heritage.  Start thinking 

about that ... more to follow later.  

2017 Augsburg 40th Reunion

  Saturday, October 14, 2017

  11:30am - 4:00pm 

    Bavarian Brauhaus 

    7304 Parkway Drive (South) 

    Hanover, MD 21076  

Payments Due to Reunion Mailbox by October 7th 

Cost: $30.00 - German Buffet

Make check payable to "William Doyle" and mail to:

   Augsburg Reunion 

   C/O Bill Doyle 

   6042 Burnside Landing Drive 

   Burke, VA 22015 

You can also pay electronically: click on the link below 


     Hope to see everyone on Oct 14th.  

   Larry Foster


From: Bill Doyle <>
Sent: Monday, August 14, 2017 7:04 PM
Subject: New way to pay for Reunion Luncheon Oct 14, 2017

Hi Tom, Larry, Jim, & Bill Kay,

I added this link to the website for people to pay for the reunion:


You can use a PayPal account or a credit card. 

You can also allegedly click on the link above in this email.

Saves people from mailing checks... 



Field Station Augsburg 2nd OPS

12th Annual Reunion FAQ

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Version 2.0  (Saturday, August 6, 2017)

Baltimore, Maryland

October 10-17, 2017

 (Note:  Reunion events are in planning.  The Hospitality Suite will open at 6:00PM on Thursday, 12 October)                                                              

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 Reunion FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Q: What is this reunion?

A: The Reunion is being held for U.S. Army ASA and INSCOM veterans from 2ND Operations Battalion who served at Field Station Augsburg, Germany in the 1970’s - 1990’s.  Veterans, their spouses/significant others and their families are welcome.   Veterans of 1ST OPS, 3RD OPS, Support Battalion, their successor units, and 05H, 05D, 05K, 98G & 98C instructors are also welcome.    Quick synopsis – see the video:

Q: When and where is the Reunion?

A: The Reunion will be October 10-17 in Baltimore, Maryland.    This is the weekend after the Columbus Day weekend.  You can come days earlier than or stay later if desired.  Some people will be making an extended vacation of it, while others will only attend on the weekend.  The hospitality suite will be open beginning Thursday evening and will be open 6 nights – Thursday through Tuesday night, 10/12 through 10/17.

Q: How many people will attend the reunion?

A: Average attendance for past reunions has been about 85 veterans plus about 40 family members averaging 3 or 4 days and nights… however, we are expecting a large attendance at this reunion … maybe the largest reunion attendance to date, since this is the 12th annual reunion, and is concurrent with the 40th Annual ASA Reunion on Saturday, 14 October.  The record for attendance was set in 2013 at the Memphis Reunion where 104 veterans attended.  ** As of 8/5/2017 – there are 78 Augsburg veterans and 29 Guests booked at the hotel or locals who have committed to attending. ***

 Q: Who is going to attend the reunion?

A: Everyone who states they are attending is added to an Excel Spreadsheet – go to the FILES page here:

Then click on the Excel spreadsheet called “2017 Baltimore Reunion <date>”.  Date is the last update – usually only a day or so old, and kept up-to-date constantly.

 Q: Whom do I contact with questions?

A: The easiest way to get an answer or pose an idea is to post it on the 2nd OPS Yahoo NewsGroup (Augsburg2ndOPS):

NOTE:  While event information may be posted elsewhere (such as Facebook), the Augsburg2ndOPS Yahoo NewsGroup is the OFFICIAL communications venue of the 2nd OPS reunion.

 Q: Do I have to be a member of the Augsburg2ndOps Yahoo group to attend?

A: No, you don’t have to be a group member.  However, it's very beneficial  to you and to the reunion committee if you are.  On the Yahoo Newsgroup website is a list of who is attending for you to see.  Also, any new activities planned by someone – such as a golf game, or a group of veterans going to the zoo or the museums may be posted there.  And if you’re on the group member list, you’ll get the advantage of hearing about future reunions, events, and happenings to other FSA veterans in the future.

 Q: How should I let everyone know that I’m attending?

A: You "sign up" simply by emailing or posting that you're attending.  Posting a message on the website is the preferred method.  Your name and info will be put onto the Database page in the "Baltimore Reunion 2017”  table.  You can also email Bill Kay at and he'll put you (and your family) on the list of attendees.  If you choose to just “book a room” at the hotel, be sure to mention the group name (USAFSA 2ND OPS BN) in order to receive the group discount.  The Reservation Listing is reviewed weekly and additions found on it will be added to the list of attendees.

AGAIN:  There are several Facebook  “EVENT” posting pages.   HOWEVER, the only “official” event postings will be in the Augsburg2ndOPS Yahoo NewsGroup (link above).

 Q: What is the Reunion Hotel?

A: The 2017 Reunion will be held at:

                BWI Airport Marriott

Address:  1743 West Nursery Road, Linthicum, MD 21090

Phone:  (410)-859-8300          Toll-Free:  (800)-228-9290

Hotel Website:

Mention the USAFSA 2ND OPS BN Group Rate and they will be happy to help.

NOTE:  Last day to make reservations at the guaranteed rate is 3:00PM EDT 22 September 2017.

 Q: How do I make an online reservation?

A: You can make reservations on the web at:

                USAFSA 2nd Ops Bn Reunion - standard rooms

Start date: 10/11/17
End date: 10/18/17
Last day to book: 9/22/17

Marriott hotel(s) offering your special group rate:

  • BWI Airport Marriottfor 109 USD  per night

Book your group rate for USAFSA 2nd Ops Bn Reunion  

USAFSA 2nd Ops BN (Concierge Level)

Start date: 10/10/17
End date: 10/18/17
Last day to book: 9/22/17

Marriott hotel(s) offering your special group rate:

  • BWI Airport Marriottfor 139.00 USD  per night

Book your group rate for USAFSA 2nd Ops BN (Concierge Level)  


Q:  What kinds of rooms are available?

A:            Regular Kings or Doubles are $109.

Concierge level Kings or Doubles are $139.

All rooms are subject to state and local taxes of 13%.

A total of 75 rooms are blocked off for us on the center four days of the reunion (Thurs, Oct 13 to Sun, Oct 16) with less on each side of these dates.

The BWI Airport Marriott features:

  • 305 sleeping rooms featuring luxurious bedding – down comforters, custom duvets, cotton-rich linens
  • FREE transportation to and from BWI Airport, light rail, AMTRAK station, and based on shuttle availability, within a three mile radius to restaurants and attractions
  • FREE High Speed Wireless Internet Access in guest rooms, lobby, and restaurant areas
  • FREE Self Parking
  • Chesapeake Restaurant serves daily breakfast, lunch & dinner in a casual atmosphere
  • Champions Sports Bar featuring “Happy Hour” from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm Monday-Friday also serves lunch and dinner
  • Fresh Bites for locally sourced food available 24 hours/day with order call-in from room, but no room service
  • Mini-fridge in each guest rooms
  • LCD HD TVs in all guest rooms
  • Hairdryer, coffee/tea maker, iron and ironing board in all guest rooms
  • Workout facility featuring all new state of the art equipment
  • An indoor swimming pool
  • Business Center
  • Conveniently located near Arundel Mills Outlet Mall with many restaurants and Maryland Live Casino

NOTE:  Last day to make reservations at the guaranteed rate is 3:00PM EST 22 September 2017.

 Q: How do I make an online reservation?

A: You can make reservations on the web at:

(update link when provided by Event Manager)

NOTE:  Last day to make reservations at the guaranteed rate is 3:00PM EDT 22 September 2017.

 Q: How do I get to the Reunion Hotel from the Airport?

A: The hotel is about 2.4 miles from Baltimore Washington International (BWI).  Many major airlines service BWI Airport, with Southwest being the predominant airline.  All major car rental agencies are located at airport or nearby with shuttles running to their agencies.    The hotel has free shuttle service to and from BWI Airport.  Only Uber serves the BWI Airport, but both Uber and Lyft are established in the area, though Uber is the more established service.

If you fly to either Reagan National Airport or Dulles Internation Airport, you will need to arrange your own transportation to the hotel.  Reagan National Airport is approximately 45 miles from the BWI Airport Marriott ($56 via Super Shuttle roundtrip).  Dulles International Airport is approximately 63 miles from the BWI Airport Marriott ($82 roundtrip).  Both are served by various limousine/taxi services such as Super Shuttle.

 Q:  What are the Local transportation options once I am at the hotel?

A: The hotel has several shuttles that run every 20 minutes from 4:00am-1:00am. However, if the shuttle is needed after that time, it will be on call and that can be arranged with the Front Desk.

The nearest Baltimore Light Rail stop is 2.1 miles away, so taking the hotel shuttle to the rail stop is a much better option than walking.  One trip fare is $1.70, one day unlimited passes are $4 per person, or $22 for multitrip weekly.  Here is the Light Rail Map:

From the BWI Airport Light Rail stop, one can travel north to Baltimore Inner Harbor (use Convention Center stop), or travel west to the MARC/AMTRAK station.  Using either MARC (Penn line - $7 one way 45 minutes) or AMTRAK ($15-45 one way), one can travel to Washington, D.C. Union Station.

Having said that, the Baltimore/DC metro area is very large and very much a driving area unless already in the public transportation net, especially given our hotel’s location.   The BWI Airport Marriott is roughly 9 miles to Baltimore city and roughly 40 miles to DC depending on where in DC you’re travelling.  Uber and Lyft are well established in Baltimore and Washington, D.C., but a rental car might be your best bet.  However, if driving, parking in D.C. can be both expensive and a challenge.  Parking in the Baltimore Inner Harbor area is generally plentiful and rates vary from around $15-$25/day depending on day/time and whether there is any any major event.

Q: What is the SMOKING POLICY?

A: This is an entirely NON-SMOKING HOTEL.  Ask the front desk where the hotel has designated smoking areas.

Q: Does the group have a “Hospitality Suite” for after-hours partying?

A:  For six (6) nights the group will have use of an after-hours suite with adjoining room that we call the “Hospitality Suite.”  The room that the hotel is providing us for this is not like the room in Dallas, but more like the previous hotel reunions prior to Dallas.  Starting Thursday, 12 October it will open each day beginning at 6:00 PM and will close promptly at 2:00AM each evening (NO EXCEPTIONS).  It will be available each evening through Tuesday to the group and will be the focus for many attendees.  There will be videos to watch, conversations to be had until the wee hours of the morning and veterans should bring their beverages of choice.  The BYOB option that the hotel has afforded us will make partying the night away even more cost effective.  During the Friday “Meet and Greet”, as well as following Main Event on Sunday, there will be a Live DJ.  Due to state/county regulations and hotel policy, during the reception Meet and Greet on Friday evening and the Main Event on Sunday evening, a cash bar will be the only option available for any alcoholic beverages.

There will be a “starter kit” of beer and liquor for Thursday night in the Hospitality Suite, but contributions are most welcome, particularly if you like partaking of a “specific” adult beverage.  Feel free to purchase it locally or bring it from home.

NOTE:  The Hospitality Suite will be CLOSED during the Sunday evening Main Event.  We encourage everyone to purchase the Hotel’s alcoholic beverages during the Meet and Greet and the Main Event as the hotel has been incredible to work with and we wish to allow them the opportunity to benefit from the Main Event as much as possible.  Following the main event we will retire, once again, to the Hospitality Suite.

 Q:  Where can I buy beverages for the hospitality suite near the hotel?

A:   The closest liquor stores are about at least 3 miles away.  If you have a Military ID Card, you can use the Class VI located on Ft Meade.  The Class VI is in the AAFES Shoppette located across the street from the Post Exchange/Commissary.

BWI Liquors

BWI Plaza

2.8 mi · Hanover, MD

(410) 766-2337

Opens at 10:00 AM

Christos Discount Liquors

5.4 mi · Glen Burnie, MD

(410) 761-6520

Opens at 8:30 AM

Cindy's Spirits

Green Valley Marketplace

6.5 mi · Elkridge, MD

(410) 796-2337

Opens at 10:00 AM

Elkridge Liquors Inc

6.8 mi · Elkridge, MD

(410) 796-5050

Opens at 9:00 AM

Camp Meade Liquors LLC

7.0 mi · Linthicum Heights, MD

(410) 636-4100

Opens at 9:00 AM

Whitey's Liquors

7.5 mi · Linthicum Heights, MD

(410) 789-8248

Opens at 9:00 AM

Q: What are the important Reunion Group Events?

 THURSDAY, October 12 (TBD) – For the early birds who like to golf, …

 THURSDAY, October 12 (6PM) – The Hospitality Suite opens.  No specific planned event or food provided.   However, the Hospitality Suite will be open for social interaction.

 Patrick Weadon, from the National Cryptologic Museum, has confirmed our visits on their October calendar:

    1) Thursday afternoon, Oct 12th, at 2:00 PM for 10 people - group leader: Larry Foster <>

    2) Friday morning, Oct 13th, at 10:00 AM for 20 people - group leader: Bill Kay

 FRIDAY, October 13 (TBD) – More golfing, …

 FRIDAY, October 13 (evening) - The reunion “officially” begins with the Meet and Greet – INDOORS in the Salon banquet rooms.  A light reception buffet will be served from 6:00-8:00PM.   Since this event will be held in the the hotel’s banquet space, a cash bar will be available for all beverages (alcoholic and otherwise).

Meet & Greet Reception Menu (Buffet tables)

  • Fajita station - grilled chicken, peppers and onions, jasmine rice, and accompaniments
  • Roasted vegetable salad with balsamic vinaigrette
  • Hummus bar with pita chips, carrots, and celery
  • Alcoholic Beverages (cash bar)

 Saturday, October  14 (morning) – Free time.  TBD

 Saturday, October  14 (12 – 4PM) – Those attending the 40th ASA Augsburg Reunion will depart the hotel at 11:45AM via Motorcoach and should arrive at the Bavarian Brauhaus for concurrent attendance with The ASA 40th Annual Reunion dinner hosted by MG(ret) Thomas Flynn.  The Motorcoach will depart for the hotel promptly at 4PM.

The menu at the Bavarian Brauhaus will be provided by the ASA Reunion Committee, but can be seen at their reunion website:

 Saturday, October  14 (7PM – as desired) – Horseshoe Casino Texas Hold’em Tournament.  Details of this will be posted once finalized.

Sunday, October  15 (morning) - A Softball Game will be held in the morning from 9:00 to 12:00 tentatively scheduled at Steven P. Turney Recreation Complex in Laurel, MD.  Transportation will be provided for the ride to the location which is just over 14 miles from the hotel.  We will meet at the front of the hotel for the bus about 8:15.  Link to Google Maps with directions è Click Here

Sunday, October  15 (evening) - the Main Event Dinner will be held in the same location as the Meet and Greet, from 6:30 PM until we’re done eating.  Then the party continues with dancing with music provided by a local DJ and of course the Silent Auction.

Plated Dinner Menu


Soup or salad

Bread service


Chicken Chesapeake

2 sides




Iced tea, hot coffee and tea

Since the 2018 Reunion location has already been set for Augsburg, Germany, there will be no vote for next year’s reunion location.  After the event, festivities will move to the hospitality suite located upstairs, location to be provided upon arrival.

Entertainment:  A DJ will be provided for both the Friday evening Meet-N-Greet as well as following the Main Event, both nights.

Q:  What will be the cost for Reunion Events?

A:  Total cost for both hotel reunion events will be $95.00.  Here is the breakdown in case you cannot make all of the events:

  • Friday Night Meet-N-Greet Reception: $38.00
  • Sunday Main Event Dinner:     $57.00
  • TOTAL: $95.00/per person

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This is the cost for each planned event per day.  If you plan on attending any event, either in full or partially, the cost above is the same and is final.  It is our intention to provide a fun and exciting experience.  Any surplus funds from any event will be rolled up to the 2018 reunion committee just as we inherited the leftover funds from the past reunions.  We appreciate your understanding in advance.

SPECIAL DIETS:  We have not considered special diets in the above pricing.  However, if you (or an attendee in your party) has a special needs diet, please contact Andy Beene direcly at to discuss what we can do to accommodate your situation.  We will do our best to make it happen for you.

 Q: Who and how do I pay for Reunion Events?  (IMPORTANT NOTE:  All reunion event payments must be RECEIVED by the committee on or before 30 September 2017)

 A:  There will be TWO (2) methods of payment accepted:  Check/Money Order and PayPal.

Payment Option #1 - Checks and Money Orders:

Checks or Money Orders should be made payable to :   Andrew Beene

Please mail your check or money order for $95.00 (per person) to:

Andrew Beene

1456 Virginia Ave

Severn, MD 21144-2646

 Additional donations are WELCOME and can be added to your payment if you wish – that money will go towards the events or hospitality suite.  Any leftover funds will be carried forward to the 2018 reunion.

If you can not attend all events, you can pay for each event separately.  Calculate and specify which events you will be attending when making a payment.   The final date for payment to be received is September 30, 2017 (we have to provide final event counts and monies to the hotel and other caterers at that time).

Payment Option  #2:  PAYPAL  (Easy, Fast, Secure and Most Convenient!)

 Follow these steps ß to avoid PayPal taking any fees out of what you send – they do NOT charge fees for sending a “Gift” of money:

  • Go to and log into your PayPal account.
  • Click on the “Pay or Send Money” button.
  • Click on “Send money to friends or family” <- THIS IS IMPORTANT.
  • Enter in the “Email or mobile number” box.
  • Key in the Dollar amount (e.g. $95.00 for one person for all events)
  • Leave the default currency as “USD – U.S. Dollars”
  • Click the NEXT button.
  • Add a note if you want to – such as your and your guest’s name. Don’t indicate donation or payment in any way.
  • Click the SEND button.
  • Note: If you have a PAYPAL balance and/or an attached bank account there will be no fee taken out. This is the preferred and less expensive way to pay.  “Your fee = $0.00 USD” –or—
  • Note2: If you pay using a credit card you will be charged a fee.

You’ll see:  “Your fee = $95.00  USD” if you choose to pay by Credit Card.

IF USING A CREDIT CARD (not a direct withdrawal from a bank account or an existing Paypal balance):  PayPal will charge you a small transaction fee (about $3-5).

  • A confirmation screen appears.

IMPORTANT: Send an email to Andy Beene,, when you have either mailed a payment or submitted a payment via PAYPAL.

  1. When is the absolute deadline for payment of events?

A:  Final counts/payments are due two weeks before the weekend (by Friday, Sept 30, 2017), as we are committed to provide a final count/payment to the hotel.  A list of who’s prepaid will be kept by the Meet-and-Greet Volunteers.

NOTE:  Last day to make reservations at the Hotel’s guaranteed rate is 3:00PM EDT 22 September 2017.  DO NOT DELAY!

Q: What are some other events surrounding the Reunion Group dates?

  1. Sunday, 15 Oct 1PM - The Baltimore Ravens are playing the Chicago Bears at M&T Stadium. Get tickets early if you want to go. (Main event dinner is at 6PM.)
  2. Sunday, 15 Oct 1PM – The Washington Redskins are playing the San Francisco 49ers at FedEx Field. Get tickets early if you want to go. (Main event dinner is at 6PM.)
  3. Maryland Rennaisance Festival in Crownsville, MD is open every weekend end of Aug to end of October. This is rated one of the best RennFests in the nation.
  4. The National Aquarium – Baltimore Inner Harbor
  5. The Maryland Science Center – Baltimore Inner Harbor
  6. The National Arboretum – Washington, D.C.
  7. Maryland Science Center – Baltimore Inner Harbor
  8. The Smithsonian Museums – Washington, D.C.
  9. The Baseball season playoffs will be going on. Will the Baltimore Orioles or DC Nationals be in them, and if so, when and where they’ll be playing won’t be known until late September.  Camden Yards for Orioles and Nationals Stadium will totally sell out of course and then you’ll have to get your tickets through StubHub or a scalper if you want to go that badly.  You will need to drive, use Light Rail for Orioles, MARC/Metro for Nationals or take Uber/Lyft to get there.
  10. Shopping! There is NO SHORTAGE of Malls and shopping complexes in the Baltimore area.  Arundel Mills Outlet Mall has a lot of shopping opportunities, as well as restaurants in and around the mall, and of course the Maryland Live! Casino.

There are many other available daytime options — the reunion committee will have more information to be distributed.  We encourage the people who have attended many reunions to take the “newbies” under their wings.

Q: Maps and Directions

A:  This is a starting point:,-76.6853801,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89b7e28ba8fa4a6b:0xc4cc82c6983f22bb!8m2!3d39.1964518!4d-76.6831861

Q:  What can I do to help with the Reunion or if I have further questions?

A1: Volunteer to do something – such as helping out with the auction setup or raffle.  Email Bill Kay at or Andy Beene at

A2: Bring donations for the silent auction.  Besides the usual military related items, such as mugs and glassware, some of the most popular donation items have been for the ladies.  At the last couple of reunions it was seen that jewelry, purses, perfume, scented lotions, handmade crafts, household items, and wine glass charms were huge hits and heavily bid on.

A3: Bring picture books, photos from your time in service. Folks will enjoy looking at them!

A4: Tell other OPS veterans who don’t know about it and encourage them to be there.  Nearly all of our first time Reunion folks have had such a great time that they vow to never miss another one!  Guide the veterans towards the webgroup page.

A5:  Take lots of pictures and share them online afterwards.

A6:  Bring drinks, snacks, paper plates, cups, finger food, coffee, etc. for the hospitality room.

Q: For what days is the group rate available at the Hotel?

A: You can book a room at this rate 10-17 October 2017, based on availability.

Q: What's the Hotel’s Cancellation Policy?

A:  No Deposits are being taken.   No-Shows for a hotel room will be charged one-night’s stay.

Q: What's the Hotel’s Early Departure Policy?

A:  All guests not notifying Hotel 24 hours prior to early departure will be charged the full rate.  Guests will be asked to verify their departure date upon check in.

Q: Should I wait until we’re closer to the date to book the room?

A:  No – book as soon as your plans finalize.

Q: Do I have to stay at the Reunion Hotel in order to come to the Reunion Events?

A: No, you don’t have to stay at the BWI Airport Marriott, but the reunion committee commits to a minimum number of room nights and incur additional charges if these are not met.  Additionally you’ll then have to arrange for your own accommodations.  We will need to know in advance, if you plan to attend the Friday Night Meet and Greet and/or the Sunday Main Event Dinner for the purpose of menu planning and advance payments.

Q: Do I have to pay for parking at the Reunion Hotel?

A: The BWI Airport Marriott has free parking.

Q: Are there alternative hotels in the area that I can book with if the BWI Airport Marriott is full?

A:  It’s unlikely the BWI Airport Marriott will fill up since there are 305 rooms at the hotel, but, yes, there are many hotels in immediate vicinity of this hotel.  However, the group does not have any arrangement or discount with other hotels.

 Q:  Besides the dinner, what else happens at the Sunday Night Main Event?

A1:  Raffle for special prizes that will have everyone interested and eager to win.

A2:  Silent Auction of items with a German, Military, ASA, or family theme.

A3:  There may be some discussion about the next Annual Reunion, 2018 in Augsburg, Germany.

A4:  Videos of Augsburg and times gone by.

A5:  DJ and Dancing.

 Q:  Compared to previous reunions, what won’t be done at any of the events this year?

A1: A photo booth.  Bring your own cameras and share photos afterwards.

A2: Karaoke.

The committee is working on new ideas for this reunion, such as a communication board in the hospitality suite, many optional daytime activities, comfort supplies available in the hospitality suite, etc.  If you have other new ideas e-mail Bill Kay at or Andy Beene at

Q:  What is the weather in Baltimore in October?

A:  Usually temperate.  In most years, Linthicum, MD (actual hotel location) averages a daily maximum temperature for October that's between 62 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit (17 to 22 degrees Celsius). The minimum temperature usually falls between 41 and 51 °F (5 to 11 °C).    The days at Baltimore cool quickly during October though historically we seem to have an Indian summer week.  By the end of the month, the temperature has dropped around 20 °F (10 °C) below what it was at the start of the month.


Q: Who can I contact with any questions?

A:  Post a message to the website or contact Bill Kay at  or Andy Beene at

When you book your reservations, please post a message to the webgroup or email Bill Kay at, so we can keep an accurate count of attendees at the reunion and hotel room rental counts.

Q:  What’s the 2nd OPS Website?



Q: Flight Info?

 All major airlines service BWI.  All major car rental agencies are nearby with shuttles running to their agencies.    The hotel has a shuttle service that goes to the BWI airport.   Only Uber is available at BWI Airport, but both Uber and Lyft are available in the Baltimore and DC metro area.

Q: What are some online travel websites for flights and auto rental?                                                                                                       

These important NOTES have been repeated in this document for a very good reason.  Please do not ignore them:

  • The last day to make Hotel reservations at the guaranteed rate is 3:00PM EDT 22 September 2017.
  • The Last Day to pay for events is Friday, 30 September 2017.
  • Event payments must be in the possession of the committee ON OR BEFORE these dates or we may not be able to guarantee your participation.

 Version 2.0:

  • Added online booking links.
  • Added current attendance counts.
  • National Cryptologic Museum tours on Thurs and Fri.


Kagnew Station Reunion – Charleston, South Carolina
October 12 – 15, 2017
USA/ARMY/ASA/4th Operations Company and NAVY/USNC/Naval Communication Station Asmara, Ethiopia 1953 - 1974 Update #5
Good news: We have already met our minimum guarantee number of participants for both the activities and the dinner. No surcharges will apply.
Not-So-Good news: We are also coming up on the possibility of being sold-out on the activities without reserving an additional bus at an additional charge if it is less than full.
List #1 represent those who have already registered and paid. List #2 represents those who initially responded that they planned to attend, but have not yet registered or paid. If you are on List #2 and have changed your plans, please let us know so we can keep the potential number of attendees as accurate as possible. And if you’re not already on the list, and plan to attend, just send in your registration below.
List #1 - Registered & Paid

List #2 - RSVP's They Planned to Attend
Alexander, Ron

Does Not Include Spouse/Guests
Baer, Len & Patti

Abell, Leonard Ing, Larry
Corbin, Johnny & Pamela

Arnold, Jim Keiser, Lauren
Creamer, Jack & Kay

Baer, Denny Keyes, Mike
Daly, Tom

Betit, Paul Kircher, John
Glasby, Rick

A.T. Brainard Krieger, Lou
Gordon, Gary & Gail

Buckwalt, Ron Lake, Dick
Grosch, Russ & Sandy

Campbell, Kathy (Kagnew Kid) Lynn, Charles
Hammack, Keith & Patricia

Fahner, Dick (Keynote Speaker) Mathna, Gary
Holter, Gordon & Judith

Fergusion, Jim Mayton, Dickie
Jelley, Skip & Arline

Gardner, Hal Miller, Raymond
Kuter, Ray & Barbara

Gearhart, Jim Newman, Debra
Lester, Bob

Glishman, Dan Richards, Pete
Minchen, Dan & Sandy

Goodnight, Kyle Scott, Walter
Nelson, Rick & Karen

Henderson, Dave Wahlquist, Elwood
Newman, Bernard & Barbara

Hill, Jack Yinget, Vic
Norris, Hugh & Debbie

Horton, Tom Younger, Keith
Parker, Robert & Linda

Rajchel, Mary Lou Roberts, Eric Urie, Phil & Peggy Walston, David & Nancy Wheeler, Ed & Jeanie
Reservation Closing Date:
Guaranteed space is filling up quickly. Because we have to give the various tour agencies a good headcount to accommodate everyone, we ask that all reservations be made by Sept 1st. Reservations made after that will be subject to availability of the various tour facilities.
So, complete the form below and return it asap….
Thanks, and we’ll look forward to see you in Charleston in October -

Tom Daly ASA, HHC 1970-71


SAD 3 Reunion

June 8-9-10, 2018

177 Bonair Drive, San Antonio

We will have a live band on saturday june 9th (cherry street hookers), same band as last time. email me for more info. any asa member is welcome to attend. If need be I will rent another house depending on response. The 7 rooms are already accounted for at this time. We have such a great time seeing all you old fellows each time we get together. Mike Sadowski is my backup host.

Thx to Bob Baldwin for also putting this out. So come join us as I'm not getting any younger Ha!! Fwd as you see fit to anyone I may have missed.

Sign up

Robert (bob typhoid) Bivens

ASA SP5 33D20 1972-1976

Update from Larry Foster:

All - we have some follow-up information from Wednesday's email ... in no particular order:

- On the "Gone But Not Forgotten" video, Bill Kay informed us that he will be updating the video next month, which is done in September each year in preparation for the annual October reunion.  "Unfortunately, the 260 Augsburg veterans given tribute in the 2016 video has reached (at least) 310 this year. It will be released at the end of September 2017."

- we now have a contact in the INSCOM historical office and an offer to help preserve our ASA heritage.  After I have more details, I'll put out a call for help ... pictures, articles or any information that might help document our past.

- Patrick Weadon, from the National Cryptologic Museum, has confirmed our visits on their October calendar:

1) Thursday afternoon, Oct 12th, at 2:00 PM for 10 people - group leader: Larry Foster

2) Friday morning, Oct 13th, at 10:00 AM for 20 people - group leader: Bill Kay

- From our ASA comrade Dan Taylor, we have a recent article from the Lowell Sun on "Camp Devens":

Arizona Army Security Agency Reunion

Larry; Can you add our reunion to the list.

Arizona Army Security Agency Association

Aug 18 - 20 2017  Mesa Hilton Hotel

POC: Jerry Darr, Treasurer AZASAA.ORG

ASA Chitose Reunion Association

When September 6 - 10 (Wednesday - Sunday)

Where Little Rock AR

POC Paul Ames or 501-776-2327

All ASAer's welcome

Roy Gettz
3091 Blackbird Court, Melbourne, FL 32935

From: Larry Foster <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 2, 2017 8:46 AM
Subject: = ASA Reunions Update = 1

All - attached below is a consolidation of all the reunion information I have received to date ... September and October are going to be busy months this year.  I've listed them in date order ... also attached are information sheets.

Attached under the 2nd Ops Reunion is a link to the most recent (Sep 2016) "Gone But Not Forgotten" video.  As you know we continue to lose many of our SIGINT warriors.  May they all rest in peace forever.

Larry Foster

Cell: 410-903-1289

Army Security Agency / Turkey Reunion Group 

When: September 10 - 14 (Sunday - Thursday) 2017

Where: Gatlinburg, TN in The Great Smoky Mountains

POC: Dean A. Lapp, Co-Chairman  - flyer attached

ASA / Turkey Group 2017 Reunion  330-289-1689

Menwith Hill Station (MHS) Reunion 

Charlestown Casino and Races, West Virginia

When: Saturday, September 16th, 2017

POC: Barb Murphy <>

Herzo Base Reunion

Herzogenaurach Germany

When: 22-24 September 2017

Where: Jacksonville, FL  - flyer attached

POC: Darrell Parrish or 502-777-4604

Also, indicate to Tom if you are retired military, as the process goes thru easier.

I have also managed to get the Hotel Pacific to extend the last day to make reservations at our reduced rate to September 5th.

John Hershey

From: Thomas Leighty []
Sent: Wednesday, August 16, 2017 5:26 PM
To: John (Roger) and Andrea (Andy) Hershey; Michael (Mick) and Noriko Beeson
Subject: DLI Tour arranged

Hi John and Mick,

I spoke with Ben and Al and completed arrangements for the DLI tour.  The tour is schedule for Monday, September 25.  It will last the whole day from 7:30-4:30PM.  I told Al that we would eat lunch in the “mess hall” on post that day.  Our large group will be treated as a unit with one tour guide (Ben) so we do not need to break into smaller groups.

What we need now from the reunion attenders is a commitment to go on the tour.  One doesn’t have to go but those who choose to which I imagine will be the large majority of men and perhaps a few wives need to let us know now and need to provide the following information for admission to post in an efficient manner:

>First and last names and middle initials

>Full social security number

>Drivers license number

>State where DL was issued

>Birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY

I will transfer this info onto POM form 7 and email it to Al Macks.  Time will be of the essence for receipt of this info (no later than two weeks before the Sept 25 tour date.

Of all the information required the social security number is the most sensitive for most people.  The folks at DLI are well aware that people are wary to share SS#s.  I could receive it by email, text, phone, or snail mail, but I need to have it so we can get on post at the same time.  I would protect the number as I will protect my own.

An email should be sent to the group ASAP to ascertain who will be attending the full day tour and soliciting the required information listed above.

Tom Leighty


11454 Wide Valley Lane, San Diego, CA 92131

319th USASA Battalion Reunion 

Rothwestern, Germany

Where: Monterey, CA  - flyer attached

When: 24 - 28 September 2016

POC: Monterey Reunion team: Michael Beeson, Tom Leighty, and

Roger Hershey (253) 941-2715 <>


2nd Ops 12th Annual Reunion

Augsburg, Germany

When: October 10 - 17, 2017  - flyer attached

Where: Baltimore, MD - BWI Airport Marriott

POC: Bill Kay <> & Andy Beene <>

40th Annual Augsburg Reunion

When: Saturday, October 14, 2017

Where: Bavarian Brauhaus  - flyer attached

POC: Bill Doyle <>  703-239-2676

Florida ASA Reunion

When: March 11-15, 2018

Where: Ramada Gateway in Kissimmee, FL

Roy Gettz <>  321-259-7039

3091 Blackbird Court, Melbourne, FL 32935

Missed Event

Southeast Asia ASA Veterans Association

When: 14-18 June 2017

Where: Cincinnati, OH

POC: George Murphy <>




Who’s coming as of 23Aug17:

 Ed & Sharon Fickes

Dennis & Janelle Mitzner

Ken Baldwin and

Bob & Tina Hibbert & son

Jerry Swords

Ray Powers & Son

Tom & Millie Carroll

John Stonska

Bill & Linda Prescott

 Terry would like to know who will be arriving on Friday, September 1st. Send me an

email if that is your plan.

 Do any of you have rice cookers that you can bring along to the reunion?  We have two,

but may need more.

 Highlight for this reunion; Terry is planning on having Genghis Khan either Saturday or Sunday.

I have been tasked to make the sauce. If any of you want to bring your own concoction, dozo.

 See you in 9 days.


To All the Turkey ASA Vets.          7/15/2017

Only 56 Days till the REUNION!


This year’s reunion is really shaping up.  We have a head count of 101 (including wives) and over 40 rooms taken. You can check out who is coming by looking at the end of this update.

We need your HELP in the planning of our reunion. If you haven’t done so yet, PLEASE fill out the attached registration form located at the end of this attachment (located on pages 15 and 16).   We are expecting a large turnout, and being ready for this many people does take pre-planning. We need you to let us know what you want to do and what you want to eat.  It is very hard to plan for food and beverages if we do not have a good count.

So, if you have any intentions of attending, we need you to complete the registration form and email it back, even if you aren’t sending any money yet.

If you have any questions on filling out the form, you can call Dean at 330-289-1689. We look forward to hearing from you.

Reunion Update.pdf

From Dean and Debbie Lapp

Chuck and Helen Bergmann

Who’s coming as of 29Jul17:

 Joe & Alyson Purdy

Ed & Sharon Fickes

Dennis & Janelle Mitzner

Ken Baldwin and

Andy & Carol Turner

Bob & Tina Hibbert & son

Jerry Swords

Ray Powers & Son

Tom & Millie Carroll

John Stonska

Bill & Linda Prescott

 Terry would like to know who will be arriving on Friday, September 1st. Send me an email if that is your plan.

 Do any of you have rice cookers that you can bring along to the reunion?  We have two, but may need more.

 Highlight for this reunion; Terry is planning on having Genghis Khan either Saturday or Sunday.

I have been tasked to make the sauce. If any of you want to bring your own concoction, dozo.

 See you in 33 days. 


Also, those folks who are attending, let me know if you are interested in a 1 or 2 hour cruise on beautiful Monterey Bay.


From: Thomas Leighty []
Sent: Saturday, September 02, 2017 9:33 PM
To: Michael (Mick) and Noriko Beeson; John (Roger) and Andrea (Andy) Hershey
Subject: Re: Suggested days and venues


Hi Mick and John,

Mick, you have covered the high points that we should be visiting/seeing while in Monterey.  I would like to reinforce Norikos suggestion not to over schedule for an older group like we are now. I have a few suggestions.  Please look them over and don’t take them as gospel.  We can do things in any order.  Let me know what you think of the suggestions then we can thrash out the final agenda.  As I learned at the two reunions I have attended many guys just like to have  time to reminisce and have a beer.  At the hotel in New Braunfels people relaxed in the hotel’s bar.  In San Antonio one person donated part of their room to the group for drinks.  By the way who provided refreshments in the room at the San Antonio hotel?


Sunday, Sept 24

This is arrival day.  I think most will be in the hotel by 3-4PM.  There should be some kind of organizational meeting with explanations of the agenda as planned.  That would be a good evening for a dinner close to the hotel.  The Pacific is very well located within easy walking distance of the Wharf and Alvarado Street and downtown generally.  Those flying in from the east will be tired since their body clocks might be 2-3 hours ahead of ours.  Name tags would be good since I can’t identify most of the attenders by face.


Monday, Sept 25

9AM-1:00PM DLI tour.  Army buses will pick us up at the Presidio Museum at the bottom of the hill.  It is on city owned property so cars can be parked in their lot.  Probably should leave the hotel around 8:30AM.  After that there is visit to Aquarium (which is a must) which closes at 5PM.    Do we have time to do Cannery Row then and get to Scales on the Wharf for dinner?  Most people will want to rest and clean up some before dinner.  After the Aquarium it should already be about 5PM.  Perhaps Cannery Row could be walked another time or optionally.  It is pretty tacky but has a few good places to get drinks and refreshments.


Tuesday, September 26

If we leave Pt. Lobos as optional then we can do the winery thing at Carmel Valley Village, followed by the Mission at Carmel and lunch in Carmel itself….or the mission and then the wine tasting…which come to think of it might be better.  Then some free time in the Carmel business district after lunch. People can visit shops or galleries at will.  Then back to the hotel for a couple of hours before dinner…which can be as a group or free choice for the evening.  If we decide to eat in Carmel Il Fornaio is a good restaurant and I assume the other two you mentioned are as well.  The other option is after walking and shopping in Carmel we return to the hotel for a couple of hours to freshen up for dinner either downtown, on Wharf or Cannery Row.



Wednesday, September 27

We need to be in Salinas by 10AM when the Steinbeck Museum opens.  I read some very good reviews about the museum.  We should drop the zoo…how good can the Salinas zoo be?;)  I am not familiar with much else in Salinas although I am sure the Chamber of Commerce can find tons of great things.  A nice Mexican lunch would be nice in Salinas.  This will be the last day for six or so of our group.  I think this would be a good day to do the wine cruise along the coast before our final dinner since six couples will be leaving on the morning of the 28th.  I have never done the cruise before.


Thursday, September 28

This is the last day things need to be planned.  People who have not done the 17 Mile Drive should do it just to say they have.  Pacific Grove is worth a visit too.  It might be a good day to see the historic buildings if we haven’t already.  My wife says Fandango is a good place for a large group to have lunch or dinner.  Point Piños lighthouse would be interesting and in PG.


On Sep 2, 2017, at 8:28 PM, Michael Beeson <> wrote:


John - Your email format is best set up to poll participants - Per Tom's suggestion can u find out how many vehicles w/ be available to share transportation efforts?


Additionally, like Tom, I'm wondering if we should plan for group members to share cost of securing Hotel Pacifico's meeting room for gatherings.





From: Tom Leighty <>
Sent: Saturday, September 2, 2017 1:02 AM
To: Michael Beeson
Subject: Re: Suggested days and venues

Noriko is wise beyond her years.  Downtime is much appreciated on a daily basis.  Is there going to be a place at the hotel that will allow socializing at various times especially before or after dinner?  I think there should be one or perhaps two organized events daily that most will want to participate.  As major events I would suggest strolling/shopping in Carmel with lunch or dinner there; the aquarium, browsing on Cannery Row before or after that...the "Row" can be delightfully tacky; definitely dinner on the Wharf one evening; the wineries since there should not be much walking involved; the Mission San Carlos Borromeo in Carmel is historic and unique to California; the Steinbeck Museum in Salinas although I have never visited it is a possibility; Point Lobos is beautiful but requires walking on fairly rough trails which may challenge some in the group; the cruise along the coast with dinner.
Most of this depends on transportation and how many cars we will have available for 25 people.  We should survey the group to see who will be driving.  I will be driving up from San Diego on the 24th.
Downtime and free time is always appreciated on the many trips we have been on.  We don't need to be on the go constantly.  A place and time for gabbing and tipping a few seemed popular in past reunions.  In New Braunfels we met several times in the hotel bar and in San Antonio in someone's room.
I will think about it more in the morning as it is almost 1AM now.  We will "get 'er done".


Sent from my iPad

On Sep 1, 2017, at 11:50 PM, Michael Beeson <<>> wrote:

Roger/Tom -

Have consulted again with Monterey Business Bureau, regarding restaurants that can accommodate larger groups the size of ours.  Their recommendations:

-Monterey: On Cannery Row, Fishhopper (831-372-8543). On the Wharf,  Scales (which has a private area we might utilize) (831-375-1331). Downtown there's Cibo (831-649-8151) (has live music but prices don't seem bad) and Montrio Bistro (831-648-8880).

-Carmel: Il Fornaio (831-622-5100), Grasing's (831-624-6562), Vesuvio (831-625-1766)

-Carmel Valley:  Baja Cantina

-Pacific Grove:  Fandango (831-372-3456)(has a private area)

I have some very tentative scheduling suggestions:

-MON. 9/25

-(DLI tour 9-1)

-Aquarium (about 3-hr tour;  10-5) and Cannery Row in the afternoon

-Dinner @ Scales on Fisherman's Wharf in their private area

-TUES 9/26

-Point Lobos (about a 2-hr tour) - a 25-mile drive fm Monterey

-Carmel Valley Village - visit the cluster of wineries there, including Talbott's Vineyard where the collection of vintage motorcycles is housed.  AAA lists one dining spot there (lunch?) - Will's Fargo Restaurant; there's also Baja Cantina.

-Carmel downtown, with dinner @ Il Fornaio, Vesuvio, or Grosing's

-WED. 9/27

-Steinbeck Museum @ 1 Main St. (hrs 10-5)  - theoretically a 2-hr tour

-Vision Quest Ranch (Monterey Zoo) - about a 1-hr tour (conducted @ 1300 or 1500) - 400 River Rd. in Salinas

-For a Salinas lunch there are 3 restaurants on Main St.

-pm visit the 12 historical venues clustered together in Monterey State Park

-THUR 9/28

-17-Mile Drive and Pacific Grove

-visit Museum of Natural History (1-hr tour) - hours 10-5 Mon - Thur

-lunch @ Fandango (has a private space)

-Point Pinos Lighthouse (1-hr tour) - hours 1-4 Th-Mon

-Afternoon free time

-early evening 1-hr Bay cruise, with wine

Plenty of stuff to do.  The sage Noriko reminded me that energy-wise none of us are in our youth any longer, and it's important to not OVERschedule.

Looking fwd to sharing perspectives.




TO – Anyone who has been dragging your feet. Last day to get the $157./day bargain rate at Hotel Pacific in Monterey, CA, for our reunion is tomorrow 9/5/17.


John Hershey

Heidwinkelers – Please let us know which of you plan to have transportation in Monterey and which of you are willing to share the cost of a meeting room and snacks/beverages.

John Hershey

40th Augsburg Reunion
2ndOpsReunion NCM-Visit

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