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Hakata Reunion - October 16-18

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Heidwinkelers Reunion – Germany 2018

In Memory of Tom “Red Dog” Garrett

The reunion was organized by Tom Garrett and began with Tom and Jim Thompson meeting at Tegel airport in Berlin, Germany on September 12th. John Hershey joined them on September 13th.

On September 14th the morning was spent at the Berlin Spy Museum and walking around Berlin.

On September 15th we drove to Helmstedt (2.5 hours) in Tom’s Mini-Cooper rental car and checked into the Best Western and Parkhotel. At Parkhotel we met up with Ken Sell and Pete Maddox, two ex-pat former ASAers from the mid 60’s now living in Holland and the western edge of Germany adjacent to Holland respectively. In the afternoon we drove to Budenstadt for the only known Schuetzenfest in the area that weekend. It was much more laid back than we remembered, with only about 100 locals and a couple of tables.

On September 16th we spent approximately 2 hours in the Helmstedt  ZONENGRENZ-MUSEUM. It is well done with many artifacts from the 40s through the reunification. Then we went on to the Marienborn border crossing via back roads and thru a gate into an area closed to vehicles. When a security guard came out to tell us that we couldn’t park in that area, Ken told him about our previous service and interest in the area. The security guard then called a volunteer tour guide who came from his home on his day off and gave us a great 2hour tour of the entire facility in English. We then drove to Heidwinkel, thru Quarenhorst, to our old quarters building. The family who purchased the property in 2007 is still remodeling the building, I think they were remodeling when we were there in 2007. They invited us in to see the interior. The old kitchen is now a children’s play room, the old orderly room and officer’s offices are the kitchen and dining area. The old dining area is now a living room and the former bunk room is a work in progress, with several small rooms with doors. The same old parquet floors as we remembered. Took photos inside and out. Then we left to find Bahrdorf. The site is still fenced off, trees have grown taller and more buildings in the trees than in 2007. Drove on to Schoeningen to visit with another ASA friend of Tom’s, Ken’s and Pete’s from their time at Wobeck.  We had an interesting conversation about life in the area over the past 30+ years.

On September 17th Ken and Pete left to go home.  We toured Schoerningen and looked for the Wobeck site.  We were close but never found exact site.

On September 18th we drove to the Palaon Museum near Schoerningen, adjacent to open pit coal mine where artifacts, including 300,000 year- old spears are on display. This is a very interesting museum. Next, we proceeded to Hotensleben and tour what is left of the old East/West German border. Those of you who attended the German reunions in 2002 and/or 2007 may remember this location with a watch tower, dog run fences and vehicle traps which cut the road and the town along the border. While there, we met Rudig (Rudy), our tour guide from Marienborn who was leading a tour of a group of German military recruits at the site. Then we proceeded on to the British Langeleben site which is abandoned and finally to Koernigsluter and see a 1000 year- old tree and have dinner outdoors at a Greek restaurant on the platz (plaza).

On September 19th Tom took Jim to Tegel Airport in Berlin.  Arrived there at 10:00AM.  His next activity is unknown until he dies in a horrific car accident on the A2 Autobahn near Brandenburg at 12:05. He was expected back in Helmstedt at 12:30PM.

On September 20th, after talking to Helmstedt Politzei for the second time, we found out about Tom’s demise and began working on details of returning to US.  The reunion was a mixture of poignant memories and a sad outcome.

Attendees at the Las Vegas Reunion

Marshall Kornblatt, Ed Fickes, Ken Baldwin, Dennis Mitzner, Harry White (host), Jerry Sword, Ken Quimby, Steve Gerber, Tom Jameson, Tom Carroll and Terry Brown in Las Vegas on 3Oct18. Looking out from the back of Harry’s home.

To all:

Janelle and I want to thank those, that were able to attend, for making this one of the most fun and memorable reunions we’ve had in my fifty-one years of knowing you. Albeit, some of the early ones I don’t remember too much, but that loss was self-inflicted.

We are so fortunate to have friends like you, and I only ask that God keeps us healthy and safe for the future, until our next reunion.

I want to thank Terry for having the idea of getting together in Las Vegas and planting the seed.

And we can’t forget Harry and Jeanie White for their hospitality and help in putting this reunion together for us. Thanks, Harry.

I know it is only October, but Costco already has Christmas trees up for sale, so Janelle and I wish you a premature though heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

God Bless America,


Det K Kamaksan

In May of this year we had a reunion of several Det K Kamaksan vets who served together 1978-79. The Field Station Korea commander and staff came up to open the gates for us (Det is dormant but still in US inventory right now).  We may do another one next year and try to get in vets from the other Dets (J and L).

Robert Walsh


World Wide Direction Finders Conference # 8

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