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Chitose Reunion - September 5-8

Germany Reunion - September 9-12

Chitose/Sinop/Shemya Reunion  - October 1-5

Hakata Reunion - October 16-18

World Wide Direction Finders Conference # 8 May 2-5, 2019


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Det K Kamaksan

In May of this year we had a reunion of several Det K Kamaksan vets who served together 1978-79. The Field Station Korea commander and staff came up to open the gates for us (Det is dormant but still in US inventory right now).  We may do another one next year and try to get in vets from the other Dets (J and L).

Robert Walsh

Las Vegas Reunion:

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With two months before the reunion, Harry White and I discussed a possible itinerary for the group.

Tuesday (10/2):

Afternoon: gather at Harry’s house for awhile

Evening: Go to a Japanese Hibachi restaurant and watch the chef cut his finger off

Wednesday (10/3):

Afternoon: find a bar centrally located that has an anteroom where we can gather and tell our war stories and bring everybody up to date about each of us.

Evening: attend a show of your liking. Shows start at 1930 to 2300.

Nothing is set-in-stone yet, but something to munch on


The ASA Chitose/Sinop/Shemya reunion to be held in October in Las Vegas, so far:


In an effort to plan “our” time together and make the most out of it, I’d like to ask that if you have already made your travel plans, to tell us when you are arriving (time) and when you are leaving (time). 

With that information, Harry, Terry and myself (mostly Harry)can come up with an itinerary that maximizes the time we have.

You can just add it on the line with your name. i.e. arrival day/time and departure day/time.




Ken Quimby (2)– California 

Dennis Mitzner (2)– Illinois 

Terry Brown (1)– Ohio 

Harry White (2)- Nevada 

Steve Gerber (2)– Oregon 

Tom Jameson (1)– Colorado 

Tom Carroll (2)- Ohio

Ken Baldwin (2)– Missouri 

Jerry Sword (1)– Tennessee 

Jim Sobel (2)– Kentucky 

Paul Reed – 

Jake Welsh -

Roy Getz (1)- Florida


The results are final and the last vote is the final vote. The first week of October has won by a vote of 8-5.

The "official" reunion will go from October 2-4. Terry and I are planning to be there from October 1-5.

I have been working with Harry White, since he lives in Las Vegas, and we are coming up with an itinerary for the reunion. Three days is not a lot of time when you factor in travel, but we will do our best to make this an enjoyable getaway and get-together for all. Thanks Harry for all of your help.

I'm thinking that we make the first night, October 2nd the get-together night. Harry thought we could go to a local pub that has a small room for us to tell our stories in once again and bring each other up to date on our lives. It will have been 47+ years since I've seen some of you, and to our credit that is pretty special. I mean knowing you that long.

The second night, October 3rd, Harry and I suggest a meal at a Japanese restaurant, since many of us were stationed in Chitose we feel as though it would be fitting. Start practicing with the chopsticks and your Japanese. Remember  mo ipon kudasai, binjo doko deska, etc.

I would suggest looking around for a hotel. The two suggestions given were the Luxor and Excalibur. Mandalay Bay is also close to those. Harry just left me a message that rooms at the Excalibur are going for $65/night. There are many "You Tube" videos to look at. I took a look at some of the buffet videos and put on 10 pounds, if you can believe that.

As they say when having a medical procedure done, "wear loose fitting clothes."

More shortly, but I wanted to get this to you

First of all, let me thank Harry White for his input on our upcoming reunion.

Harry lives in Las Vegas, so I've been picking his brain.Days: Harry and I are suggesting the reunion be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

  1. Days: Harry and I are suggesting the reunion be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Air fares should be lower                  and room rates will as well.
  2. Dates: We think either the last week in September 9/25-9/27 or the first week in October 10/2-10/4.
  3. Harry recommends staying at the Excalibur. The last time I was in Las Vegas was with Jon Randall in 1971 when we

    went out to California. Some of you may remember that.

  1. The temperature should be in the 80's during the day and the 70's at night.
  2. We talked about going to a pub one night, especially if the have a private room, where we can BS, etc.
  3. A day trip might be planned say to the Hoover Damn.
  4. Another evening venture could be taking in one of the shows. Lots to do in a short period of time. But, let's not forget the     real reason of the reunion, US!



  1. To make plans/reservations we need a good headcount. Therefore, let me know as soon as possibly if you will be coming     bringing anyone. Rooms can possibly be shared, reducing the number of rooms needed for the group.
  2. Which of the two weeks would you prefer. A simple majority will decide.

with a little added information and the addition of two more ASA'ers.

our ASA Chitose/Sinop/Shemya reunion during October in Las Vegas, so far:


Tom Guntzel - Minnesota

Ken Quimby - California

Dennis Mitzner - Illinois

Terry Brown - Ohio

Harry White - Nevada

Steve Gerber - Oregon

Tom Jameson - Colorado

Ken Baldwin - Missouri

Jerry Sword - Tennessee

Ed Fickes - Arizona

Bob Hibbert - Pennsylvania

Jim Sobel - Kentucky

Paul Reed -

Jake Welsh - 

Marshall Kornblatt - Pennsylvania

As the list grows from 14, I will republish it.

If you can, let me know if you will be bringing a guest,

so we can plan accordingly.






As the list grows, I will republish it.

Dennis Mitzner

Germany Reunion

Heidwinkelers – Please send a response to Tom Garrett indicating if you think you will attend, don’t know or will not attend.

From: Thomas Garrett []
Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2018 1:02 PM
To: Thomas Garrett
Cc: 'Chuck'; 'Paul Erickson'; 'twilkie38@gmail. com'; 'Warren Buckler'; Lee Banner; Bianka Beckmann; Walter Boyd; Dan Franks; Dee Garrett; Elke Hiebbner;; Karin Janowski; Ron Mummert;;;; Calvin Smith
Subject: German Reunion

I've been having trouble the past 2 weeks trying to send emails with cc addresses.  I finally corrected the problem by using really small print.

The plan I have come up with is to fly into Berlin 9/12 (Wed) and depart 9/17 (Mon) for Helmstedt.  I'll fly out from Newark or NYC  Tues night so I will arrive in Berlin late Wed morning.  We will be staying at the NH Berlin Kurfuerstendamm 4 star hotel near center city.  It's 1.1 km from the Berlin Zoo and I figure it would be a good place to visit Sun.  A site lists the hotel as the #2 best value of over 1,000 places to stay in Berlin.  Sites showing hotels to rent in Berlin show the average rate per night (for our hotel) is $104 per night (plus city tax.) for the cheapest room and about $124 per night for the next higher priced room.  The cheap room has no free cancellation but all others do if canceled about a week in advance.

This is an English speaking hotel with free WiFi.  There is a fee for the breakfast buffet, laundry facilities, exercise equipment etc.  There is tour and ticket assistance.  This should help with the Hop On/Off buses.  There are 3 companies (2 with red buses) and one has tour information in English and one has headphones for the English information.  

Tipping information:  Housekeepers 3 Euro per night (on bed or nightstand).  Waiters round up to the next Euro and never leave tip on table.

Most restaurants and stores only accept cash.  Even some hotels.  Water is not free in restaurants and you won't get tap water.

Most planes fly into Tegel airport (the closest).  You can take buses, subway or taxis to get to the hotel.  The cheapest taxi is Uber at about 20.35 Euro (with 10% tip).  Add an extra 25-30% between 7am and 7pm due to traffic.  You would be wise to change some money into Euros before leaving the airport. The taxis probably want cash.  Get most in Berlin where the exchange rate will be better.

This brings us to our trip to Helmstedt.  There are trains to and from Helmstedt and Berlin via Braunschweig.  The cost is about $25.  I'm sure most of us would want to drive or ride there because we will need cars to drive around the Helmstedt area. I figure at least half of us will need to rent cars (less depending on the size of the vehicle).  I'm hoping the hotel will give us information on how to rent close to the hotel.  I'm not sure this information can be obtained if we rent prior to leaving for Berlin.  We would need to drop the cars off at the airport drop off location.  I sent an email to the hotel over a week and half ago for this and other questions and haven't received a response.

We will stay at the Best Western Hotel near the old autobahn exit to East Germany.  Cost $105 per night.  There are guided tours of areas in Helmstedt.  2 are in English and another in English if we pay extra for hiring someone.  There is the Palaeon-Research and experience Center and Schoeningen Speere: archaeological science w/ insightful entertainment.  We could visit some of the large East German cities by car and explore on foot or city tours if available.  There are tours of the VW plant in Wolfsburg-a little on the expensive side.  We will leave Helmstedt 9/22 (Sat).  Some may want to stay longer.

Please provide input on what you think we should be doing and pass this email to anyone you think might be interested in attending.

I apologize in the delay in providing this information.


Courtesy of Ben Phillips:

There is a reunion this Oct. 16-18, 2018. It will be in Mesquite, Nevada, which is about 82 miles NE of Las Vegas. It is for guys that were at the 14th USASA Field Station, Also known as Hakata, Japan. But it is also for all ASA guys. We will use the Virgin River Casino Hotel; Cost is $32.00 - $40.00 a night plus 12.5% tax. You can contact John Maloney or Gus Cone at or phone # 253 531-1783. Remember it is open to all ASA guys and girls.




World Wide Direction Finders Conference # 8

Bath County, VA

Thursday, May 2 – Sunday, May 5, 2019

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